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FastestVPN Review & Rating $0.83
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Name: FastestVPN

Offer price: 10

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox

Application Category: VPN

  • Features
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Price


FastestVPN provides quality VPN services at a very cheap rate. Considering all of its pros and cons, Overall, It is one of the best choices especially if you are at a tight budget.



  • Great Speed
  • Strong Security
  • 10 Simultaneous Logins
  • No Log Policy
  • Cheap Price


  • No Dedicated Netflix Region Support
  • Limited Servers
  • No Split Tunneling
  • No Free Trial

You probably want a cheap but quality VPN service. If yes, check out this FastestVPN review.

When it comes to VPN services, people have thousands of options to choose from. However, finding a company which comes as advertised is very hard to find these days. Many are not able to provide quality services at affordable prices. Even some of them have not good privacy policy. But, there are some companies like FastestVPN which are different. This review is about this VPN service. So, If you are looking for an unbiased review, go through this article.

FastestVPN Chrome Extension

FastestVPN Review

The FastestVPN is one of the so many companies that provide top-notch services at cost-effective prices. This is exactly why we have picked this for a review today. In this FastestVPN review, We will know why this company has become such a success. And also we will reveal some of its weak points.


In order to make an extensive review, We have checked out the FastestVPN features. It has all the core features a VPN service should have. It also has great security features that can make you completely anonymous on the internet. However, here are the core features that you will find in the FastestVPN.

  • AdBlocker
  • NAT Firewall
  • No log policy
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • 10 Multi Logins
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Browser extensions
  • Apps in Different Platforms
  • Malware Protection
  • P2P Optimized Servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 15-day money-back guarantee

High Speed Network

The FastestVPN claims to provide you a blazing-fast speed in their network. However, Probably this is the reason of the naming. They have high speed servers around the world. It helps the users who stream or download contents a lot.

10 Simultaneous Logins

Most premium VPN services offer multi-logins which is still restricted in 2-5 logins. However, FastestVPN allows you to use it in 10 different devices at the same time. It gives you a much more flexible VPN experience.

FastestVPN Protocols

Multiple Protocols

FastestVPN supports multiple protocols. Each one has their own benefits. For speed, PPTP is better. For security, IKEV2 is a better choice. This VPN service allows you to choose between PPTP, L2TP, IKEV2, TCP and UDP protocols.

Military Grade Encryption

FastestVPN uses the industrial standard of AES encryption which is used by security professionals all around the world. We learned through our FastestVPN review that they use AES 256-bit encryption method to ensure all of their client’s data is encrypted. The encryption ensures that a breach is not possible and that each connected device is protected. So even if you have ten connected devices, all of them will be well protected.

IP Spoof

Your IP address is basically your online identity and hackers can use this to trace and access your personal information. This is why FastestVPN has more than 150 servers which help in spoofing your IP address giving you complete digital anonymity. This makes it perfect for businesses and individuals who need to protect their data at all costs as your IP address is the first place hackers’ target.

Malware Protection

We were surprised to learn during our FastestVPN review that they provide complete malware protection. This feature scans each download to make sure that it is malware-free if the file is corrupted the system will immediately send you a notification. Hackers mostly infiltrate systems by embedding malicious malware in seemingly innocent downloads. This is why this feature will effectively thwart any attempts made by them.

Ad Blocker

Advertisements are good. But, Nowadays, We see so many malicious ads that end up downloading a virus. Even some websites have an accessive amount of ads. Not only are advertisements and pop-ups a threat. It hampers your smooth experience on the internet. To prevent this type of problem, FastestVPN offers an Ad Blocker to make sure users enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

P2P and Torrenting

We knew our FastestVPN review would not be complete without testing the network for file sharing and torrenting. FastestVPN has P2P optimized servers which are perfect for safe and speedy file sharing and torrenting. So if you have a high volume of torrenting then consider FastestVPN can be an option as they have modified their features for this very purpose.

