Top 5 Best PC TuneUp Software & Tools in 2023 [Reviews]


Looking for the top 5 best PC TuneUp software for Windows 11 and 10? You can go through this article.

Various things made the PC optimization utilities so popular among Windows users. Even, It has been gaining popularity in Mac users too. Windows PCs tend to become slower over time because of junk, registry errors, misconfigurations caused by third-party services, disk issues, etc. In this case, a PC Tune-up utility can help. But there are so many options that may throw you into a puzzle ocean. To make your choice easier, I have picked the best PC optimization software available in 2023. For your convenience, I have added a short review and the link to a full review article so you can learn in detail.

Top 5 Best PC TuneUp Software in 2023

This is not actually a ranking. Each software is best for particular things. I have personally tested all of these tools by myself. I have also tried to find other users’ feedback to make this list. However, here are the top 5 best PC TuneUp Software lists.

Image Product Rating
CCleaner logo
CCleaner Professional
  • Very Stable and Reliable
  • Speed Up Old Computers Effectively
  • Doesn’t Do Over Optimization
4.4/5 Stars
Advanced Systemcare Logo
Advanced System Care Pro
  • Tons of Features
  • Has Several-Security Features
  • Basic Data Recovery Feature
  • Not Pricey
4.6/5 Stars
system mechanic boxshot
System Mechanic Ultimate Defence
  • Stable Performance
  • Can be Used as Antimalware Program
  • Password Manager
4.3/5 Stars
Box Ashampoo Winoptimizer
Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  • Excellent Control Over Windows 11 & 10 Privacy
  • Game Booster, Live Tuner
  • Handy Features like File Recovery
  • Full Free Trial Available
4.3/5 Stars
outbyte PC Repair Logo
Outbyte PC Repair
  • Repair Common PC Errors
  • Privacy and Security Features
  • Good Performance
3/5 Stars

1. CCleaner Professional – Most Popular

CCleaner Screenshot 1

For a long time, CCleaner has been serving its loyal users well. It is still shining. It is one of the best PC Tune-Up utilities out there. CCleaner is very much stable and reliable. So, Not having so many features haven’t stopped it from getting the position in the top 5 best PC TuneUp software list.

The pro edition costs just $24.95. It includes updates/upgrades for a year for a single PC. We already have a full review. You can read: CCleaner Profession Review

1. Very stable in terms of performance
2. Quickly Speed up and Optimize PC Performance
3. Additional Handy Features
1. Not Feature Rich

2. Advanced SystemCare Pro – Most Affordable and Feature Rich

Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro Screenshot 1

If you want to go for a stable, affordable, and excellent-performing PC optimization tool, Advanced SystemCare Pro should be the best option. It doesn’t cost much. But, It has many speed-up and optimization features and some excellent security & privacy features. IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro also has many other useful features that you won’t find in similarly priced or even expensive PC TuneUp tools.

Like CCleaner, It has a free version. But, To get most, you must have a pro license. It costs just $14/year for 3 PCs. That is the cheapest. To learn more, Read: Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

1. Very Good Performance
2. Tons of Features
3. Extra Security & Privacy Features
4. Software Updater
5. Game and Performance Booster
6. Cheap
1. Has a dedicated tab for other IObit Products

3. System Mechanic Pro – Reliable and Additional Security

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Screenshot 1

System Mechanic is another excellent reliable PC tuneup utility. There are reasons why it has gained its position in this best 5 PC optimizers list. The basic system mechanic is not something I want to consider as best. But the Pro and Ultimate defense addition really nailed it. In addition to the speed-up and optimization features, it has antivirus-like features. You also can use it as an antimalware tool. That protects your PC from various threats and malware.

The pricing is a bit high. It starts from $34.95/PC/Year. To learn more about it, read: System Mechanic Pro Review

1. Very Good Performance
2. Extra Security & Privacy Features
3. Ultimate Defense Addition has Antivirus Features
4. UD also has a Password Manager
1. Pricey
2. Not Feature Rich

4. Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Gives Control Over Windows 11 Privacy

Scr Ashampoo Winoptimizer 18 Start Dark

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the best PC TuneUp software. Placing it in 4th position doesn’t mean it is not very good. I have already mentioned it is not a ranking list. WinOptimizer has features that are superior to others. Especially, If you want to pay for a single license and use it on up to 10 computers, it brings great value. Its license costs just $29.95. Also, It gives you some unique controls over Windows 11 privacy settings.

You can easily disable Microsoft Telemetry and other privacy-related things from it. To learn more, Read: Ashampoo WinOptimizer Review

1. Speed Up PC
2. Live Tuner
3. Game Booster
4. Better Privacy Control
1. Not Free

5. Outbyte PC Repair – Fixes Common Errors

Outbyte Driver Updater Screenshot 1

Many of you may haven’t heard about the OutByte PC Repair tool. It is a newcomer. I personally reviewed this PC optimization tool. At first glance, I could not understand its potential. After using it for several days, I noticed many weird problems in my PC solved by Outbyte PC Repair. As a result, I have included it in this best 5 PC Tune-Up software list.

It can speed up your Windows 11 and 10 PC significantly. But, The best thing is it also solves many weird performance-related errors. If you are mostly looking for something similar, the Outbyte PC Repair tool should be the choice.

It is a newcomer. It may be a downside to some users. But, The main downside is its price. It is the most expensive PC tuneup utility I have ever reviewed. To learn more about it, Read: Outbyte PC Repair Review

1. Speed up PC
2. Fixes Common Performance Related Errors
3. Deep Clean Junk Files
1. Expensive

These are the top 5 best PC TuneUp software in 2023 that you can use in Windows 11. To optimize Windows performance, these work very well. If you have already been using any of these PC optimizers, you can share your experience in the comment box.

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