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Name: EssentialPIM

Offer price: 39.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS

Application Category: Utility

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EssentialPIM is a personal information manager available on Windows desktop, iOS, Android, and Cloud. You can manage your calendar, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, emails, store passwords, and many more from EssentialPIM.

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  • Easy to use
  • Manage everything from one place
  • Sync and Cloud Backup
  • Sync through WiFI/Local Network
  • Strong Security


  • Not Free

If you need a personal information management tool, this EssentialPIM review is for you.

In this era, storing information especially personal information into one place secured and organized can save you from a lot of hassles. So, there are multiple solutions. But, If you are considering EssentialPIM, you are in the right place. This review will explain everything you need to know about this personal information manager.

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EssentialPIM Review

EssentialPIM is a software that lets you manage your personal information. It includes appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, password entries, and email messages, etc. It is available in Windows, Android, and iOS. It means you can easily sync your information between these platforms.

EssentialPIM doesn’t only make your data available on multiple platforms, it also makes it available in the cloud. So, All of your data is accessible very easily by yourself.

Except these things, it has more to offer.

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EssentialPIM Features Review:

It offers several useful features to make your information more organized and private. Here are the main things, you will find in EssentialPIM.

  1. Data availability in multi-platforms
  2. Cloud Sync
  3. Cloud Backup
  4. Encryption and Security
  5. Password Generator
  6. Calendar
  7. Tasks
  8. Notes
  9. Email Messages
  10. Recycle bin

Securely Store Personal Information and Organize

After looking at the introduction, you already have got it that the main purpose of EssentialPIM is to help you in storing and organizing your personal data. It includes personal notes, passwords, emails, tasks, contacts, appointments, etc.

While adding your information, you can add tags and labels. It will make your information perfectly organized. And also, it makes it easy to find certain types of things quickly.

It shows notifications for appointments/tasks or any calendar events you want.

Rather than being a boring tool, EssentialPIM gives you a very dynamic experience. It doesn’t only store tasks, appointments, calendar events; It also gives you notification/reminder. Not only this, EssentialPIM lets you customize the reminder/notification. So, You can easily change certain things as you do in other popular reminder/to-do/calendar applications.

As a result, it also works as a To-do app. That makes it a very effective tool for your personal or business information management.

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Sync with Google, iCloud, Outlook, ETC.

Rather than manually entering all your data, I would definitely choose the automated way. EssentialPIM has made it easier by offering sync calendars, contacts, to-dos, etc. with iCloud, Google, Microsoft Outlook, etc. So, You can easily sync/import your date and manage them from one place.

Set up Email

EssentialPIM also can be used as an Email Client. You can set up your Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, or any types of email accounts with EssentialPIM. As a result, you can be able to read/send/receive emails like you do in any other email clients.

Tag your emails to organize in better ways.

Like other entries in EssentialPIM, you also can tag your emails. It allows you to organize certain emails with other related data.

It makes it easier to navigate these types of data more conveniently. It helps your personal and business activities effectively.

Password Generator

EssentialPIM has built-in password storage along with other useful features. You can store your credentials securely. But, a Password generator has made it better. Of course, there are many free online password generator. But, Getting many other things in a single place is an excellent addition.

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Sync and Cloud Backup

When using a personal information manager like EssentialPIM, the most needy feature is synchronization. With the EPIM cloud account, you can easily sync your data between devices. Also, You can access your data without EssentialPIM desktop/mobile application by using the cloud. Because when you enable it, all of your data will be stored in the cloud as a backup.

Sync Through WiFi/Local Network

Another cool thing is the local network sync. If you don’t like to use a cloud account to sync your data through the internet, it is a great option. Your PC and mobile phones should be connected to the same WiFI/Location network. It will allow you to sync your data through the network locally.

Security & Encryption

EssentialPIM uses AES (Rijndael) 256-bit encryption to protect your data. Sync with the cloud is protected like online banking. So, Your data is yours and safe. You can safely sync, backup, and access your data from anywhere.

Also, Your data will always remain on your device unless you decide to use cloud backup or sync features.

EssentialPIM Review: User Interface

There are not many things to say about the UI. But, The UI seems very familiar. In Windows desktop, it looks like a mail client/calendar app. In iOS and Android, it looks like a combination of calendar, reminder, and contact app. However, In Android, the UI looks better comparing to the iOS version.

In Windows, It is a classic Win32 app. The same app is also available in Microsoft Store but not in UWP. So, The UI elements are like other Win32 desktop software. So, It looks like most other Win32 apps and you are already familiar with it. The overall look of EssentialPIM is user-friendly. You will not face difficulties to use it.

It supports both dark mode and light mode. You can choose either one according to your preference.

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EssentialPIM Performance Review and Other Details:

Now, Let’s talk about the performance. I used EssentialPIM for a few days to get practical idea about the features, performance and other things.

After using EssentialPIM, I can say that my overall experience is pretty good. I haven’t found any bugs or difficulties. Everything I have tested worked pretty well.

When you will lunch this software on your Android or iPhone, you will easily understand what to do. In PC, you will also feel the same. But, To be perfectly familiar with all functions, It may take a while. It’s nothing different than using other productivity tools.

You can easily import, export your data in various formats. Also, there is an option to save your data to dropbox. In fact, It gives you a lot of flexibility to manage your data. All of these things also work without any issues.


I haven’t found any major downside. But, EssentialPIM’s iOS app could be a bit better. Else, It has a password generator and credential storage feature. But, If there would be an autofill feature, it might make it an alternative to any password managers too.


EssentialPIM’s pricing starts at $39.95/year. However, You can use it forever. But, You won’t get any update after 1 year. A lifetime license comes with lifetime updates and upgrades. It costs $79.95. Else, EssentialPIM cloud costs $19.95/year. Here are the complete pricing details.

EssentialPIM Pro$39.951 Year
EssentialPIM Pro Business$59.951 Year
EssentialPIM Pro Lifetime$79.95Lifetime
EssentialPIM Pro Business lifetime$99.95Lifetime
EPIM Cloud$19.951 Year

All plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee. You also can try the trial version at no cost.


After using EssentialPIM, I found it a very useful tool for certain types of users. But, In my sense, Anyone can use it as we all have many things to keep organized. EssentialPIM allows you to manage all your professional and personal things from just a single place. As it comes with a free trial version and also a 30 days money back facility, you definitely can try it and discover its features and benefits.

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