How to Fix rtwlane.sys Blue Screen Error on Windows 10


In Windows 10, Blue screen errors are pretty common. Now, You will know how to fix rtwlane.sys blue screen of death.

When you encounter any blue screen of death error, it also may come with a driver name like rtwlane.sys. It means that .sys file is creating the BSOD. That driver file is related to the Wireless card (Realtek PCI-E Wireless LAN PCI-E NIC) on your PC or laptop.  In fact, It is a good thing that you already know what causing the problem. So, It is much easier now to fix the error.

rtwlane.sys BSOD

How to Fix rtwlane.sys Blue Screen of Death in Windows

As the blue screen of death problem is related to the Realtek PCI Wireless driver, we follow these methods to troubleshoot it.

1. Update or Roll Back Driver

As the corrupted driver creates this problem, we will try to update it. It may fix rtwlane.sys. To update driver, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Press Win + X on the keyboard. Or you can right click on the start button.
  • Now, Click on Device Manager.
  • Then, Expand Network Adapters from the list.
  • After that, Right click on the Realtek wireless adapter and choose Update driver.
  • Follow your preferred method and oncreen instructions.

It should fix the blue screen error. If you face the problem after a recent update of this driver, try to rollback. To do it, follow these steps.

  • First of all, Go to the device manager like before.
  • Then, Expand Network Adapters, Right click on the realtek wireless adapter and go to its properties.
  • After that, Go to the driver tab.
  • Now, Click on Roll back driver and follow onscreen instructions.

Then, Restart your PC. It may solve your problem.

2. Re-Install Driver

If first method fails, it is the method you will need to follow. Sometimes, Re-installing the network driver may fix rtwlane.sys blue screen of death. To do it, follow these steps.

  • At first, Open Device Manager like method 1.
  • Now, Find and right click on the realtek wireless adapter and click “Uninstall device.”
  • Follow onscreen instructions.

After that, Restart your computer. It should automatically install the driver again. If not, you can download the driver from manufacturer website manually and install it.

These two methods are enough to solve rtwlane.sys related stop errors. I hope these information will help the Windows 10 users.


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  1. Dear Mr. Kabir.
    I have tried your suggestions, update Realtek WLAN driver, uninstall, reinstall, and roll back to previous version, but I stil get this error when I connect a wifi with authentication-webpage after connected. This error doesn’t appear when I connect with open wifi or wifi with WPA authentication (like my phone hotspot).
    Kind regards if you can help me to fix it.


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