Atlas VPN Review – Is it a Reliable VPN for Performance and Privacy?


There are countless options if you want to get a VPN service. But, A few of them are good enough. This Atlas VPN review will explain all necessary information about it. So, You will know if you should use it or not.

We know free VPNs are bad. But, Is it really true in all cases? No. Some providers started following a freemium model with legit and trustworthy services. They also have a very strict privacy policy. Atlas VPN is one of them. I will present as much information as possible in this article including pros and cons.

atlas vpn windows app
Atlas VPN Windows App

Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN is a freemium VPN service available on various platforms including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. It has both free and premium versions. Both ensure privacy and internet freedom. However, the Premium edition comes with a lot of industry-leading benefits while the free one is limited to basic facilities only.

Atlas VPN Features Features & Benefits:

While reviewing this VPN service, I have used both free and premium versions. But, This part of the Atlas VPN review will cover the features available on premium versions mostly. This VPN service provides some extra benefits along with just the VPN experience.

Atlas VPN Summery & Rating $1.39


Atlas VPN is a freemium and affordable VPN service that offers privacy-focused VPN services with various benefits. It includes streaming, faster browsing, security, privacy and data breach monitor, etc.



  • Has Free Version
  • Affordable Premium Version
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • SafeSwap Server for Next Level Security
  • Tracker Blocker


  • Limited Number of Server Locations
  • No Browser Extensions

Here are a few of the features and benefits of Atlas VPN.

  • Available Servers Globally
  • Kill Switch
  • Various Protocols
  • Optimized for Streaming
  • Tracking Protection
  • Data Breach Monitor
  • Various Security & Privacy Features
  • Apps in Various Platforms
  • No-Log Policy

Global Servers:

The number of Servers of this VPN is very limited compared to the Industry leading VPNs. But, It has servers in Asian, Oceanian, Middle-Eastern, European, and North American regions. These are enough for most users. In the upcoming days, there will be more available servers. Right now, It has 700+ servers in 30 countries.

Fast Surfing and Streaming Experience:

Within the limited amount of servers, Atlas VPN promises to provide a better-secured internet experience. Many of its servers are optimized for streaming. So, In both browsing and streaming, Atlas VPN can give you a good experience.

atlasvpn mac app
Atlas VPN Mac App

Optimized Servers for Streaming and Security:

There are some special servers for particular tasks. Some are optimized for streaming, some for security. However, the SafeSwap servers are different. Unlike regular servers, the SafeSwap servers have a pool of different IP addresses. When you connect to any of these servers, your outgoing traffic will be routed via multiple IP addresses that will constantly switch for your online sessions without any drop in speed.

Data Breach Monitor:

Nowadays, this service has become very popular. The Premium version of Atlas VPN provides a data breach monitor service. It scans the leaked database in the normal/dark/deep web and notifies you if any of your online accounts’ information has been found.

Kill Switch, Tracker Blockers, and Other Security & Privacy Features

Atlas VPN has other necessary privacy and security features like Kill Switch, Tracker Blocker, AdBlocker, etc. Kill switch prevents DNS leak. As a result, You can stay anonymous on the internet without worrying much. Ad and Tracker blockers prevent malicious tracking cookies and ads on your internet. Else, You can choose from various protocols before connecting to this VPN. Each protocol has a different level of security.

Atlas VPN right now uses industry-standard encryption algorithms like AES-256 and IPSec/IKEv2 to secure your web traffic.

No-Log Policy:

Like other privacy-focused VPNs, Atlas VPN also has a no-log policy. It means it doesn’t collect your sensitive data that allows you to use their VPN while being anonymous. In their privacy policy, they have stated the following thing about the no-log policy:

We are no-logs VPN: we do not collect your real IP address and we do not store any information that identifies what you browse, view, or do online via that VPN connection. The only information collected is basic analytics, to ensure great service to all our users. This also means that we do not have any data to share with law enforcement and government agencies who make requests for information about what you were doing through a VPN connection.

Atlas VPN Real World Performance Review & Other Details:

I have used this VPN for more than two weeks to get an idea about its features and performance. Right now, It has a desktop app for both Mac and Windows, a smartphone app for both Android and iOS. I have used all of them on all platforms.

atlasvpn ios app
Atlas VPN iPhone App

The speed of Atlas VPN is good. The free version can provide a good experience if you are located closer to the server location. However, the Premium version provides better speed and reliability. I was able to stream Netflix without getting any errors. Frankly saying, I didn’t expect it. Else, I got a very good streaming experience on both Netflix and YouTube using this VPN service. The internet browsing experience was also good. The premium version served its purpose really well. But, In the free version, You may sometimes get a bad experience as the servers often get very busy.

Down Sides:

The main downside is the limited number of server locations. Else, Atlas VPN has no browser extensions. Both Desktop and Mobile Apps are very basic in terms of look and features.


It has a free version with very limited features. To get the real benefits, the premium version is a must. The pricing of Atlas VPN premium starts at $9.99/Month. However, One year plan costs just $29.88 and 3 years plan costs just $49.99. These are very affordable options if you look at other VPNs’ pricing. For your convenience, here is the table with the pricing details of Atlas VPN.

PriceBilling AmountValidity
$9.99/Mo$9.991 Month
$9.99 $2.49/Mo (75% Off)$29.881 Year
$9.99 $1.39/Mo (86% Off)$49.993 Years

Atlas VPN Review: Final Verdict

Finally, You may have come to a decision after reading this Atlas VPN review. But, If you ask me my opinion, I would say if you want a VPN that is cheap and also can serve acceptable streaming and surfing experience by not sacrificing your privacy, you can go for Atlas VPN.

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