DearMob iPhone Manager Review – Pros, Cons, and Price

DearMob iPhone Manager Review & Rating $29.95

Name: DearMob iPhone Manager

Offer price: 29.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Interface
  • Performance
  • Price


DearMob iPhone Manager is an iOS management tool that enables the ability to manage iPhone, iPad, iPod from PC or Mac. It has some excellent features with incredible performance.



  • Sync and Transfer
  • Excellent Performance
  • Powerful App Manager
  • Install Apps without App Store
  • Backup and Restore


  • No Wireless Transfer
  • No Ringtone Manager
  • Not Free

Considering DearMob iPhone Manager to manage your iPhone from PC and Mac? Have a look at this in-depth review before installing it!

Most iOS device manager software has almost the same core features and functionalities. However, The performance capability and some extra useful features make the difference between them. So, there are some great iTunes alternatives and also some very poor iPhone managers available. DearMob is one of the popular iTunes alternative and iPhone manager software. However, You may not know well about it. So, In this review, I will explain every possible thing about it including pros, cons, price, and discount information.

dearmob iphone manager screenshot 1

DearMob iPhone Manager Review

Managing an iPhone or any iOS device was not possible without iTunes. But, Some third-party iPhone managers made it possible even in an easier way. DearMob iPhone Manager is an iOS management tool for your PC and Mac. You can use it to manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. However, This DearMob iPhone Manager review will give you even more information including the pros and cons about it. So, Let’s go through the next sections.

Features & Specs:

PublisherDigiarty Software
Software NameDearMob iPhone Manager
Latest Versionv4.5
Installer Size48.52 MB
Installation Size150 MB
Supported OSWindows, Mac OS X
Supported DevicesiPhone, iPad, iPod

DearMob iPhone Manager has plenty of features to enhance your experience with your iDevice. It includes following things:

  • Sync and Transfer
  • Import and Export Media Content between iOS Devices and PC/Mac
  • Powerful App Manager
  • File Explorer
  • Excellent Photo Manager
  • Backup and Restore
  • Data Security
  • Manage Photos, Videos, Music, Books, Bookmarks, Podcasts, SMS, Calendar, Contact, etc.

These are the main features of this iTunes alternative. However, there are more small things you will find once you start using this software.

dearmob iphone manager screenshot 2

Transfer Media Contents Between iOS Devices and PC/Mac

Transferring media contents between PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod has been much easier. DearMob iPhone manager has all options to do it conveniently. You can easily import or export photos, videos, music on your iOS device. Even, You also can delete any media contents and sync with your device.

Very Good Photo Manager

Unlike some other similar software, DearMob iPhone Manager has very good photo manager. It loads photos smoothly and also you can add new album, import and export photos, delete any photos you want. Also, You can view in full resolution and also can export and view animated photos. I haven’t seen this thing in many other iPhone managers.

Powerful App Manager: Install App without App Store

It’s not that DearMob iPhone Manager is only offering app manager. There are many other iOS management tools that have a similar feature. However, DearMob doesn’t only let you view the app list, but also uninstall them, add or export documents and files to any specific apps.

However, The most attractive feature is its capability to install any app without the app store. You can load any .ipa file and install the app on your iPhone. It doesn’t require jailbreak or anything like that. It is indeed an excellent feature that most other similar software don’t have.

dearmob iphone manager screenshot 3

Backup and Restore

DearMob iPhone Manager offers true iTunes backup and restore. So, You can take a complete backup of your phone and restore it when you need it. Also, Managing the backups is very easy. It supports incremental backup. As a result, It won’t take much storage. Because this type of backup stores information of last backup files and add only the data which aren’t available in the last backup.

Extra Features

To manage iPhone, DearMob iPhone manager has some other cool features. These allow you to manage SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Safari Bookmarks, etc. Also, It has a data security feature to encrypt your data. Another thing I must mention is it has made it easier to find the guide to use specific features. When you access any option in this iTunes alternative, you will see a small button for user-guide. If you don’t understand anything about the feature, these guides will help you to learn how to use it.

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: User Interface

UI is a very important factor in the software. It is one of the major things that define the user experience. DearMob iPhone manager has a very good user interface. The UI looks very familiar, especially to Apple users. It is very clean, simple, and also looks modern. You should not have any problem to use this software. Because all of the features and options are very easy to navigate.

If you have been using iTunes for many years, you will see a similar vibe in the UI. To understand better, you can look at the screenshots. In fact, there is no major thing to complain about the UI except it doesn’t have any dark mode.

dearmob iphone manager screenshot 4

DearMob iPhone Manager Performance Analysis:

In this part of this DearMob iPhone Manager review, you will know about its performance. How capable this software is? You can get basic idea after seeing the feature lists above. However, The real question is “Do these features work as expected?” How is the performance?

DearMob iPhone manager is one of the best iOS management tools for PC and Mac I have tried. Compared to many other similar tools, it works faster and smoother.

It requires iTunes to work. However, After installing this tool, you can connect your iPhone or iPad. It will detect your device almost instantly. I am impressed by the performance of the photo manager, video manager, music manager. Especially, In the photo manager, all photos load fast and smoothly. You also can view any photo in full resolution without any delay.

All other features like App Manager, File Explorer, etc. work great. In fact, After using this iPhone manager, I found it very stable and capable software.


If you look for the most significant downside of DearMob iPhone Manager, you will find its inability to manage iPhone wirelessly. Except for this, it is not a free app. It is not also a feature-rich program. It doesn’t have a ringtone maker for your iPhone.


DearMob iPhone Manager offers a free trial. But, It doesn’t have any free version. The pricing may seem expensive without a discount. It starts from $39.95/year for a single PC. It also has a lifetime license which costs $47.95 for 2 PCs. However, All TechClassy.COM audience can get DearMob iPhone Manager at just $29.95 for a lifetime. It includes a license for 2 PC or Mac.

DearMob iPhone Manager Review: Final Verdict

You may have your own decision after reading this DearMob iPhone Manager review. However, Here, I have my own opinion. This software may not have so many features. But, Whatever it has works perfectly. In my test, It seemed very much stable. It worked great without any issue. Also, It has the feature to install app from a .ipa file which is not available in almost all other iPhone managers. So, You definitely can use it to get the best performance and this app installation ability.

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