How to Fix WDF VIOLATION Error in Windows 10


Blue Screen of death is a painful experience for Windows users. This article contains the solution to fix WDF Violation error in Windows 10.

This BSOD error can appear on any PCs. For example, In last year, After the Windows cumulative update KB4462919, thousands of users have started encountering this BSOD. There might be different reasons. But, One thing is common. A big number of HP computer or laptop users had been experiencing this problem. But, We got a solution to get rid of it. In 2019, Many users are experiencing WDF_Violation error due to random reasons. However, you are in the right place for the solution.


How to Fix WDF Violation Blue Screen of Death Error

To get rid of this problem, we will follow several methods. Hopefully, Any of them will work for you. If you can’t boot Windows normally due to this problem, try most of these methods in Safe Mode.

1. Modify HpqKbFiltr.sys (HP Users Only)

The driver HpqKbFiltr.sys is one of the culprits. If you are an HP user, follow these instructions to modify that driver. It will fix WDF violation.

  • First of all, you need to go to recovery mode. Normally, After BSOD, Windows should automatically show you a window like the screenshot. From there, Click on advanced options to boot into recovery mode. If not, you can use a bootable Windows media to boot into recovery mode.

PC didnt start correctly repair

  • Now, Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.
  • Then, type the following commands and hit enter.
cd Windows
cd system32
cd drivers

ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys.bak
  • After that, restart your computer and see magic.

Sometimes, It may say the system cannon find the file specified. In this case, Follow these things,

  • In the command prompt, type regedit and hit enter.
  • Then, Now, Select something and click on File and choose Load Hive.
  • It will open a new window. Just, Go to local disk C where you had installed Windows.
  • Then, Go to Windows/System32/Drivers folder.
  • After that, find and rename HpqKbFiltr.sys to HpqKbFiltr.sys.bak. You also can delete that driver if you can’t rename it.

It should rename that .sys driver and fix your problem.

Note: You may ask, why I used those commands. These commands rename that mentioned driver name to HpqKbFiltr.sys.bak. The location of this driver is C:\Windows\system32\drivers. When you open the command prompt in recovery mode, by default, it opens in administrator mode. So, you are already in the system32 folder. This command “cd drivers” is to navigate to the drivers folder. It will resolve the stop code: WDF VIOLATION as that command disables the problematic driver.

2. Update Drivers

If the WDF Violation comes suddenly and you can access Windows normally, this method is for you. In many cases, Outdated or corrupted drivers cause blue screen errors. So, you should keep all of the drivers up to date. In this case, You can Driver Booster or Driver Easy or any of these tools. These tools can update all of your drivers automatically with a single click.

Updating Drivers in DB7

However, If you don’t want to use any third-party tools, you can update each driver manually. To do this, follow the instructions from the following article. Read: How to Update Drivers on Windows

After updating the drivers, restart your PC. It should resolve WDF VIOLATION error.

3. Uninstall Update

As the most recent Windows update can cause this type of error, you can uninstall the update. Then, see what happens. You can do it in two ways.

If you can access your PC normally, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Go to Settings (Press Win + I).
  • Now, Navigate to Update & Security.
  • Then, Click on View Update History and then click on Uninstall updates.
  • At last, Remove the most recent update from the list.

If you can’t access your PC, you can do it in recovery mode. Here are the instructions.

  • At first, Go to recovery mode. Windows should automatically open it after the crash.
  • Now, Go to Advanced options and find the option “Uninstall Update.”
  • Click on it and follow the instructions.

However, there are some third-party tools like IObit Uninstaller or Ashampoo Uninstaller which can help you to remove any Windows update conveniently.

Hopefully, Uninstalling the update will fix wdf violation error.

4. Clean Boot

Disable Third-Party Services to Boot Into Clean Boot

In some cases, A problematic software or service can act behind this type of stop code errors. In these situations, It will be hard to find the problematic software. But, you can perform clean boot. It will help to identify the problematic services or program that is causing the problem. If you find any, uninstall it completely manually or by using the uninstallers I have mentioned in the previous method. Hopefully, It will fix WDF_VIOLATION error on Windows 10.

5. Restore System

System Restore Points List

In recovery mode, you should find the option to restore the system to an earlier date. Just do it. If you can do a successful system restore, it will also solve your problem.

6. Analyze Minidump

In case, the error still exists even after deleting or renaming the HpqKbFiltr.sys file, it is the method for you. At first, you will need to create and analyze small memory dump. It will help to identify the problematic driver which is causing the WDF_VIOLATION error. Once, you have found the problematic driver behind the blue screen of death, try to update or rollback it as shown in method 2. You also can uninstall the driver if necessary. I hope it will fix the problem if any driver is the culprit.

7. Update BIOS/UEFI

However, Additionally, You can consider updating the UEFI or BIOS of your motherboard. If luck favors and the main reason stays on the BIOS, it will solve our problem. However, If you don’t know how to do it, Read: How to Update BIOS/UEFI

8. Extra Methods

I hope the first 7 methods are sufficient to troubleshoot WDF violation error. But, you can consider repairing the faulty system files to resolve this problem. However, If you still encounter this blue screen, I suggest you find and troubleshoot RAM problem, disk errors. If luck favors, any of these methods will also work.

Right now, These four are the most effective solutions to fix WDF violation error in Windows 10. I will be updating this article with all the new solutions.

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  1. I have destroyed more than 5 hours to solve WDG violation in my pc since yesterday. Actually, the recent update of Windows made very few people suffer a lot like me. The first method of this content solve my problem. A big thanks to the writer.


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