Fix iPhone Freezing Problem – Apps Stuck and not Responding


Are you going through the iPhone and iOS app freezing issue? You are at the right place to know how to fix it.

Besides the iPhone camera black screen problem, app freezing or stuck problem is another iOS problem that is very common. The latest iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 pro-Max or last year’s XS, XS Max, XR, and even the iPhone X users have been encountering this type of problem. Often, Users are experiencing their iPhone is getting stuck and doesn’t respond at all. After a few seconds, it starts working normally. It is very annoying if it happens frequently. But, Don’t worry, You can solve iPhone freezing problem very easily.

The iOS 13 users have been complaining about it more. When users open apps like Google Maps, Gmail, OneDrive or any other apps on their phone it just doesn’t respond. It may seem that the touch screen is not working. It occurs more when users open a background app that was minimized a while ago. Also, This issue may appear in iPhone settings.

What Causes an iPhone to Freeze?

There are multiple things that are responsible for this type of problem. But, The most common are –

1. Buggy Update

Apple is known for its optimization and control over its software. Generally, iOS performs smoother than android. But, Sometimes, It doesn’t happen. Users may encounter this iPhone frozen problem after installing an update. It means that the update was buggy. For example, iOS 13 was buggy. Apple tried to fix it in iOS 13.1 or other versions.

2. Problematic Apps

Some apps are not well optimized for the current version of iOS. If this is the case, You will face various problems after opening these apps on your iPhone. Especially, You may find that the app is not responding at all in any state, it may freeze frequently and doesn’t respond to your touch input.

3. Low Disk Space

I don’t think it happens in modern iPhones as these have more storage. But, The older iPhones with 16/32 GB storages, this type of problem occur more. It happens when the disk space is almost full.

4. Your Device is Too Old

If your device is too old, it is a common problem for you. Because your processor, disk, RAM loses its maximum ability over time. Especially, The disk becomes much slower. As a result, It may freeze more often. Else, Apple slows down its old models with an update. It also may be a reason behind this problem.

5. Low Battery

When your iPhone has a low battery or a battery problem, you may not get full performance from it. In this case, You may encounter various performance issues.

How to Fix iPhone Freezing Problem

After knowing about the all possible reasons, you may already guess which can be the solution. Anyway, If you have so many apps minimized in the background, it may be the reason you are encountering this problem. So, I suggest you keep fewer apps in the background. Maybe, It is the solution for you. But, If you face iPhone freezing problem even after there are not many apps in the background, it is a real problem. In this case, Here are the methods that you can apply to repair iPhone freezing problem.

1. Force Restart

Before following any technical ways, iPhone users should force restart their device to see if it solves their problem. In fact, It is the quickest solution for almost all iOS related problems. A simple force restart can fix iPhone freezing issue. Different iPhone models have different ways of force restart. However, here are the common ways to do it.

For iPhone 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max –

  • At first, Press and release the volume up button and also the volume down button. Do it as quickly as possible.
  • Now, Press and hold the power button. Wait for 10 seconds, it will show up the Apple logo and restart your Device.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus –

  • At first, Press and hold volume up or down button and power button.
  • Wait for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 6S and earlier models –

  • Press and hold the home + power button until it restarts.

2. Update All Apps

This method has worked for me. I often noticed that my iPhone XS Max stuck at certain states. Especially, After opening some app, it just became frozen. I tried several solutions but it did not help. Then, I have noticed that there were some apps which were not updated. Then, I updated them and the problem was gone. So, I suggest you update all of the outdated apps to solve iOS freezing problem. To do it –

  • Simply, Open the App Store.
  • Now, Tap on the Updates.
  • It may not show you that there are no apps to update. So, I suggest you refresh the page. It will clear the cache and show which apps need to be updated.

After updating, if possible restart your iPhone. I hope It will fix your problem.

3. Tweak Background App Refresh

By default, background app refresh is enabled on your iPhone. Many users disable it to save battery life. But, Sometimes, It affects some apps’ performance. Again, When this feature is enabled, your iPhone may have so many processes running in the background. It affects your iPhone performance and you may face freezing issues. So, I like to suggest you keep it disabled for the apps which are not important and just keep it enable for specific apps. To do it, follow these instructions.

Tweaking iPhone Background App Refresh
  • At first, Open Settings.
  • Now, Go to General > Background App Refresh.
  • Now, You can turn it off for all apps. Or you can enable/disable it for specific apps by tweaking the appropriate switch.

After doing it, restart your iPhone. Now, You should no longer encounter the iPhone/iPad freezing issues.

4. Update iOS

Apple fixes known issues in iOS updates. The last iOS 13.0 was a bit buggy. Users encountered iPhone freezing issues, AirPod disconnection problems, etc. which were fixed in the latest iOS 13.3. iOS 13.4 is coming with more performance improvement So, You should always keep your iOS devices up to date. Especially, If your experience with the iPhone is not smoother, Updating iOS may improve it.

5. Free Up Spaces

Unlike most Android phones, iPhones have no dedicated memory card slots. As a result, Users can’t expand their storage. So, iPhone users especially the older model users encounter various problems. When the storage becomes nearly full, the phones usually become slower. As a result, Frequent freezing issues may occur. So, I suggest you delete some photos, videos and also some apps to free up spaces. It should fix your problem. If most of the files on your iPhone are important for you, you can transfer them to a computer.

6. Check Battery

Make sure the battery of your iPhone is in good condition. Because bad battery health may cause many performance issues on your Phone. To check the battery health, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Go to Settings.
  • Then, Go to Battery > Battery Health.
  • Now, Look at the maximum capacity. If it says above 85%, it means it is good. Even, 70%-80% may be considered good if it has the normal peak performance capability.

In the older models, Apple may have throttled the CPU to save the battery power. You can disable that if you wish. But, You should replace the battery to get the maximum from your Phone. It may help you to fix iPhone stuck/freezing problem.

7. Factory Reset

The first 6 methods should be enough to fix this problem. But, Sometimes, These may not work for you. In this case, You can reset your iPhone. It should help you. But, Please, Keep in mind that, A factory reset will erase your data from your iPhone. So, I suggest you backup your iPhone using iTunes or AnyTrans or iMazing before resetting. However, To reset, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Now, Choose Erase All Contents and Settings.
  • It may ask you to verify your iCloud credentials. Just do it and reset your device.

These are the most useful ways to fix iPhone freezing problem. If you know any other good methods, feel free to share it in the comment box.

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