How to Check iPhone Battery Health and Know When to Replace


Worry about your iPhone’s battery life? This article explains how to check the iPhone battery health in details and when to replace it.

In this modern era, Smartphones have become more powerful. But, The battery capacity has not been improved according to our expectations. An iPhone now costs more than a thousand dollars. But, The battery capacity is not good enough. However, People still love the iPhone for many other reasons. But, most of us don’t know when our iPhone battery needs replacement. This article aims to explain some important points that will help you to decide about the battery.

Symptoms: Your iPhone Battery is Dying

If you have been using your phone for a couple of years, the battery probably is dying and you will need to replace it. But, Sometimes, It happens even after just one year or even earlier. So, You should know about some symptoms that appear when your phone has a problematic battery.

1. Charge Level Goes Down Too Fast

When your iPhone grows older, you may notice that the charge level goes down fast. You may not get even a half-day usage time. It means the iPhone battery is dying. There might be other things like a software bug or something else. But, In most cases, It is the result of a weak battery.

2. Unexpected Shutdown

When your iPhone battery is half dead, you will often experience unexpected shutdown problem. Especially, When you are using a resource hungry app or a game, the iPhone may shut down or restart automatically. It is a strong sign that the battery of your phone is not in good condition.

3. Sluggish Performance

Old models like iPhone 6 or earlier models users may experience slow performance due to battery issues on their phone. Because these models have been slowed down by Apple. Though you can disable CPU throttling. But, The battery life will be even worse if you do that.

4. Overheat

When your iPhone’s battery is dying, one of the common symptoms is overheating especially while charging. Yes, When you start charging an iOS device with a problematic battery, it may become too much hot. It’s a bad sign.

5. Charging Problem

You may leave your phone plugged in for a long time, but it will be charged very slowly. It can be a result of the battery problem. Else, When your phone just shut down unexpectedly, it may not turn on. When you plug the charger, you will see it’s charging. But, When you remove the charger, the screen will go off again. When the battery is fully dead, you will face even worse problems.

checking iPhone battery health capacity

How to Check iPhone Battery Health

If you have the above signs, it means your iPhone battery has a problem. But, You still can check your phone’s battery health including some other details. There are two ways to do it. Here are they-

1. Check Battery Health from Settings

It doesn’t require any third-party app or software. If you are using iOS 13, you should have an option to check your battery health in settings. Anyway, You can follow these steps to go to that option and check battery health.

  • At first, Open the Settings.
  • Now, Find and go to Battery > Battery Health.

Look at the maximum battery capacity. The new phones usually have it 100%. But, Overtime, The battery starts losing its maximum capacity. Anything above 85% means a good condition. Even 75% to 84% also can be considered good If the peak performance capability is normal. In this case, You should see the following message.

Your battery is supporting normal peak performance.

If the battery has a problem, you may see the following message.

The iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power.

2. Use Third-Party Tools to Get More Battery Health Details

Apple has indeed done an excellent job by adding the battery health option. That’s enough for giving you an idea about the battery condition. But, Some third-party tools can give you even more insights that can help you to better understand. For example, iMazing. It’s an iPhone Manager software available for both Windows and Mac. It has a very cool feature that can give you details information about your current battery health.

iMazing iPhone Battery Health Check

Here is how to check the battery health using this software.

  • At first, Install the iMazing.
  • Then, open it and connect your iPhone using a lightning cable for first time usage. Later, You won’t need the lightning cable as you will be able to manage that phone through WiFi network.
  • Now, Click on the Battery icon. You will find it at the bottom right corner.
  • A pop-up window will show all details about the connected iPhone battery condition.

In iMazing, You will see about the maximum battery capacity, maximum charge capacity, battery health in percent, battery temperature, battery charge cycle, etc. By seeing this information, You can easily determine how good is your iPhone’s battery.

When to Replace iPhone Battery:

Usually, It is a question that goes through many users’ minds. The answer is very easy. Typically, When the battery health is 70-75%, you should replace it. Also, If it doesn’t have the normal peak performance capability, you should immediately think about a replacement. It is to avoid future problems. On the other hand, iMazing or any similar software can give you more details about the battery life cycle. That should help you to take your decision.

Where to Get iPhone Battery Replacement:

If you want to get a replacement for your iPhone Battery, Apple Store is the first choice. Else, Apple authorized service center is the alternative if there is no Apple store in your region. For replacement, you can go to the Apple store or service center. For your convenience, you can use the Apple support app to get nearby locations or have a live chat with Apple’s customer service.

iPhone Battery Replacement Cost:

You can iPhone Battery replacement costs in the following table.

iPhone ModelWith Warranty or AppleCare+Out of Warranty
iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max$0$69
Other Models$0$49

Possible Cheaper Alternative:

It is possible that your iPhone Warranty period has expired. In this case, If you don’t want to spend that much money, you have an alternative option. There are some third-party batteries for various iPhone models available. Most of these cost between $15 to $30 depends on iPhone models.

In reality, If you have been using an iPhone for a couple of years, you may need to replace the battery. If you want to get a good battery life cycle, you will need to follow some rules. I will come up with some tips about that in another article.

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