AVG Driver Updater Review – Is it Worth your Money?

AVG Driver Updater Review & Rating $39.99
AVG Driver Updater

Name: AVG Driver Updater

Offer price: 39.99

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


AVG Driver Updater is a software for Windows that can check and update PC drivers regularly. It also has some additional capabilities.



  • Auto Update For Drivers
  • Schedule Scan
  • Great UI


  • Driver Detection Rate is Average
  • Expensive

This AVG Driver Updater review explains all the pros, cons of this software. You will get to know if you should use it or not.

For many safety and security reasons, you should keep the drivers up to date on your PC. Especially, To make the latest Windows 10 stable on a relatively old machine, updating drivers is a must thing. For this, there are many third-party tools available. The AVG Driver Updater is one of them. As it is from a famous antivirus maker, many of you may easily fall for it! But, Have you ever tried to know is it worth your money? Well, This AVG driver updater review will answer all of your questions. This review includes this software’s strengths and weaknesses and also the pricing information.

AVG Driver Updater Screenshot 1

AVG Driver Updater Review

Avast’s acquisition of AVG, users had a mixed reaction. However, AVG’s products are still being sold as past. AVG Driver updater is one of their products that can update PC drivers regularly and ensure your safety against any kind of driver vulnerability. There are some other extremely good quality driver updaters available in the market. So, In this situation, How this one performs? This review will reveal it.

Features and Technical Specs:

The AVG driver updater has some useful features that can enhance your driver updating experience. However, here is the technical specification of this software.

Latest Version2.5.7
Driver Database 500,000+
Supported OSWindows 10, 8, 7
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, Čeština, Dansk, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Norsk, Swedish, Русский

Here are the major features –

  • Automatically scan, identify missing/faulty drivers and update
  • One-Click Update
  • Scans 500k+ Drivers
  • Chooses Official Drivers
  • Backup and Restore Drivers
  • Schedule Scan and Update

These are basically the major features that you will immediately notice after using it. However, If you want to learn more about the features, here are they.

Automatic Scan and Update

Like other similar software, AVG has this most important feature. It can automatically scan your computer and update the drivers. You also can run a manual scan and update it by a single click.

There is an option for a schedule scan and update. It means the AVG Driver updater can regularly check for outdated drivers and update it according to your configured schedule.

AVG Driver Updater Screenshot 2

A Database of 500,000+ Drivers

In fact, Database is a key factor for any driver updating software. In this case, AVG has a database of 500,000+ drivers. It is not huge but OK. It means It can be able to detect outdated drivers if the driver information matches with that database.

Backup and Restore

It is another great feature. For any reason, the latest driver may not work well on your computer. In this case, You will need to roll back to the previous version. As AVG Driver Updater can backup the exiting drivers, you always can restore it when needed. If you find the recently installed driver is problematic in Windows 10, you can restore the previous version and get rid of the instability problem. It is an excellent feature indeed.

Chooses Official Driver

It can be a big deal for many users. AVG claims that their driver updated only chooses the official drivers from 100+ official brands. It means it doesn’t use third-party sources. That is definitely great for your computer.

User Interface:

Now, Let’s talk about the user interface. AVG driver updater has one of the best UI I have seen on any similar software. It makes it extremely easy to use. All the options are available on the top bar. You can just navigate to any of them anytime by a single click. Else, If you are familiar with the AVG Antivirus feature, you will definitely like its interface. Because It has the same design scene.

AVG Driver Updater Performance and In-Depth Review:

Personally, I have tested it and tried to gather some experience with this software. It definitely helped me to make unbiased AVG Driver Updater Review. According to my experience, This software is very stable. I haven’t found any bug. However, I have found both good and bad sides. So, Let’s dive deeper.

I have tested it on two separate computers. If you ask me about the stability and smoothness, I will give it maximum marks as I can. Everything worked really well. The UI makes it very easy to use. In fact, You will find it very much attractive compared to the other similar tools.

AVG Driver Updater Screenshot 3

However, In terms of driver updating, the story is a bit different. It may have 500k+ drivers information in the database, but, I doubt if all of these are up to date or not. On one of my computers, It found just 5 outdated drivers. But, Comparing to Driver Booster, this result is not impressive. Because, In the same machine, Driver Booster found 20+ outdated drivers. AVG claims its software only provides an update from the official sources. By default, Driver Booster only shows the result based on WHQL test passed drivers. So, Here AVG driver updater is a bit behind this software.

Else, All other things very polished. Driver detection is not quite satisfying for me. But, Overall experience was not bad.


In my AVG driver updater review, I found two major downsides. The first one is, of course, the price. It costs much higher than the other driver updaters. The second one is the driver detection rate. It is not bad. But, very average.

Pricing Information:

AVG driver updater starts from 39.99 USD per year. It includes a license for a single PC. Also, there is no discount for additional PC licenses. However, You can try it free. The free version only allows you to scan for outdated drivers. Only the premium version allows updating the drivers.

Final Verdict:

After reading this AVG driver updater review, you may have made your decision. If you want my verdict, I would say like this: In fact, this software is not a bad choice. You can check it out. But, As there are better options at better prices like Driver Booster, Driver Easy, Driver Genius, why should you use it?

Anyway, If you are already a user of AVG Driver updater, You can let other users know your experience with it in the comment box.

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