CleanMyMac X Review: Is it the Perfect Tool for You?

CleanMyMac X Rating $34.95


CleanMyMac X is a decent Mac Optimization software. It can free up disk space by cleaning unnecessary files, do various maintenance, remove malware, uninstall apps, and many more. Thought these amazing things come with a cost. It is not a free app and has not a cheap price tag.



  • Optimize Mac Performance
  • Remove Malware
  • Uninstall Apps
  • Update Software
  • Compatible with new Apple Silicon Chip M1


  • No Built-in Duplicate File Finder
  • Not Cheap

If you are looking for a straightforward CleanMyMac X review, you are at the right place. In this article, You will know about it in detail.

Unlike Windows, Mac doesn’t have so many issues that you need to fix regularly. But, It still has some problems that you don’t want to see. For example, Stubborn programs that can’t be removed, leftovers, junk files, malware issues, excessive RAM usage, low disk space, DNS issues, etc., can make your Mac slower. To get rid of these issues, CleanMyMac X can be a choice. It is a popular Mac Optimization tool. You may consider using it. But, Before that, you can go through this CleanMyMac X review to be sure if it is the right Mac Optimiser for you or not.

cleanmymac x welcome screenshot

CleanMyMac X Review

The CleanMyMac X is a Mac Optimization software from MacPaw. It can help users to clean and optimize their slow Mac computers. To deliver a great user experience, it offers a lot of features and functionalities. However, This CleanMyMac X review will tell you about it in detail with pros and cons. It will help to understand if you should use it or not.

System Requirements:

You can run CleanMyMac X on both intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Here are the full system requirements.

Operating SystemMacOS 10.0 or Later
ProcessorIntel x86 or Apple Silicon (Arm)
Disk Space200 MB+

CleanMyMac X Review: Features & Technical Specs

Before knowing about the features in details, you can have a look at the technical specifications.

Software NameCleanMyMac X
Reviewed Versionv4.8.2
Installer Size73.9 MB
Installation Size184 MB (Approximately)

If we look at the most significant features, we will find the following in the CleanMyMac X.

  • Junk Cleaner
  • App Uninstaller
  • Malware Remover
  • Software Updater
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Various Maintenance Features
  • Privacy Protection
  • File Shredder

These features are more than enough to give you a great Mac OS experience. Now, Let’s see what you can do with the latest CleanMyMac X.

cleanmymac x system cleaned

Optimize Your Mac Performance

The first thing you will notice is performance improvement. This software can bring overall performance improvements to your old and slow Mac. To do this, it can resolve some minor errors, clean up unnecessary files, optimize disk and memory, etc.

To Speed up your slow Mac, it offers some optimization and maintenance features. You can enable or disable any launch agents, kill heavy consuming app tasks, etc. Also, The CleanMyMac X has many maintenance tools. It includes Re-index Spotlight, Frees Up RAM, Flush DNS, Free Up Disk Space, Repair Disk Permissions, Maintenance Scripts, etc. These tools can help you keep your Mac faster and fix various common problems. Combinedly, these features can deliver you a better experience.

Cleanup Mac and Free Up Disk Space

Unlike Windows Laptops, most Macbooks come with limited disk spaces, and they are not upgradable after you buy them. In this type of case, Many users face low disk space issues. It may lead them to rely on an external SSD/HDD. But, CleanMyMac X can remove temporary files and any junk from your Mac. It brings more available space. In this way, it can help to get rid of low disk space issues.

You can clean system junks, temporary data, mail attachments, trash bin files, etc. easily with CleanMyMac X.

cleanmymac x maintenance modules

Update & Uninstall Apps

Though uninstalling apps in Mac is very straightforward, sometimes it can be harder. Because there may be some leftovers, and also just deleting an app doesn’t do actual uninstallation. In this case, CleanMyMac X’s built-in uninstaller tool can help.

Else, If you worry about your Mac’s app updates, the CleanMyMac X has a software updater. It will tell you if a new update is available for any of your software. If you want, it also can automatically update any software it supports.

Remove Malware and Protect Privacy

The CleanMyMac X is not a dedicated Antimalware tool. It has a module that can help you find and remove malware from your Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, etc. Though Its success rate in finding threats is unknown, it can still help you get basic protection. As It supports Apple Silicon Mac natively, it is a plus point. I have not found any major antivirus maker that has made their programs available natively on M1 Macs.

Else, To protect your privacy, CleanMyMac X has some privacy features like cleaning browsing traces like history, autofill forms, and cleaning your chat data from your Mac. These two are excellent features for the privacy concerned people.

cleanmymac x system junk scan details user cache

View & Clean Large and Unwanted Files

CleanMyMac X has some features like Space Lense, Large & Old Files. These will help you to understand which apps and files are taking more space. Also, the File shredder feature can permanently clean the files and make them unrecoverable.

CleanMyMac X Review: The User Interface & Experience

When I first used it, the thing I noticed more is its UI. It has an incredible UI. It looks very modern and polished with excellent animations. It feels so smooth that many users will fall in love with it for its UI. In the recent release, The UI has been polished, so it looks incredible in MacOS BigSur.

When you open this app for the first time, it will welcome you with its amazing welcome intro. The way it shows the animation is very eye-pleasing.

All options and features are easily accessible. With an elegant user UI and user-friendly design, it can deliver an outstanding user experience.

There are no major issues with the UI. However, Sometimes, The scan and clean buttons may look a bit low quality. It happened to me. Probably, It was a bug. Except for this thing, I would give the UI 100 out of 100.

CleanMyMac X Review: The Performance

In the real world performance, it also did great. It easily found junks, temporary files for me and cleaned them all. I have also uninstalled some apps using it. All other features also seemed good. It has a very good reputation among the users. So, I think most others are also having a great time with it.

cleanmymac x uninstaller apps selected

However, While using this type of software, you should be a bit careful. Apply the optimization only if your Mac becomes slow. Otherwise, you won’t notice any performance improvement. Even, It may create some initial issues.


CleanMyMac X is not free software though It offers a free trial. Its pricing starts at $34.95/year. It includes a license for a single Mac. It has other pricing options for multiple devices as well as lifetime validity. Here are the pricing details.

PriceDevice LimitValidity
$34.9511 Year
$54.9521 Year
$79.9551 Year

CleanMyMac X Review: Cons

I have not found any major downside while reviewing the CleanMyMac X. However; I felt that the duplicate file finder is missing. That might make it even more appealing. Else, It is a bit pricey.

Final Verdict:

CleanMyMac X has a free trial option. So, I suggest you try it first before purchasing. I definitely recommend it to Mac users. Especially, If you are running a Mac with Apple’s M1 chip, you can try as it is compatible with Apple Silicon.

However, After reading this CleanMyMac X review, You already may have made your own decision. In that case, you are welcome to share your thought on this software in the comment box.

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  1. I have tried with my mac and other storage cleaning was giving me mixed feelings. may be its not cleaning up some important data. have you tried? any specific opinion regarding that?



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