FonePaw DoTrans Review – An iPhone Data Transfer Software

FonePaw DoTrans Review & Rating $39.99

Name: DoTrans

Offer price: 39.99

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Interface
  • Performance
  • Price


FonePaw DoTrans is an iPhone Manager software that can transfer content between your phone and PC. However, It has pros and cons. So, Look at them before making your decision.



  • Can Transfer Media Files Between iOS Devices and Computer
  • Transfer Between Android & iOS
  • Backup and Restore Contacts
  • HEIC to JPEG Converter
  • Ringtone Maker


  • Requires iTunes to function
  • No Wireless Transfer
  • Expensive

Need a reliable DoTransfer Review? You are at the right place. This review includes all details, Pros, and Cons.

Generally, Finding appropriate iOS transfer software is a bit tricky. There are plenty of options. DoTransfer is one of them. However, As there are many similar software available, We have to consider several things before choosing an iPhone Manager. It includes our budget, needs, software performance, features, interface, and reliability. This DoTrans review has included all these things. So, It will be easier after reading this in-depth review article.

FonePaw DoTrans iPhone Manager - Home Screenshot

FonePaw DoTrans Review

You might have heard about FonePaw. DoTrans is one of their products. It is an iPhone/iPad/iPod transfer software. Users can use it to transfer contents between iPhone/iPad/iPad and PC. However, It can do some other additional tasks that might be useful for you. So, Let’s go through this DoTrans review to know about them.


There are plenty of features available on DoTrans. Here are the most useful ones-

  • Transfer Contents Between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC
  • Transfer Between Android and iOS
  • Backup & Restore Contacts
  • View Messages from Backup
  • HEIC Converter
  • Ringtone Maker

These are basically the major features available in the FonePaw DoTrans. However, there are also some minor but useful functions you will explore after using it.


Transfer Photos/Videos/Music and Other Contents

Like other iPhone transfer software, DoTrans can transfer media contents between devices. However, When you transfer photos from your phone to PC, it can automatically convert HEIC images to JPG. So, there won’t be any compatibility issues.

Transfer Between Android and iOS

If you have recently migrated from android to iPhone or vice versa, DoTrans can help you a lot. It can transfer content between android and iOS devices. It can save a lot of time and make your migration smoother.

DoTrans Contacts

Backup & Restore Contacts

DoTrans also allows you to backup and manage your contacts from it. You can later restore it if needed. There is also an option that can de-duplicate contacts. That can be useful in different situations.

Custom Ringtone Maker

The ringtone maker is another useful feature of DoTrans. You can make custom ringtone from any of the music tracks you have. Generally, Having a custom ringtone without purchasing is a bit tricky in Apple’s iPhone. In this situation, this feature can help you.


User Interface

The user interface of DoTrans is very simple and good looking. It also looks modern. You can easily navigate between features and functions. On the left sidebar, you can see all the feature list. Just click on any of them you want to use. It’s that simple. So, I don’t have any major complaints about DoTrans UI.


DoTrans Performance and Details

After testing the DoTrans full version, I have got some practical ideas about its performance. The transfer feature worked really well for me. The speed of media file transfer between PC and iPhone was also very good. Other small features also worked as intended. But, When I tried to view messages from the backup, it didn’t go very well. It failed multiple times. It can be due to many factors like lightning cable problems. But, Developers should focus on it.

Another thing is, you will require the latest iTunes installed on your PC in order to use DoTrans. However, In Windows 10, If you have Windows Store version of iTunes, DoTrans is also compatible with that. I saw many iTunes alternatives that are not compatible with UWP iTunes. These are only compatible with the classic one. So, It can be a positive thing for many Windows 10 users.


The bad side of this iPhone Transfer software is its price. It is a bit expensive compared to some other similar software. Also, It is not very feature-rich software. It requires you to install iTunes to use DoTrans.

Pricing Information

The price of DoTrans starts from 39.99 USD for 1 PC/lifetime. There is also a family license that costs $59.99 for 5 PCs. It is also a lifetime license. There is no yearly subscription. It means, once you pay it, you will be able to use it forever. However, FonePaw offers a free trial for DoTrans. So, You also can try it for free for a few days.

Final Verdict:

Overall, FonePaw DoTrans isn’t a bad option that you have understood in this review. However, the price may be a factor. There are better options available like iMazing, AnyTrans, etc. You can look at them too. But, If you want to use DoTrans, I suggest you try its trial version first. If it satisfies your needs, you can later upgrade to the full version.

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  1. I used it on Android and boy, is this a massive piece of junkware.

    Here’s what I discovered:

    You can’t control where you want things to go – to internal or sd card storage.

    If you import anything, it modifies the date even though “preserve dates” is checked in the preferences. So when you import a lot of photos, they go into one album and show up as being taken on the same date, even the the file names are the dates and dates are intact in the file creation date.

    When importing, you cannot specify a location. It uploads everything to where it wants to then won’t give you any hint of where that is.

    You have so little control it is less useful than using file explorer.

    It crashes when downloading contacts.

    It installs a splash screen on you phone and there’s no way to know where it is to remove it.

    This is worthless, and yet they charge $40.00.

    Stay away.


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