Fix Critical Structure Corruption Blue Screen on Windows 10


If you want to fix critical structure corruption, follow this article. It is a blue screen of death error on Windows. This article contains important information about it. Also, You will find here some really effective troubleshooting methods on how to fix it.

Like any other BSOD error, It may occur due to hardware, driver or any other important component problem. It means If any of the hardware installed on your computer like PSU, RAM, HDD, etc., becomes faulty this problem may appear. Else, virus problems, driver incompatibility or even any third-party programs are also known to cause this stop code error. But, there are multiple methods that can help you to fix critical_structure_corruption blue screen of death. It is definitely a good thing.

Critical Structure Corruption Screenshot

However, you also may see an error code like 0xC00XXX on the blue screen. In some cases, the blue screen may include the problematic driver name like msrpc.sys. But, Don’t worry. Solutions are the same.

How to Fix Critical Structure Corruption on Windows

In order to troubleshoot this BSOD, follow these methods one by one. If you can’t access Windows normally, do it in the safe mode.

1. Uninstall Problematic Software or Antivirus

It is possible that you have recently installed software on your PC. After that, you are getting this blue screen error. If this is the case, I suggest you uninstall that software completely. Especially, Many cases, Android emulators like Bluestack or any other android app player can be the reason. So, If you have one, you can remove them completely to see what happens. Although, In this type of case, Windows built-in uninstaller should be fine. But, You also may consider using Revo Uninstaller or IObit Uninstaller or Ashampoo Uninstaller. These tools can remove any app or software completely that Windows uninstaller can’t. After uninstalling the problematic program, restart your PC. It should fix critical structure corruption.

However, If you haven’t any clue what is causing the problem, perform clean boot. It will help you to find out the problematic software or services.

You also can uninstall your antivirus temporarily to see if it helps.

2. Update Drivers Especially Video Driver

To fix critical structure corruption, this method may help you a lot. Because Driver incompatibility can be the main reason behind this BSOD. If you update all of the update drivers of your PC, it will reduce any risk of driver incompatibility. So, It will have a good chance to resolve this error.

It will be much more time consuming to update each driver manually. There are some tools like Driver Booster, Driver Easy, etc. which can update all drivers automatically. So, I suggest you use any of these tools. These can update all drivers with just a single click. Also, These tools can regularly check and keep your drivers up to date.

Updating Drivers in DB7

But, You may not like to use third-party software to update drivers. In this case, you will have to do it manually. If you don’t know the procedure to keep the drivers up to date, follow these instructions.

Update Fingerprint Driver
  • At first, Open Run. You can press Win + R on the keyboard to open it.
  • Now, Type devmgmt.msc and press enter. It will open Windows Device Manager.
  • In the device manager, you will see all the driver list of your PC. Just, Right-click on any driver and choose “Update Driver.”
  • Then, Follow your preferred way.
  • By this way, Update the drivers one by one.

However, To know about more easier ways to do it, Read: How to Update Drivers on Windows

After updating, check if it has fixed critical structure corruption or not.

3. Undo Recent Changes

It is another fact that should be in your measure while troubleshooting blue screen errors. If you have made changes to your PC recently, this may be the cause of this problem. It can be modifying any settings, installing Windows update or driver update, etc. In this situation, you can undo these changes to fix critical structure corruption. If you encounter BSOD after updating Windows, uninstall that update. If the error appears right after updating a driver, just roll-back it to the previous version.

4. Check for Memory Problems

Memory problems can be another source of this BSOD. So, To solve critical structure corruption, you also should repair ram problems. It will be a bit tricky. Because it is hard to tell if your PC has any memory problem. However, Read: How to Find and Repair RAM Problem

That article contains all details to diagnose and troubleshoot memory problems. If luck favors, it may solve all of your problems.

5. Check for HDD, PSU and Other Hardware Issues

As hardware problems can be the source of this BSOD, you can follow this method too. In this case, Disconnect all external hardware except keyboard and mouse. It will help you to understand if any external hardware is the source or not. In addition, make sure all the connectors on your PC are connected properly. If you have already done this, Read: How to Repair Hard Disk Problem

Also, make sure the PSU is fully functional and also cooler is working fine. It will help to troubleshoot critical structure corruption.

6. Repair Corruption System Files

To fix this stop code error, you also need this solution. If any core components on Windows gets corrupted, it creates various problems. Your PC may behave abnormally. You may see random blue screen of death errors and other performance issues. So, I recommend you to check and solve the faulty components. To get the instructions, Read: How to Repair Corrupted System Files

7. Last Methods

These 6 are the most effective method to fix critical structure corruption. But, If the problem still exists, you can do some advanced things. At this moment, I suggest you analyze the memory dump file. It will help to find out what is causing the problem. So, you can later take proper troubleshooting steps. Also, you can use the event viewer to get some idea about the source of this BSOD.

That’s it. You also may have a method to repair critical structure corruption. In this case, you can share it in the comment box.

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