iMazing’s Hot for CPU Throttling Monitoring in Mac and the iPhone Manager is being Ready for iOS 15


iMazing is ready for iOS 15 and macOS monetary. But, Another Good news is, iMazing has introduced a brand new tool, “Hot” for Apple Silicon (M1) Macs. It can show CPU temperature and some useful states right from the menu bar.

managing ios devies imazing

You can Use iMazing with iOS 15 Beta

iOS 15 is right now in beta states. Apple will release it within the upcoming weeks. While many Apps to manage iOS devices struggle, iMazing is working very well with it.

If you are a beta tester of iOS 15, you can use iMazing to manage the iOS device via WiFi/Local Network without Connecting a Lightning cable.

iMazing has many features that can give you an excellent experience. Read: iMazing Review

The Hot is now on Apple Silicon Mac, Fully Compatible

Hot is an open-source menu bar application for Arm-based Macs. Hot can monitor the thermal throttling of your Mac. It’s a tool from iMazing.

If you have M1 Macbook Pro/Air, iMac, or Mac Mini, you can download the Hot from here.

imazing hot macos menu bar

The Hot Features:

Hot can’t only show the CPU temperature but also show you other stats about your CPU. You can view CPU core temperatures, Available CPUs, Scheduler Limits, Speed Limits, etc. The temperature can be viewed as both Fahrenheit and celsius. Else, There is a graph for CPU temperature. It helps to understand when the temperature is going high and when it’s going normal.

iMazing is Compatible with macOS Monetary

Some of you may worry about compatibility of your existing Apps before upgrading to a newer operating system. If you plan to test the macOS Monetary preview and later want to upgrade the full released version, you should not worry about iMazing. Because, Since the version 2.13.9, iMazing is working well with macOS Monetary.

If you are already an iMazing user, you can let us know your experience with this software in the comment box.

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