FastestVPN Desktop app

Optimum Compatibility – Available in Different Platforms

FastestVPN network is compatible with almost every platform out there. During our FastestVPN review, We tested it on different platforms. All of them were compatible and we managed to immediately configure them to the network via a router.

You can use this in Windows, Linux, IOS, Kodi, Mac, Android and many other platforms. It has a Chrome extension and a plugin for Mozilla firefox. That allows you to easily connect to this VPN network from any device where these browsers are available.

Access Geo Restricted Content

Another reason why so many people are investing in FastestVPN is the fact that this VPN network allows users to access geo-restricted content. If you are located in geo-restricted proximity, all you need to do is change your server and gain instant access to the restricted content.

Pocket Size Wi-Fi Router with FastestVPN Subscription:

FastestVPN offers a router with its service preinstalled. The router can be purchased as an add-on that provides convenience. This router provides an additional layer of security and also empowers clients with the unique ability of connecting unlimited devices simultaneously to the same network. This can be a very good choice for businesses, and for individuals who want to make sure that their family can browse safely.

Privacy and No Log Policy:

FastestVPN is located at the Cayman Islands which gives them an incredible edge over their competitors in the market. Because the Cayman Islands is governed by strict data protection policies. Since FastestVPN has to abide by these regulations they offer a zero data-logging policy that allows clients to enjoy complete privacy.

In their privacy policy, they have mentioned these lines regarding no log policy –

We do not store your logs in anyway. Any information or logs related to your browsing history – the websites you visit, the content you download or stream, your traffic destinations, or your DNS queries – stays with you and you alone.

Fastest VPN In-Depth Review & Performance:

Is the FastestVPN really fastest? This question may arise in your mind. I can’t give you a straight answer. However, Performance-wise, It was one of the fastest VPN services We have tried. Also, Probably the fastest among other VPNs in similar price.

When we used this VPN, It performed really well in Android and iOS. In desktop, We have tried their app and also the browser extensions. These worked perfectly. In the router, We have configured it and have connected to their Network immediately.

The speed was great. We have tested in our dedicated 35 Mbps internet connection. When we used the VPN, the speed reached 33+ Mbps. It means the latency of FastestVPN is very good.

However, the desktop app of this VPN seems a bit incomplete. They could include some other features and also improve its stability. The FastestVPN servers are really fast. But, A few improvements in their apps could give you an even better experience.


In our FastestVPN review, we also have found some downsides which could be improved. It has a limited number of servers (150+) compared to some other top VPN providers. We have not found any dedicated Netflix supported region. The Windows app could be better. Else, There is no Split Tunneling and purpose selection feature in their apps.

Price & Discount:

FastestVPN provides amazing VPN speed like or even better than some top-class VPN providers, but charges less. The pricing starts at $10/Mo. But, If you go for 1 year or even more long term subscription, It has a very good and cheap pricing option. For example, The 5 years plan will cost only $49.95 which is just $0.83 per month.

So whether you subscribe to the monthly package or the 5-year plan, you get access to the entire feature stack of FastestVPN.

Here’s what it offers:

  • 1 Month Plan – $10
  • 1 Year Plan – $29.95
  • 3 Year Plan – $39.95
  • 5 Year Plan – $49.95

They have 15 days refund policy. So, If you are not happy with their service, you can ask for a refund anytime within the 15 days.

Final Verdict:

After going through this FastestVPN review, many of you already have a decision whether you want to use it or not. However, My verdict is you definitely can use this FastestVPN except for some conditions. If your major purpose of using a VPN is to stream Netflix, It is not for you, at least for now. But, If you want a really fast speed VPN at a low cost, it can be one of the best options. Overall, It is secured, has good speed and performance and also very cheap. So, After considering its strong and weak points, your purpose and the very affordable pricing, you can make your own decision.

However, If you are already a FastestVPN user, you can put your own review in the comment box.

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