Fix Unsupported Video Driver in Adobe Illustrator


Are you looking for a solution to fix unsupported Video Driver in Adobe Illustrator? You are in the right place.

With the recent version of Adobe Illustrator, many users are facing unsupported video card problems. Though, this is not a new thing. But, With Illustrator 2021, this problem has been seen a bit more. The main problem is incompatibility. Fortunately, You can easily fix it. This article is going to explain the solution.

Unsupported video driver illustrator, System Compatibility Error
Screenshot: Unsupported Video Driver Error on Adobe Illustrator

When you face this problem, you will see the following error messages like the screenshot shown above.

System Compatibility Report

Video NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 TI

Unsupported Video Driver

If you continue with known issues, you may experience performance degradation, instability, and data loss.

But, Don’t worry after seeing this error. Let’s move on to our solutions.

How to Fix Unsupported Video Driver in Adobe Illustrator

If it is not a hardware issue, you can quickly get rid of this problem. Here are the things to do-

1. Update Video Driver Manually

The main reason behind this problem is your video driver is not compatible with the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud apps like illustrator. In this case, Updating the graphics driver is the only solution. You can do it automatically and manually. As the manual method doesn’t require a third-party tool, you can try it first to see if it works. Here are the steps to follow.

Update Drivers Manually
  • At first, Open the start menu, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. It will open the Windows Device Manager.
  • Now, Expand “Display Adapters” and right click on your graphics driver. Then, Choose “Update Driver.”
  • Then, Choose the preferred way to update the driver. If it finds any update for your video driver, it will install it. Or If you have the driver, you also can install that manually.

After doing this, restart your computer and see if it fixes the unsupported video driver on Adobe Illustrator or not.

If it doesn’t find any driver updates, you can use the following links to get the latest drivers for your GPU.

If you are unsure what to do or can’t find the driver, follow the following methods.

2. Update using Driver Updater [Most Effetive]

Often the manual method doesn’t work as Windows may fail to detect an update for the driver. In this case, any of the best driver updaters can be a good solution. I recommend the Driver Booster. You also can try it at no cost. The Pro version is also very affordable. These driver updaters have a more extensive database. Hence, these can detect the latest GPU driver easily. It helps to fix the unsupported video driver problem on illustrator.

Installing NVIDIA GPU Driver Using Driver Booster

If you have installed the Driver Booster, you can scan for the latest driver updates and install the one for the graphics card. It will work.

3. Replace GPU

It is rare. If you have a very old generation graphics card, it may not be compatible with the latest Adobe CC apps. Also, The manufacturers may have stopped supporting it. As a result, there is no driver update. In this case, Replacing your old graphics card with a new one is the only solution.

4. Continue with Known Issues

You may not want to upgrade the GPU yet. In this case, you can still use Adobe Illustrator. You can click on the “Continue with known issues…” It will let you use illustrator. But, The experience may not be smooth, and you may face various issues while using it.

Basically, these are the most effective ways to fix video driver not supported error on Adobe Illustrator. If you know something helpful, you can input it in the comment box.

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