IObit Driver Booster 11 Pro Review – Is it Better or Worse?


Are you looking for a truly unbiased IObit Driver Booster 11 pro review in 2023? You are at the right place. This review includes all the pros and cons of this software.

You should keep all of the drivers up to date on your PC. But, It is not easy to check every driver manually and update them one by one. Also, Outdated drivers can cause so many problems. So, Experts always recommend everyone take proper steps to update PC drivers regularly. In this case, you will need third-party tools. IObit Driver Booster is one of them. There are many other similar tools available. So, Compared to them, how is it? This Driver Booster 10 Review will reveal the answers.

IObit Driver Booster 11 Pro Review

Driver Booster Pro is a tool that can scan and detect outdated/missing drivers, gaming components and keep them up to date regularly. IObit is the company behind this driver updater. It is one of their most popular products.

IObit Driver Booster Review & Rating $11.24
Driver Booster Pro Box

Name: Driver Booster 9 Pro

Offer price: 11.24

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


If you want a simple but modern driver updater for your Windows PC, you can choose Driver Booster Pro.

Comments Rating 4.67 (3 reviews)


  • Automatically update drivers
  • Larger database of over 4,500,000 drivers
  • Has free version
  • Simple Interface


  • Often recommends other IObit products

It is an excellent driver updating software for Windows 10. But, there are some other close competitors. Compared to them, how is this software? You will find every detail in this unbiased driver booster 11 pro review.

Driver Booster 7 Screenshot 1

System Requirements:

Driver Booster is a very lightweight program that you can use on any Windows computer. The system requirements aren’t anything very demanding. You can check the system requirement table below.

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Disk Space1 GB or Higher
Screen Resolution1024*768 or Higher

I haven’t found any processor or memory requirements anywhere. But I assume you can run on any low-specs machines as it is XP compatible. You may wonder why it needs 1 GB of disk space. In fact, The installer file size of Driver Booster 9 Pro is approximately 25 MB. So, It only requires a few MB of disk space. But, It needs more to download the drivers.

Features and Technical Specifications:

Recently, IObit has released the 8th version of this driver updater. It has some improvements and extra features compared to Driver Booster 11.

Here is the technical Information:

Software NameDriver Booster Pro
Reviewed Versionv11.0.1
Installer Size25.55 MB
Installation Size107 MB
Driver Database8,000,000+
Supported Languages48

Here are the most noticeable features.

  1. Automatically scan & identify missing and faulty drivers
  2. Database of over 4,500,000 drivers
  3. Priority update for game components and drivers
  4. One-click update
  5. Automatically backup all drivers and restore when needed
  6. Offline Driver Updater
  7. Superfast update package download
  8. Game component update
  9. Fix common driver errors
  10. Game Booster
  11. Compressed driver package
  12. 100% Secured updating
  13. Software Updater
  14. Excellent 24/7 Support

These are the major features of the Driver Booster 9 Pro. This small software has a free version with limited features. That is sufficient for many users. Updating and installing missing game components, driver backup, full-speed download update files, etc., are exclusive to the pro version. The Pro version can also detect the more missing and faulty drivers that the free version can’t.

Outdated Drivers Detected in Driver Booster

One-Click Update:

When you open this software for the first time, it will scan your PC for outdated drivers. Then, you can update all of your drivers with just one click. Driver Booster also can regularly update drivers automatically. Besides, It can do many more things.

Deep Scan and Autoupdate:

The Driver Booster Pro can scan every driver on your PC and look for an available update for them. I saw some driver updaters can’t even find the basic drivers when IObit’s driver updater detects many missing drivers.

The New Offline Driver Updater:

Driver Booster Offline Driver Updater

There are many critical situations when you may not be able to update your PC drivers from the internet. For example, the network driver hasn’t been installed. So, there is no internet connection on your laptop or desktop.

In this case, If you can download the driver booster using another device and install it on that PC, it can grab the driver information and export it to a file. Later, You can use that file on another computer to download these drivers. Finally, you will be able to install the missing drivers or update them to the latest version without an internet connection on the problematic computer. It is really an excellent feature. The latest Driver Booster 9 pro has this facility.

Larger Database:

The latest Driver Booster 10 has an even larger database compared to its previous version. It has a giant database of over 4,500,000 drivers. It means it can now detect more outdated drivers and update them. If you have an old PC and you don’t find supported drivers, this software may save you by updating these old drivers.

Driver Backup and Restore:

This updater can back up the current driver packages before updating them to the latest version. It has an option called Rescue Center. From there, You can restore any driver to its previous version if the latest one doesn’t go through the right way. So, Your Windows PC experience remains smoother. You won’t face any driver incompatibility issues.

