Outbyte PC Repair Review – Can It Fix PC Problems?

Outbyte PC Repair Review & Rating $29.65
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Name: Outbyte PC Repair

Offer price: 29.65

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Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Utility

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Outbyte PC Repair is a PC Tuneup utility we no longer recommend. It has various performance and privacy features. It can fix common PC errors from the root, protect your privacy and speed up Windows 10 effectively.

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  • Repair Common PC Errors
  • Improve Performance
  • Privacy and Security Features


  • Not free
  • Expensive

If you are looking for a truly in-depth review of the Outbyte PC Repair tool, you are in the right place. This review will reveal if it can fix PC problems and speed up performance or not.

Windows PC may become unstable or slow over time. So, It needs some care. However, Manually, Doing it is not possible for most users, and also, for a geek, it can be very much time-consuming. So, There are specific PC optimization tools available. Outbyte PC Repair is nothing but one of them. However, Many users wonder if it has the ability to boost PC performance and repair common PC errors or not. It certainly has some benefits. But, Are they enough to prove these claims? This Outbyte PC Repair review will help you to find these answers. Also, You will be able to know If you should install it on your PC or not.

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Outbyte PC Repair Review

The Outbyte PC repair tool is a PC tuneup utility with some extra security and repair features. It can scan for unnecessary files, problems, and misconfigurations from the deep and fix any issues it finds. There are many other similar tools available like this. However, This Outbyte PC repair review is meant to give you a clear insight into its performance, abilities, and value. So, Let’s go through the actual review.


This Outbyte PC Repair tool has the following features-

  • Diagnostic for Windows
  • Clean Junk Files
  • Speed Up System
  • System Restore
  • Privacy Protection
  • Real-time Protection
  • Protection against PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs)
  • Repair Errors and Misconfigurations
Repairing PC using Outbyte PC Repair

Diagnoses Windows System

To cure a disease, the diagnostic is must. Outbyte PC Repair tool can diagnose Windows System from the deep. As a result, It can show you various errors, misconfiguration, warnings, etc. so that you can take the next step conveniently. However, It fixes all of these issues automatically. But, Still, You get to know what was causing your PC problems.

Clean Junk Files

You probably don’t know how many gigabytes of space can be wasted for junk files. If you have limited disk space, it is even a bigger problem. Else, It also plays a big role to slow down your Windows system. Outbyte PC repair can clean the junk files from the deep. So, You can notice significantly more free disk space and a performance boost after cleaning these junks.

Privacy and Security Features

In addition to the PC optimization features, Outbyte PC Repair also can protect your privacy and fight against various threats. It has several functionalities that prevent popups, PUP, transmitting personal data, tracking cookies, etc. Also, there is a file shredder and a safe search feature. It also detects various vulnerabilities on your PC and fixes them automatically. Also, Outbyte PC repair can detect weak passwords so you can use a strong password instead.

Outbyte PC Repair Scan Result

Repair Common PC Problems

Over time, Your PC becomes slower not only for unnecessary files and cookies but also for various misconfiguration, corrupted registry and system components. Outbyte PC repair detects these things from scratch and fixes them for you. As a result, you will get a smooth Windows experience.

Speed Up PC by Applying Various Tweaks

Besides these features mentioned above, Outbyte PC repair also has some feature that applies various tweaks and techniques to speed up your PC even more. After fixing some performance-related errors, you automatically gain some performance boost in your PC. But, OutByte PC repair can also configure your PC in such a way that you can get a better experience while doing specific tasks. For example, It can boost your web browsers, working apps like office, outlook, and also can boost games. It does it by allocating more computing power in the background.

Realtime Protection Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair Review: User Interface

UI is one of the most important sides of any software. It ensures the user experience quality. In this case, Outbyte PC Repair is successful. Its UI looks very simple and easy to use. The overall look is also great and familiar. So, Most users won’t have to go through difficulties while using this software.

In my eyes, there is no major thing to complain about the UI. However, one small thing you may notice is you can’t maximize the view. Because there is no such option. It might be a small but acceptable problem for some users. But, Still, The software developers should put their attention into it.

Outbyte PC Repair Performance Review and Other Details:

It doesn’t matter if the software has so many useful features in the list. It is the real-world performance that is the fact. In this part of the Outbyte PC Repair review, you will know about its performance in details.

