Fix Newly Added or Existing Contacts not Showing Up on iPhone


Isn’t newly added contacts or any of your existing iCloud contacts showing up on your iPhone? You are not alone. Many people also have this similar experience. Fortunately, you get rid of this situation by following the tips from this article.

There might be several common reasons for this problem. If any of them exists on your iPhone, you may not see the newly added contact in the contact list. The same thing also may happen for old contacts. Sync problem or any internet software bugs can cause it most of the time. However, If you have been facing this issue, go through this article for a working solution.

How to Fix Newly Added or Existing iCloud Contacts not Showing Up on iPhone

There are some cool solutions to solve this problem. It totally depends on why you’ve been encountering this problem. However, here are the methods you can try one by one.

1. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, there might be some internet issues on your iPhone. A simple restart can fix them all including the newly added contacts missing problem. So, If you are encountering this problem, just restart your phone as the first solution.

2. Show All Contacts from Groups

When you can’t find your newly added contacts or even some of your existing contacts, it can be due to an inappropriate configuration. If you have multiple groups of contacts, it can happen for you. In fact, A new iPhone user is more likely to encounter this type of difficulties more. However, you can solve it by following these instructions.

Contacts Group iPhone
  • At first, Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.
  • Then, Tap on “Groups” that you will find on the top left corner.
  • Now, Check All the groups to show all contacts on your phone.

It should fix some contacts aren’t not showing up issue. However, If you don’t see any option name groups. You probably should follow the next methods.

3. Re-Sync iClouds or Other Contacts

One of the reasons is the sync problem. When your iPhone can’t sync properly with iCloud server or any other accounts, some of the contacts may not be shown up in the contact list. It may happen due to internet connectivity issue. So, I recommend you to disable the sync and enable it again. But, Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Here are the instructions.

  • At first, Go to Settings of your iPhone.
  • Now, Scroll down, find and tap on the Passwords & Accounts.
  • Then, Tap on iCloud or any other accounts you have.
  • Now, Toggle the switch off next to the Contacts. Now, It will ask what would you want to do with previously synced iCloud contacts. You can choose to delete it or keep it on your iPhone.
  • Restart your iPhone and then, toggle the switch on again.

It should resync your contacts correctly if you have a good internet connection. If you have a problematic WiFi, try to use mobile data or a different network or even VPN.

4. Sign out and Sign in Again

Another working method to solve contacts missing on iPhone is reconnecting the iCloud account. To do it, follow these steps.

  • At first, Go to the Settings.
  • Now, Tap on your Profile and then tap on sign out.
  • iPhone will ask you for additional things before completely signing out. Just choose delete from my iPhone options.
  • After completely signing out, sign-in with your iCloud again.
  • Hopefully, It will solve the contacts not showing up or similar problems.

5. Restore from a Backup

Configure Schedule Backup iMazing

It is possible that you or someone else deleted some contacts from your iPhone. Or your previously added contacts didn’t sync with your iCloud account. Even, There might be many other things that may create this problem. If you desperately need these contacts, you should restore from a previous backup. However, If you already haven’t backed up your iPhone, you should do it to avoid future data loss problems. Besides iTunes, there are some other cool software that can do this job automatically even in better ways. iMazing, iMobie Anytrans, IOTransfer are some of them.

However, Read: How to Backup Your iPhone Wirelessly

I hope this article will help you when any contacts aren’t showing up on your iPhone.

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