Apple TV App Error Video not Available in Your Country [Solution]


If you use Apple TV app on your iPhone or iPad, you may encounter this error “Video/Content is not available in your country or region.” This article explains how to fix this problem.

Apple TV app: This video isn't currently available to watch in the country or region you are currently in.

Streaming services are very popular nowadays. People who are in Apple’s ecosystem, use Apple TV app on the iPhone, iPad, etc. This app will be even popular with the upcoming AppleTV+ service. However, You may encounter some common issues while streaming videos in this app. The most common one is the following one-

This video isn’t currently available to watch in the country or region you are currently in.

It is because you are trying to access geo-restricted content.

You will always find this type of geo-restricted content in streaming platforms. But, Fortunately, There are ways to fix it.

How to Get Rid of Apple TV App Error Video not Available in Your Country

If you want to bypass the video not available in your country error on the Apple TV app, follow these methods.

1. Use VPN

There are so many VPN services available. A few of them come with multiple features including dedicated streaming mode. If you want to access the videos on Apple TV which are not available on your location, these VPNs can be extremely helpful. In this case, I can suggest you two services which can help you in this type of situation.

a. Ivacy VPN

One of my favorite VPN services out there. It is really good for speed. If you have a subscription on Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV plus, etc., it can be an ideal choice. There is a dedicated streaming mode that provides better latency while streaming online videos. Personally, I have tested this VPN and it worked great with Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

To know about it more, Read this: Ivacy VPN Review

b. PureVPN

It is another affordable choice. It comes with similar features like Ivacy. In addition, It has more server locations. As a result, You can unblock more geo-restricted contents. However, It also has multiple security features. Both Ivacy and PureVPN provides protection against DNS Leak.

You can definitely use PureVPN to fix Apple TV app errors like video not available in your country.

I have previously published a review on it. So, Read this PureVPN Review.

c. Other Popular VPNs

There are some other popular VPN services that also can help you to bypass geo-restriction in streaming services. And also provide you bufferless streaming experience in AppleTV. If you don’t want to use these services above I have mentioned, you can consider, Express VPN, NordVPN or VyprVPN. These are very popular among stream lovers.

2. Use Smart DNS/Unblocker

A smart DNS is like a VPN but not like traditional VPN services. It works a bit differently. When you use an smart DNS service like Unblock US or anything else you prefer, it passes your internet traffic through your local network. But, When you enter websites like Netflix, Hulu or Use these apps, It makes these sites understand that you are from a different location. In this way, Smart DNS unblock geo-restricted contents.

However, Most modern VPN services have split tunneling feature which works like this. So, Smart DNS has been a bit irrelevant nowadays. So, I suggest you go for a VPN service rather than Smart DNS to fix errors like video not available in your country in the Apple TV app.

Basically, These are the two popular ways to bypass geo-restriction in Apple TV as well as other streaming platforms.

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