7 Best Mac Apps For Error-Free macOS Experience in 2023


Have you recently shifted from Windows to macOS? If yes, then you must have faced perplexion with using error-fixing apps. As a new user, you may want to know which error-fixing apps are effective and safe for your Mac. Don’t worry! We are here to help you by providing you with a list of the best Mac apps for error fixing.

Usually, macOS is a very stable and smooth OS compared to other desktop operating systems. But, things may go wrong anytime. So, you may need to rely on some specific tools to tune up the experience on your Macbook, iMac, or Mac Pro devices.

Here are the 7 best Mac apps for error fixing that you can use in 2023:

1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X screenshot

CleanMyMac X is a utility software specially designed for macOS to optimize its performance and remove junk from your system to enhance the experience of macOS. It will maintain your macOS and keep it clean.

CleanMyMac X features:

  • Smart Scan: This feature cleans up junk files and malware viruses from macOS to optimize the system.
  • System Junk: This feature cleans up unnecessary files such as caches, logs, and old system files           
  • Uninstaller: This feature helps you uninstall applications and their associated files entirely from your Mac, freeing up space and reducing clutter.
User-friendly interfaceNot free
Improved performanceLimited features
Malware removalSafety concerns
UninstallerResource usage

Tip: When using CleanMyMac X or any similar utility software, always make a backup of your data and carefully review the scan before taking any action. And try to keep the macOS and the software up-to-date.

If you are interested, check out this CleanMyMac X review.

2. Boom 3D

boom 3d screenshot

Boom 3D is another excellent macOS software. This software may be helpful if you are experiencing audio-related errors or issues. If you have poor sound quality or low volume, modifying the audio settings in Boom 3D might help to improve the audio output and make it sound better.

Boom 3D features:

  • 3D Surround Sound: It uses advanced algorithms to create a 3D surround sound experience that makes the audio feel like it’s coming from all around you.
  • Equalizer: The built-in equalizer lets you adjust the audio frequencies to your liking and customize the audio output.        
  • Audio Effects: It comes with a variety of audio effects which can be applied to your audio output, including ambiance, fidelity, night mode, pitch, and more.
  • Volume Boost: The volume boost feature can increase the volume of your audio output by up to 200%.
App volume controlNot free
3D surrounded soundResource-intensive
Built-in equalizerCompatibility issues with certain applications
Audio player and recording feature

Tip: The software comes with a variety of presets that are optimized for different types of audio, such as movies, music, and games. Keeping the software up-to-date will give you the best possible audio experience.

3. iStat Menus

istat menus screenshot

iStat Menus is a system monitoring application for macOS developed by Bjango. It can be problem-solving by monitoring CPU and ram usage and taking action accordingly.

iStat Menus features:

  • System Monitoring: It provides detailed information on CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network usage, and more.
  • Customizable Menu Bar: It features customizing your menu bar on macOS with a variety of themes and styles.      
  • Fan Control: It features control fan speed, which can help reduce the temperature and prevent overheating.
  • Battery Monitoring: It provides real-time information about Mac’s battery usage, including current charge level, battery health, and estimated time remaining.
System monitoringNot free
Customizable InterfaceResource-intensive
Fan ControlComplexity
Battery Monitoring

Tip:  While iStat Menus can be a great way to identify system performance issues, it may not be able to provide detailed information about specific errors or problems.

4. Disk Drill

disk drill screenshot

Disk Drill is a popular data recovery software for both Windows and MacOS. It recovers lost or deleted files, partitions, and entire disks.

Disk Drill features:

  • Recovery Vault: This feature is designed to protect your files from accidental deletion by storing metadata of deleted files, allowing Disk Drill to quickly recover them if they are deleted.
  • Deep Scan: Deep scan is a powerful method capable of detecting and recovering deleted files from damaged or formatted disks.
  • Various File Systems: Disk Drill supports a variety of file systems, including NTFS, FAT, HFS+, and exFAT.
  • Bootable Recovery: Disk Drill also provides a bootable recovery drive to recover lost data even if your computer doesn’t boot.
User-friendly interfaceLimited features in the free version
Data recoverySlow scanning
S.M.A.R.T. MonitoringLimited customer support
Duplicate folder remover

Tip:  Stop using the affected storage device as soon as possible to prevent overwriting or further damage to the lost data. And always have a backup of your important data.

5. WiFi Explorer

wifi explorer screenshot

WiFi is another famous Mac error-fixing tool, which functions as a Wi-Fi scanner app for Mac. It scans your Mac to find, monitor, visualize, and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network problems of your device, and to do this entire troubleshooting process, it uses Mac’s built-in Wi-Fi adapter.

WiFi Explorer features:

  • Displaying Network Parameters: This Wifi troubleshooting tool for Mac displays various network parameters, including- Network name(SSID) and MAC address(BSSID). It also shows you an overview of the manufacture, Channel width, Band, Mode(802,11a/b/g/n/ac), etc.
  • Network Scanning: It has passive and directed scan modes, which can scan for available wireless networks near you, and shows the network name, channel, frequency, and encryption type.
  • Dark Mode Support: Some apps or tools sometimes don’t work in low-light conditions, but this tool supports macOS dark mode for ease of using your phone in low light.
  • Signal Strength Tab: This feature of WiFi Explorer shows a live-updated graph of the signal strength of available networks.
Support dark and light themesUnable to detect hidden networks
User-friendly interfaceLimited range
Customize various settingsQuality and accuracy depend on Hardware
Detailed network information

Tip: If you want to detect hidden networks, upgrading WiFi Explorer to its pro version would be better.

6. QuitAll

quitall screenshot

QuitAll is an application for macOS that operates to selectively quit the apps you don’t need or are not currently using. It is not a built-in app on Mac, but you can download it from the Apple store and use it to shut down applications quickly. 

QuitAll features:

  • Customizable settings: This application quitting app has a dark mode if you want to match the menu bar helper with the rest of your desktop layout. Besides dark mode, you can set up certain conditions of your macOS using this app.
  • Hotkey Support: You can activate this app as a keyboard shortcut, making it easy and a time saver by quickly shutting down all the applications.
  • Combination with Other Tools: It can integrate with other system tools and macOS software.
Support dark and light themesInability to save work
Easy to free up system resourcesRisk of security
Customizable settingsUnpredictable results like forcing apps to quit
Confirmation options to prevent accidental closers

Tip: Don’t use this app unless necessary; if you must use it, use it with caution because it may sometimes close the apps you are still working on. Also, save your work first before using it to quit applications.

7. App Tamer

app tamer screenshoot

It is a utility software for macOS that helps to manage, monitor, and control CPU usage and battery life. Even though it cannot fix errors, it can detect issues related to app performance and usage issues.

App Tamer features:

  • App Management: It reduces the unnecessary consumption of CPU resources and the drainage of battery life, and this app does this work by pausing apps that are not in use.
  • Monitoration of CPU Usage: App Timer provides live information about the CPU usage of running applications; this feature helps you to identify which app is consuming more CPU resources on your Mac.
  • Energy Usage Tracking: This app can give you detailed and up-to-date information on the energy usage of running applications and processes.
Address performance issues and errors in macOSThis app is not compatible with all Mac Apps.
Increasion of performancePaid application
Prevent system crashes and freezesUnable to offer system management settings
Extension of battery life
Easy to use

Tip: Use the app’s Smart Stop feature, as it automatically pauses the applications that are not running, reducing CPU usage. Also, for quick access to CPU usage information, you should use the Menubar icon.

Try the above-mentioned 7 apps if you find any errors related to the operation of these apps. Hope you can easily use these particular apps for your certain errors. And, don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience after using these apps!

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