Updating Drivers in DB7

Updates Game Components:

The Driver Booster 9 Pro also makes sure you have all the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages and other gaming components. It automatically scans and shows you the missing and outdated gaming components so that you can install them with a single click.

Game Booster:

You may have installed so many apps and programs on your PC. Else, Windows 11 has some background processes that may not be necessary for everyone. In Driver Booster Pro, you will find a booster feature. It disables all unnecessary pieces of stuff and frees up more RAM. So You will get better gaming performance. It is an excellent addition to the driver updating feature.

Another cool thing is it can fix common PC driver problems like no sound issues, bad resolution, network failure, and some device errors. You can find these fixers in the Tools tab. You also can see your system information from there.

Software Updater:

Software updater is a new addition to the new driver booster 9. It is available in both free and paid versions. This tool can scan and detect outdated software installed on your PC. It also can update them with a single click. However, Its database is not so big. So It can detect the update status for some select software. Over time, the database is getting bigger. So, In the future, It may become an essential feature.

Extra Tools:

Driver Booster Fixed Audio Problem

You will find many other features while using this software. The Driver Booster Pro has a dedicated tab called Tools. It contains several useful tools that can help you in many ways. Particularly, It can help you detect and fix common driver-related problems on Windows 10 PC/Laptop.


IObit has a good reputation for the UI in its software. Driver Booster has an excellent user-friendly interface. It is simple but modern. You can navigate to any option very quickly. After opening this program, you will see the Scan button in the middle, Boost and Tools buttons in the left sidebar. You also can get the navigation menu by clicking on the three vertical dots.

Moreover, IObit has given you the ability to choose from various color preferences. Its simple and more comfortable UI has made it more user-friendly.

Driver Booster Performance and In-depth Review:

It has been approximately 5 years with IObit Driver Booster Pro. I have used both free and pro versions. So, I have practical experience.

Over the years, I have used this Driver updater on both low and high-end Windows machines. I had a very old laptop from early 2013 with a 2nd Gen Core i5 processor and 8 GB DDR3 RAM. That was dual-core. So, It is no longer a good one in 2021. Many drivers were outdated, and it was tough to install the latest drivers on that laptop. However, The driver booster saved me. It updated everything on that machine.

I also used Driver Booster on my High-End desktop PC and also a medium-powered laptop. On every machine, it performed very well.

It works well on all machines because resource usage is very limited. In my test, I have found the following results.

CPU Usage1.5%
Memory Usage11 MB
Disk Usage78.8 MB

This result is based on a Windows Desktop with Core i7 – 4.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 32 GB RAM. However, I assume on any machine, the average CPU usage should be around 2%.

I have not found any major issues till now. It’s definitely faster and more reliable. It scans very fast and updates all drivers smoothly. The key feature is scanning and updating. But, In my four years of experience with driver boosters, I had noticed a driver installation issue in the past. Than, It failed to finish the installation. But Retrying it fixed my problem.

The game component update feature is very useful. Normally, You may see many games requiring you to install additional frameworks. After I had installed all game components using DB 8, I no longer faced this issue.

Overall, my experience with driver booster 9 is excellent. It doesn’t suck your CPU and RAM when you use it. So, It feels very light. As it has a free version, you can review it by yourself. The scan process and download speed are pretty fast compared to its competitors.

Game Booster in Driver Booster 7 Pro


After reading this Driver Booster review, You may think that it doesn’t have any flaws. In fact, It also has downsides. Driver Booster often recommends other IObit tools. It has a dedicated tab of other IObit products that may convince you to buy their other products like Advanced SystemCare Pro, IObit uninstaller, etc. You will often see offer notifications even in the pro version. That is something you may not like.

Price and Discount:

IObit Driver Booster has both a free and premium version. The free version has limited features. The much more capable Pro version costs 11.24 USD per year with our exclusive discount. It includes a license for 1 computer. But, If you want a license for 3 PCs, it will cost $22. But, With the discount, TechClassy visitors can get it at just USD 17.21.

Final Verdict:

After reviewing this Driver Booster, I have found some positive things about it. The downsides I have mentioned were very unnoticeable. And I also personally use it to update drivers on my PC. So, I don’t have any problem recommending this Driver Update to any Windows 11 users.

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  1. The Old PC is working much better!

    I was thinking I’d have to purchase a new PC (not easy now during the Pandemic). I tried this product and everything is working great, it’s like a new PC speed wise!

  2. A good one

    Driver boost has given me excellent satisfaction until last week. It failed to update my graphics card twice. But, Later it completed it successfully. I don’t know how it happened. But, At least it worked and didn’t create problem like other driver updaters.

  3. Using it since 2017

    I have been using it since 2017. Before that I didn’t understand the value of updating drivers. Many times, It fixed my PC problems. I am a happy user. Even a free version works just fine. Premium one is just excellent.