Best Online Games to Play When Bored

How often do you feel bored within your 24-hour day? We suspect it might be as much as half of the day. This assumption is backed by research revealing that, on average, adults experience 131 days of boredom each year. So, if you also find yourself among them, you might often struggle to find a solution. Well, playing games happens to be one of the best solutions for boredom. That’s why, in this article, we’ve curated a list of five top games to combat your boredom. So, if you’re seeking a pretty good collection to enjoy during lazy or cozy moments, this list is just for you.


2048 is a game that’s good at beating boredom. It’s a puzzle game where you move numbers around on a grid. The goal is to combine the same numbers to make bigger ones until you reach the magical 2048 tile. You have to do this by swiping the tiles with your finger or arrow keys. Every move counts, and you’ve got to think ahead to get the highest number of tiles. People love it because it’s easy to understand. Anyone, young or old, can play without feeling lost. And you don’t have to be a gaming pro to get into it. 

But even though it seems simple, it’s super addictive. You can spend hours playing this game without noticing. Moreover, you can play it on your phone or tablet whenever possible. It’s there for you during boring bus rides or when you’re waiting for something. It also has different game versions that give you new daily challenges, and they never get old. So play the 2048 puzzle game online today and witness these groundbreaking features while killing your boredom.


Sudoku is like a brain game that’s awesome for fighting boredom. It’s all about numbers on a grid—nine squares across and nine squares down. You’ve got to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 so that each row, column, and the small 3×3 squares inside the grid have all the numbers but no repeats. The best part about Sudoku? It’s a real brain teaser. When you’re solving it, your brain stays super focused. It’s like a mental workout that makes time pass quickly without any boredom creeping in. And guess what? 

You can find Sudoku puzzles almost anywhere. They’re in books, newspapers, and all over the internet. So whenever you’re feeling a bit bored, just visit this site and start relieving yourself. There are different game levels for you, from easy to hard. So, no matter if you’re just getting started or a Sudoku pro, there’s a puzzle that’s just right for you. What’s even more remarkable is that solving Sudoku can be relaxing. Finishing a tricky puzzle feels like a little victory, leaving you feeling good and far from bored.


Threes is a cool puzzle game made by Sirvo. You’ve got this grid with tiles, which all have numbers. The premise of Threes is straightforward: you slide numbered tiles around a 4×4 grid, combining matching numbers to create larger multiples of three. Starting with 1s and 2s, you merge them to form 3s, then combine identical numbers to double their value (e.g., two 3s form a 6, two 6s form a 12, and so on). The goal is to keep combining numbers, creating larger tiles, and maximizing your score while preventing the grid from filling up completely.

Threes won Apple’s Game of the Year award in 2014 and even snagged the Apple Design Award the same year. The best part of this game is that you can play Threes on many different devices—like iPhones, Androids, Xbox One, and even Windows Phones.It’s for everyone seeking a game that’s both enjoyable and offers some of the best brain teasers. So, if this is something that excites you, play it online here. 

Among Us

Among Us was a game born from the minds at Innersloth in 2018 and was inspired by the sneaky Mafia game and a hair-raising sci-fi film called The Thing. It’s a game that ropes in teamwork, suspicion, and a cosmic setting for many players to dive into. Once you’re in, you become part of a team of astronauts cruising through space. But you’ll find the twist when you see that there are impostors hidden among the crew. You can pick a role for either a crewmate or an impostor as a player. 

Crewmates team up to finish tasks, keeping the ship in shape, while impostors work undercover, causing chaos and pretending to be one of the crewmates. As a crewmate, you move around the ship and complete tasks while looking for anything suspicious. If you’re an impostor, you’ve got to sabotage tasks and be sneaky, trying to blend in while secretly causing trouble. This mix of working together and figuring out who’s playing a trick keeps everyone hooked. If this sounds interesting to you, then visit this site to play Among Us.


Fortnite was the latest addition to the list, developed by Epic Games. It’s a high-speed battle royale game known for its action-packed gameplay and unique building mechanics. While many players find it exhilarating, some mention that it can get repetitive. Fortnite’s goal is simple: you have to gear up, engage in combat, and strive to be the last one or team standing. It’s all about survival and quick decision-making. Despite differing opinions on its lasting excitement, players have discovered ways to keep the game fresh. 

They invent custom challenges, participate in community events, and explore various game modes within Fortnite to keep things interesting. Plus, teaming up with friends amps up the the social experience, making gameplay more engaging. However, gaming preferences vary; visit an online site and choose what suits you the best. Because what’s a thrilling experience for one player might not resonate with another. While Fortnite offers an immersive experience for many, some may seek different games or activities to beat boredom. It’s all about finding what clicks for you.

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