CleanMyMac X Now Runs Natively on Apple Silicon with Brand New Outlook


If you were waiting for CleanMyMac X to add native support for the M1 mac, your wait is over. This Mac optimization utility now runs natively on your Apple Silicon mac.

Apple has shocked the world with its own silicon chip M1. But, Only native apps could deliver the maximum performance on it. With rosetta 2, the performance was slightly lower. Some apps run faster than intel macs using rosetta on M1 macs. But, Only native apps can deliver the best experience. Finally, a widely used popular mac performance booster app CleanMyMac X runs natively on M1 Mac. It now has a new outlook that completely matches with the latest macOS BigSur.

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cleanmymac x smart scan completed

The Native Support for M1 Macs:

A few weeks back, it ran using the rosetta 2 on new M1 macs. That was also an excellent experience for the users as it performed great even with the translation layer. Now, CleanMyMac X runs natively on your new M1 Mac. The experience is now even smoother and better. It responses to every clicks instantly. MacPaw has made the necessary changes to deliver the best from CleanMyMac X on Apple’s new platform. It now gives excellent performance on both M1 and old intel Macs.

CleanMyMac X can Clean Intel Binaries from Apple Silicon Macs:

In the new Apple Silicon macs, you can see three types of apps. Old apps optimized for intel only run using rosetta 2. The new universal apps that run on both intel and M1 macs. Some apps only run on M1 macs. However, Those universal apps contain both types of codebases for intel and M1. As you are running an M1 mac, it doesn’t make sense to keep the Intel Binaries. CleanMyMac X can remove these unnecessary files from your Mac and free up disk space.

New UI that Looks Amazing in macOS BigSur

cleanmymac x new ui bigsur

Apple introduced a completely new outlook in the latest macOS BigSur. It now looks amazing and familiar. CleanMyMac already had an excellent UI. But, After the BigSur release, MacPaw has brought changes in the UI. The latest CleanMyMac X now looks excellent in the latest macOS. It now has new icons, color combinations, amazing animations, etc.

You can get the latest CleanMyMac X directly from the MacPaws website. This app is available for a single purchase and bundled with the Setapp subscription. The single license price starts from $34.95/year. But, You can get the Setapp subscription at just $10/Mo. It will give you access to other MacPaw’s products and many other amazing Mac applications.

If you were waiting for this native Apple silicon support, it’s time to try the latest CleanMyMac X. You can let us know your experience with this app in the comment box.

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