Do I need an Anti-Malware Software for Windows 10 PC?


Have you ever thought if you need an anti-malware tool for your Windows 10 PC? Do you really need it? Follow this article to get rid of your confusion.

This article is not referring to traditional antivirus software. It’s all about the anti-malware tools. Malware has become a quite common word nowadays. News about malware has become pretty common. The cybersecurity concerned people always want to get protected from any types of malicious threats. But, Many people become confused about antivirus and anti-malware tools. If you want to know if you should use anti-malware software on your PC or not, you also should know about this type of software.

Malware Concept

What is Anti Malware Software?

This is a specific type of software designed to detect malicious scripts in any software and protect you from any types of malicious activities on your device. It is similar to antivirus programs. But, It’s not fully similar to the traditional antivirus programs. Modern anti-malware tools have a better malware detection rate than average antivirus programs. It can protect you from malware and adware, spyware, and many other types of viruses and PUPs.

How Anti-Malware Works?

The modern Anti Malware tools work very smartly. At first, It detects the malware and then automatically remove it or leave it for user choice. However, In many cases, It will block software if it finds any suspicious behavior on it. It may be false-positive sometimes. But, It also can be malware that is not known to the world yet. However, To detect malware or threat, the modern anti-malware tools work by following three techniques. Here are they-

1. Signature-Based Detection

Both traditional and modern security tools use this technique to detect malware. An Anti-Malware tool compares a hash of suspicious code with its database. If that hash matches with any known malware’s hash, the Anti Malware tool immediately blocks the malicious software’s activity in your device.

2. Behavior-Based Detection

Behavior-based monitoring is a ubiquitous and powerful feature of modern Anti-Malware tools. Malware can hide from traditional antivirus programs. But, It does its job silently. A modern anti-malware tool can easily detect this type of viruses. It monitors the behavior and character of software or any script. If it finds anything risky or fishy, it immediately flags that as a threat and asks for your action. The anti-malware tool also can delete it automatically based on your settings.

3. Sandboxing

Sandboxing is another malware detection technique that a modern anti-malware tool often uses. It is similar to behavior-based monitoring but a bit more powerful. Sandboxing detect suspicious software or tools and immediately isolate them from other applications and external environments. It keeps or deletes the malicious script and allows other files to function properly on your device. But, These will be continuously monitored.

Usually, Most anti-malware tools use these three techniques to detect a malware. After detecting, it can delete the malware or ask you about your choice.

Common Features of an Anti-Malware Software:

Modern anti-malware tools don’t only detect and remove malware but also do a lot more things to protect you from various threats. Here are the most common features you will see in an anti-malware tool.

1. Scan and Clean

Like any antivirus tool, a modern antimalware tool can scan for threats and clean. It has a similar layout and scan button to antivirus tools.

2. Realtime Protection

A modern Anti-Malware software always monitor your device and protects you from various threats. If it finds any suspicious behavior, it blocks that immediately. In this way, you always remain in an active security layer.

3. Ransomware Protection

Many modern Anti-Malware tools like Malwarebytes, IObit Malware Fighter, etc. have the active anti-ransomware feature.

5. Protection Against Adware and PUP

Adware has been a common thing these days. But, Almost everyone don’t bother or don’t know about it well. It can be a reason for many privacy concerns. A modern anti-malware tool can also protect you against Adware and PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

6. Ad Blocker

Some anti malware tools provide browser extension that can actively block ads and protect your privacy.

7. Protection Against Risky Websites

There are many people who are careful enough about what they are downloading or installing on their devices. Generally, they shouldn’t have viruses or malware on their PCs. But, When they surf random websites, they may get viruses silently. A modern anti-malware tool can protect them from these online threats.

Difference Between Anti-Malware Tools and Traditional Anti-Virus Programs

In general, there are no core differences between modern anti-malware and the anti-virus programs. These two mean same thing and do similar things. These two protects you from all kind of viruses like malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. But, most modern anti-malware tools do some particular things better. For example, When traditional antivirus programs detect malware and other threats in traditional ways, the anti-malware uses different techniques. Though, Some top quality anti-virus programs also started doing similar approach in virus detection.

Protection against adware and PUP is better in anti-malware tools. For example, After scanning my whole PC with some popular antivirus programs, I found nothing. But, When I scanned using MalwareFox, It found some PUPs and adware.

A traditional signature-based anti-virus program can’t detect malware from a file or boot records until the malware becomes active. But, A few powerful anti-malware tools like Malwarebytes can detect the malware before it becomes active.

Should I Use Anti Malware

Should I Use Anti-Malware Software?

To have better cybersecurity, I suggest you use a tool that can protect you from threats. In some cases, You may use multiple tools. If you are confused about whether you should use an anti-malware or not, here is the answer to removing the puzzle. Not all anti-malware tools are as good as they claim. The same thing applies to the anti-virus programs too. There are very cheap or free anti-malware tools that can’t detect malware from a zip archive file. And also, some free or paid anti-virus programs can’t give you basic protection. So, You should always read reviews and check the features of an antimalware tool before purchasing. If you find good reviews and features like real-time protection against malware, ransomware, etc., you can use that anti-malware tool. Also, To get protection against adware, PUPs, etc., the anti-malware tools worth your time.

In fact, You should use a good antimalware tool in Windows 10, especially if there are no other security tools you are currently using except built-in Windows security defender.

Can You Use Antimalware And An Antivirus Program Together?

Yes. You can use anti-malware and a traditional antivirus program together. But, Some antivirus programs don’t allow other similar tools to run actively alongside. In this case, You can test it by yourself. However, In most cases, the anti malware software should be compatible with any anti-virus programs. It gives you an one more security layer. Also, You will get better protection in where the antivirus program doesn’t do well. However, Don’t scan whole PC or Mac with both security software as it may slowdown the computer during the scanning period.

In addition, there are some PC optimization tools that have anti-malware features in upper editions. For example, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, etc. There is nothing wrong to use them alongside any other antivirus programs. You will get speed up feature and also security.

After reading the whole article, You already have got enough idea about the anti-malware software. There are many important benefits of using an anti-malware tool. In modern days, hackers access your PC in different ways by following unique techniques. As a result, many security tools may fail to detect the malware or other threats until it causes damage and spreads in your computer rapidly. A modern and powerful anti-malware tool can protect you from hidden and sleeping viruses and give you better security in many particular situations. So, It will be better to have an anti-malware tool on your PC.

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