I have tested this software by myself. After using Outbyte PC Repair for almost a month, I have come to a verdict. Before that, let’s talk about its performance.

PUP protection OPR

After installing this software, you can start scanning Windows System immediately. It may take a while to complete the scan process. In fact, It may take a few minutes that depends on your PC. After the scan, Outbyte PC repair will show the result with various details like what is the problem and why it is important to fix it.

In fact, You will find details about every problem it finds on your PC. You can decide which one to fix or which one to ignore. You also can apply fixes for everything.

While scanning, At first, Outbyte PC Repair scans your memory, processor, SSD, HDD to determine their performance capability. Then, It starts scanning rest other things.

When you apply the fixes, you should be careful about what you are going to fix using the Outbyte PC Repair tool. For example, It may clean browser cookie, history, etc. If these are important for you, you should uncheck them and apply fixes.

In my test, Outbyte PC Repair worked very well. At first, I didn’t expect that much from this software. However, After using it for the first time, I have noticed a significant performance boost. Also, It fixed some weird problems that hampered my experience in Windows.

Overall, The Outbyte did great in my test. I am satisfied with its capabilities.

Outbyte PC Repair Uninstaller Tool

Can It Really Repair PC Problems?

Now, The real question comes. Can Outbyte PC Repair can fix your PC problems. Technically Yes. It can. There are many PC problems that appear only because of registry problems, misconfiguration, and corrupted components on Windows. The Outbyte PC Repair tool can repair all these things. As a result, Many common issues with Windows will be gone after using this software.


The first and major downside is pricing. It has a free version. Outbyte PC Repair does offer its users a one-time repair without the need to purchase the license. They can activate it by clicking on Manual repair without license purchase in the checkout window.

But, To get the full experience, you must purchase a license and that comes with unlimited repairs. The license cost is also not that cheap. Also, Sometimes, Antivirus may block its installation process due to false-positive results.

Is Outbyte PC Repair a Virus?

In a single word: No. Outbyte PC Repair is not a virus. I have personally used it and found nothing. Else, Outbyte PC Repair is a safe and legitimate app that is certified by AppEsteem – one of the leading cybersecurity organizations which testifies that it is safe to utilize and does no harm to users’ computers.

Also, The most popular antivirus makers like Avira, Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec, Tencent, Panda, etc. haven’t tagged it as harmful. It is like any other popular PC repair and optimization software. You can safely use it without any issues.

Pricing Information:

Outbyte PC Repair pricing starts from $29.65. It includes 3 months subscription. With this $29.65 license, you can use this app for unlimited time and apply unlimited fixes to your PC. Anyway, It offers a 30-day refund policy. If you are not happy with its result, you can request for refund within 30 days.

Final Verdict:

Now, Let’s talk about the most important thing. After reading this review, you may have a verdict or maybe still curious about Outbyte PC Repair. I suggest you try it first. Because, It allows free download, installation, and scan. You can apply one-time manual repair at no cost. The only automatic repair will cost money. It will help you to understand better about this software.

If you want my verdict, I would say the Outbyte PC Repair tool is an excellent one and effective to improve PC performance and fix common problems. It is safe to use and also very effective in fixing various PC problems and improving performance. So, If you haven’t any budget issues, you definitely go for this software.

If you are already an Outbyte PC Repair user, you can give your thought possibly a short review in the comment box. It may help everyone to understand this product in a more convenient way.

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  1. I actually was on a look for an app like that, thanks for the article! I don’t think it has too many security features though, or does it?

    • I am very sad to know it. You should contact their support team and ask for an explanation or solution. You also can ask for a refund if 30 days haven’t passed since you purchased this product.

      PC optimization software can cause problems sometimes if it is not used properly or there is any other issue. But, Boot problem is unusual. You can try to boot into safe mode and see if helps.

  2. I bought Outbyte PC repair to fix the “0xc0000142” error of my Office 2019 last year. It did the job very well. I experienced at least 4 times “0xc0000142” errors when tried to open Word since last year, fortunately those errors were easily solved by it.But subscription $29.95 for the single license every 3 months is expensive.

  3. To be honest there are cheaper products on the market, however, Outbyte’s support is just great, they helped me get some driver updates that my machine needed