Fix %1 Application Issue in Open With List on Windows


Have you seen something like %1 on the open with list on Windows 10? This article explains how to fix %1 application issue on open with list.

In Windows, Users often experience some weird glitches. Some of them are totally uncommon. So, It is hard to find the solutions online. I encountered the same problem. I tried hard to find a perfect solution. After trying for long time, i was able to detect the source of the problem and finally was able to get rid of the error.

There might be several reasons that cause this problem. But, In most cases, Third-party image viewers or image related applications cause this %1 problem. Fixing this error is not a big deal.

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How to Fix %1 Application Issue in Open With List on Windows

In fact, It is not a serious problem. It doesn’t harm your computer either. But, It looks weird when you see the strange things on open with list. Basically, It happens when you try to view the open with list for specific formats of images like PNG, JPEG etc. But, It is really easy to fix. Here are the methods, you can apply.

1. Re-Install QuickTime

QuickTime is one of the reasons behind this error. If you have used it in past and removed from your PC, this %1 problem may appear. Because, The QuickTime was not uninstalled completely. Again, You may still be using the QuickTime player but it is corrupted. In this case, To remove %1 from open with list, you will have re-install the QuickTime again. Then, You can uninstall it. But, Make sure you are following these things.

Choose Custom During QuickTime Installation

  • At first, Download the QuickTime player on Windows. Here is the link:
  • After that, Open the installer file and choose Custom instead of typical during installation. If you already have quick time installed on your PC, you will have different options. In that case, Click on Modify.

Choose Modify While Re-Installing QuickTime

  • Now, Expand “Optional QuickTime Features”.
  • Then, Click on the Cross button along with “QuickTime Picture Viewer” and choose “Will be installed on local drive.”

Install Optional Feature of QuickTime

  • Now, Click on Install/Change.
  • After installation, it should remove the %1 application from the open with list on Windows 10.

After fixing this problem, you can uninstall QuickTime. But, You should use programs like IObit Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller to remove this program from your PC. It will make sure that there is no leftover after removing any programs on Windows.

This is the most working method to get rid of this problem.

2. Uninstall/Re-Install Third-Party Image Viewer

If you had used different image viewer in past and uninstalled them, the same problem may happen with you too. Because, Those were not removed completely. In this case, You can re-install them like method one and also uninstall them by using the software i have mentioned above. It should fix %1 problem in open with list.

These are the two best methods to remove %1 from open with list. If it still appears, you can follow next method.

3. Tweak Registry

If you still encounter the problem, probably there are some entries on your registry are creating this problem. In this case, You should edit it. But, Before that, take backup of the registry. Then, Follow these steps.

  • First of all, Open the start menu, type regedit and hit enter. It will open Windows registry editor.
  • Now, Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > QuickTime.jpg > shell > open > command.

Delete Default Value with %1 for QuickTime on Windows Registry

  • Then, Delete the default key with value %1.
  • Do the same thing for QuickTime.png, QuickTime.gif and any other entries for specific file formats you want.
  • It will definitely fix your problem.

I hope, this article will help to fix %1 issue in open with list on Windows 10.

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