Best Ways to Fix Bad Pool Caller Error on Windows 10


The bad pool caller is one of the blue screen of death errors that appears in many situations on Windows 10. It has been a widespread problem nowadays. So, Like you, There are so many users are looking for a solution to fix bad pool caller blue screen error.

Generally, This error is a result of driver issue, disk problem or memory problem on your PC. Users encounter it more after making minor or major changes to their PCs. For example, Many users have reported that they have started facing it after adding an SSD/HDD or RAM stick in their PC. Fortunately, There are some cool ways to fix bad_pool_caller.

Sometimes, This stop error comes with additional error codes like 0xC2. It also may appear with the problematic driver name like rdyboost.sys, rdbss.sys, iusb3xhc.sys, igdkmd64.sys, picadm.sys, tcpip.sys, tdica.sys, usbport.sys, usbstor.sys, usbhub.sys. This error can also be caused by third-party services that run in the background on your PC. But, Don’t worry, This article will cover almost everything that may help you.

How to Fix Bad Pool Caller Blue Screen of Death

There are several methods to troubleshoot this BSOD error. You can apply them accordingly. Any of them should work. By the way, Here are the most useful suggestions to resolve this type of blue screen errors.

1. Update Drivers

If you have encountered bad pool caller, it’s most likely for an outdated or incompatible driver. So, Updating every single driver on your PC is a smart way to fix this problem. To update drivers, follow these steps.

  • At first, Open the Windows Device Manager. You can open the start menu, type devmgmt.msc and press enter. It will open the device manager.
  • Now, You will see the list of the devices and drivers on your PC. Just, Right-click on a driver and choose “Update Driver.”
  • Then, Choose your preferred method to update.

By this way, You can update the drivers one by one. But, It is pretty much time-consuming. So, I recommend you to use Driver Booster or Driver Easy. These can keep all of the drivers up to date regularly and automatically. You also can read: How to Update Drivers

Updating the drivers should fix bad pool caller blue screen error. If the problem still exists, follow the next method.

2. Update Windows

You also should check for the windows update. If there is a pending update, you should install it. After that, You may no longer encounter this blue screen of death error. Because sometimes, The windows update comes with various bug fixes that you don’t know.

3. Clean Boot

Your antivirus is probably the reason behind the bad pool caller. So, You can uninstall it temporarily what happens. Some third-party services also may cause this stop code error. So, You should perform clean boot. It will help you to understand which software or service is the culprit.

4. SFC and DISM Command

To fix bad pool caller blue screen error, it is another working method to follow. Running the SFC and DISM commands will repair critical system files and also solve other problems on your PC. To know how to run these commands, read: how to repair corrupted system files.

5. Disable Over-Clocking and Virtualization

Users enable overclock settings to get the maximum performance from their PCs. But, Sometimes, It may go wrong. Because when your PC starts using maximum power, it often shows a blue screen of death error due to some complexity. In this case, To get rid of bad pool caller, you can disable over-clocking.

Another thing, If you don’t need virtualization, you should keep it disabled. Because it also may cause BSOD. If you have VirtualBox or similar software, you can try uninstalling them and see if it helps.

6. Check External Hardware

If you have recently placed external hardware, that might be the reason behind your problem. Make sure all of these are in good condition. If possible, disconnect them and see if it helps.

7. Run Memory Diagnostic Tool

The bad pool caller can be the result of the memory problem on your PC. So, You should find and fix memory problems. It will help you to get rid of this blue screen of death error.

These are the most working methods to get rid of this blue screen error.

8. Analyze Dump to Fix Bad Pool Caller

I hope the first 7 methods will be enough. But, If you still encounter that stop error, you should analyze the memory dump file. It will help you to find out the problematic driver behind this problem. Then, Uninstall or update that driver to solve bad pool caller problem.

Some other Options:

If the problem still exists, you can do the following things.

If none of these works, you can refresh/reset Windows 10. But, Backup your personal files before that.

I hope these methods will fix bad pool caller on your PC. Please let me know in the comment box if these suggestions have helped you.

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