Avanquest Driver Genius 21 Professional Review, Rating, Price, and Discount

Driver Genius Short Review & Rating $19.51

Name: Driver Genius

Offer price: 19.51

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Application Category: Utility

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  • Performance
  • Interface
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Driver Genius is a software that can automatically update your Windows PC drivers up to date. Its performance is pretty fast and smooth performance. If you are looking for a similar software, you can pick it.



  • Pretty Fast Scan and Update Process
  • Automatic and Scheduled Driver Update
  • Backup and Restore


  • Missing Priority Game Component Update Feature
  • No Offline download feature

In this Driver Genius review, you will get all information about it including amazing discount and coupon information. You will also understand if it is the right driver updater for your Windows 10 PC.

In Windows 10, you should regularly update your drivers. Otherwise, You may encounter various driver incompatibility issues. So, There are so many third-party tools available that can detect outdated drivers and download latest drivers for you. Are all of them good? Not really. Some of them are just bad. Some of them have only basic functionalities. But, A few of them are truly excellent. So, Many users are using them. This Driver Genius 21 Professional review article contains valuable information about it as well as pros and cons. It is one of the popular driver updater tools available for Windows. To know about it, let’s go through this article.

Start Screen of Driver Genius

Avanquest Driver Genius 21 Professional Review

The Driver Genius is a software that can scan and detect out dated, faulty and incompatible drivers automatically. It also can download the latest compatible driver software. This software has been developed by Avanquest Software. It includes many necessary functionalities. Let’s dig deeper.


It has many good features. But, Here is a list of most useful ones.

  • Automatic Scan and Update
  • Schedule Driver Scan and Update
  • Driver Backup and Restore
  • Driver Cleanup
  • Hardware Info
  • Some Other Extra Features

These are the major features of Driver Genius 21 Professional.

Driver Scan and Update

This software can automatically scan drivers and keep them up to date. Users also can schedule the driver scan and update process on daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is a very cool feature indeed. Before updating anything, it can create a system restore point so that you can undo any changes if anything goes wrong.

Backup and Restore

This software also can backup your existing drivers and restore when needed. It helps to roll-back to previous version when latest driver update causes problem on your Windows 10 PC.

Driver Cleanup Driver Genius

Driver Cleanup

It is a common feature in almost all popular similar software. If you have removed any devices from your computer or uninstall any driver, there may be some leftovers left. In this case, driver cleanup feature can clean them all.

Other Features

The Avanquest Driver Genius has some other features that may help in specific cases. Like it can show hardware information on your PC, optimize SSD speed by performing trim command. System transfer assist is another extra feature that can help by making network working after installing windows on a computer.


Driver Genius has a simple and clean user interface. No one should feel uneasy while using it. The outlook is neat and clean. When you open this software, you will see the scan button at the middle. In left sidebar, you will see additional options for other functions. Everything is very easy to navigate. Though it has not dark mode facility like some other similar software.

SSD Sppeder Driver Genius

Driver Genius Professional Performance and In-Depth Review:

I have used this software to get experience about its performance and functionalities. I was quite surprise after using it. Because, The scan process was pretty fast comparing to most other driver updating tools. Driver installation process and download speed were also very fast. I have not found any single problem while using it. In past, i saw many people talk about its detection rate. But, I found it can detect outdated software pretty well. Even better than many of its competitors. It means the developers have improved its recent version a lot.


Though the Driver Genius 21 Pro is an excellent software, it still has some weak points. Its free version sucks. That has no real benefit. It has great features but it is still lacking some good features like priority game components update, offline download etc.

Price, Discount and Coupon:

The driver genius 21 has free version. But, You need the pro version to update your drivers. The price starts at 29.9 USD per year per two PCs. But, Tech Classy visitors can get it just at 19.51 USD. In this case, you will have to use the promo code “TechClassy” in the cart.


In this Driver Genius review, you have got enough information about it. No doubt that it is a very good driver updater for Windows 10 PC. I don’t have any problem to recommend it to you because of its pretty fast performance. You can use it if you want.

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