Driver Easy Pro Review, Price and Discount: A Driver Updater for Your PC

Driver Easy Short Review and Rating $23.96
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Name: Driver Easy

Offer price: 23.96

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Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

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To keep the PC driver up to date more easily, you need a third-party tool. In this case, Driver Easy is one of the excellent choices. It has a large database of 3 million+ drivers which can help you to keep your PC drivers completely up to date.

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  • Auto-update and scan
  • Extra Large Database
  • Excellent Detection Rate
  • Offline Scan
  • Backup and Restore


  • Not cheap
  • Free trial version sucks

It is hard to find the appropriate tool to update drivers on your PC. So, This Driver Easy Pro review can help to make your choice easily.

If you want to update drivers manually, it will be time-consuming. So, Everyone wants a tool that can do this automatically. There are many third-party tools such as Driver Easy, Driver Booster, Ashampoo Driver Updater, Driver Talent, etc. Choosing the right one from so many options is a bit tricky. But, You should go for what is perfect for you. In this review, you will get to know about Driver Easy. So, It will make easier to understand if this tool is for you or not.

Driver Easy Home Screen

Driver Easy Pro Review

Driver Easy is one of the most popular tools to keep PC drivers up to date. It has been developed by Easeware Technology Limited. Like other tools, it can scan and detect outdated drivers and update them automatically. In addition, it has an offline scan and driver download facility. In this unbiased Driver Easy Review, you will get to know about its features, performance, etc. in details.


It has all the necessary features which are essential. Here is a list-

  1. Auto scan for outdated drivers
  2. Larger Database of 8 Million Drivers
  3. One-click update
  4. Driver Backup and Restore
  5. Driver Uninstall
  6. Offline Scan
  7. Larger Database
  8. Schedule Scan

These are the key features of Driver Easy Pro. These are very essential and enough for most users. Each feature and functionalities will help you in different situations.

Driver Easy scanning

Scan and Update: Excellent Detection Rate

This software can automatically scan for problematic or old drivers. It also can update them automatically. The best thing is you can schedule the scan time by yourself. So, you won’t have to worry about when it will scan and update the old drivers on your PC. But, The best thing is Driver Easy Pro can detect all the outdated drivers of your PC. Many driver updaters fail to detect some out-dated drivers where it is successful.

Backup and Restore:

Like many other driver updating programs, it also has backup and restore feature. So, you can take backup all of your drivers and restore when needed. It helps when any future update of specific device software causes a problem.

Driver Easy Offline Scan

Offline Scan:

It is actually a very good feature and one of my favorites. If a computer doesn’t have an active internet connection for any reasons like network card issue, you can use the offline scan feature of Driver Easy Pro. It will scan all of the driver details and save a file containing all version information about your drivers. Later, You can use that file in another computer with driver easy having an internet connection. It will help to download the drivers for the computer that doesn’t have an internet connection. Later, You can install them on that PC.

Else, Driver Easy supports a larger database of approximately 8 millions drivers. So, It can detect more outdated drivers than many other similar tools.


The user interface is a very important thing. If UI is ugly and complex, no one will use the software with great features. In this case, Driver Easy is an excellent one. It has a very modern outlook that you will like. The interface is very simple and it is very easy to use. All of the features are accessible very easily. Even a dumb person can use it without any situation. But, It doesn’t have a dark mode and light mode option like some of its competitors. It is not a big deal. I don’t have any complaint about its UI.

Updating Drivers in Driver Easy

Driver Easy Performance and In Depth Review:

The overall performance was very good when I tested it. I tried to scan and update my outdated drivers using it. It did everything successfully. The download speed was good. Even, It has a proxy feature that allows you to use a proxy server to download drivers. The scanning was also pretty fast. In fact, I did not find any significant flaws in its core performance.

It is a very small size program which took approximately 12.5 MB disk space on my PC. It is great indeed. But, Its launch time may seem a bit slower to some users. Personally, I use on NVME SSD on my desktop. But, Driver Easy Pro took 3-6 seconds to load. It might be a bit annoying. So, I have installed it on my laptop with simple SATA3 SSD and it took a similar time to open. Probably, PC configuration is not a matter here. It is a thing that the developer should look into. But, One thing you should know that the driver easy has excellent detection rate. It means it can detect much more outdated drivers. In fact, It is best in detection among the similar software I have tested.

Else, Every other thing on it seems very good to me.

Outdated drivers detected in Driver Easy


The main problem with this software that its free version sucks and doesn’t update automatically. You will have to install driver updates manually. There is not a true trial version which can give you enough idea about the pro version. So, you don’t have a real chance to test this software before purchasing it. Else, Everything seems okay.

Price & Discount:

The pricing of Driver Easy pro starts from $29.99 USD per year for a single PC. Three PC license is $59.99. But, At a 50% discount, you will get it just for 29.99 USD. The great news is by using the promo code “TechClassy” you will get an additional 15% discount. So, The final price is just $25.46. It is a great deal indeed. But, Currently, A promotion is going on. So, You can get it at just 23.96 USD for a limited time. To grab the discount, You can follow the button below.

By the way, It also has a free version. But, That is totally useless. You can’t update anything using the free version.

Final Thought:

In this Driver Easy Pro review, you have got some information about it. No doubt that it is a great product. It can detect and update the outdated drivers. So, Your PC performance remains stable. You can definitely use it. In fact, It is one of my top recommended software. It may miss some extra minor features. But, It can do perfectly what you need.

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