How to Fix Google Chrome Crashing Mac

Fix Google Chrome Crashing Mac

Do you need a solution on how to get rid of the Google Chrome crashing Mac issue? Many users like you reported the same problem. They said that their Chrome browser crashes, i.e., quits or closes unexpectedly in the middle of web browsing.

Google Chrome is the world’s highly popular web browser. But, it also has some share of errors and faults. Since Chrome consumes RAM, it may crash when your Mac runs out of RAM. So, let’s find out what are the possible causes and solutions for Chrome crashing.

Why Google Chrome Crashes?

To provide users with the best browsing experience, the Chrome team is constantly presenting new features. For example, the memory saver and energy saver options improve the browsing experience that is affected due to low battery or memory.

But what are Chrome memory saver and energy saver options? Check out the latest Google updates to learn more about them. But, corrupted or outdated app data, network errors, and cache problems can cause Chrome crash issues. Legitimate extensions or rogue extensions can often result in Google Chrome crashes.   

Troubleshoot Google Chrome Crashing Issue

When the Google Chrome browser crashes on your Mac computer, troubleshoot it with certain basic solutions. First, restart your Mac and update your macOS. If this proves useless, restart your Mac system in Safe Mode. Review of Chrome is properly working in this mode.

After checking it:

  1. Exit the Safe Mode and review Chrome working again.
  2. Don’t forget to examine the working of your internet connection. If there is any problem, try connecting to another network or restarting your router.
  3. If the crashing issue persists, try the below tips.

Remove Chrome Browsing Data

When you can’t load any page or tab properly on your Chrome browser, try this trick. To clear your browsing data on Google Chrome, first launch Chrome on your Mac device. Now, tap on the three vertical dots (More) found at the top right corner.

Next, choose the Settings option. Tap on Privacy and security from the left side. Locate Clear Browsing Data and click on this option. Choose the ‘All time’ option and hit Clear data. Once you click this button, it will remove everything. Figure out if Chrome is working properly now.

Quit and Restart Chrome

The next trick to fix the Google Chrome crashing Mac issues is to quit Chrome and restart it. To quit this browser, simply tap the Command and Q keys. You may also find a setting known as Warn Before Quitting. You need to keep pressing Command and Q for some seconds.

In the Chrome menu, you can turn that setting off. Or select Quit in the File menu. If you can’t quit the browser, try Force Quit. Select Force Quit in the Apple menu and pick Chrome. Select Force Quit. Tap Command, Option, and Escape. Tap Chrome and select Force Quit. Now, restart Chrome.

Check Extensions

As mentioned above, web browsers may crash due to outdated extensions. Hence, check the extensions you have installed. To review that, type chrome://extensions in the address bar of Chrome.

Look for unrecognized or useless extensions in the window. If you find any, simply remove them in the related box. At last, click on the Update button to properly update your remaining extensions.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Several Mac users who have encountered Google Chrome crashing issue reported that they fixed this problem by disabling hardware acceleration. Hence, you may also try it. Open Google Chrome on your system.

Click on the three vertical dots or the More icon at the top right panel. Click on Settings from the menu. In the Settings window, scroll down and click on the Advanced button. Look for the button ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.’ Move the slider to turn it off if it is enabled.

Look for New Chrome Updates

When you can’t get your Chrome browser to work properly again, check your browser update. Find out if you are running an outdated browser and update Google Chrome on your Mac. If you are, then update it, as using an older version makes the browser keep crashing.

To check for pending or available updates:

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right panel and click Help.
  3. Tap About Google Chrome to find the updates. If you find any available updates, install them.

The Conclusion

Google Chrome crashing issues, not responding, or improper working on Mac can make you switch to other web browsers. But, before you do that, you must try the troubleshooting tricks mentioned above one by one.

When nothing works out, you can try alternatives to Google Chrome. The macOS ecosystem is equipped with Chromium-based Chrome alternatives. Be sure what you are choosing is fully compatible with Chrome extensions.

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