IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Review 2024 – Price, Discount, Pros, and Cons

IObit Uninstaller $10.34
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Name: IObit Uninstaller Pro

Offer price: 10.34

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Interface
  • Performance
  • Price

IObit Uninstaller Short Review

If you are looking for a simple, modern and user-friendly uninstaller, go for this IOBit Uninstaller Pro.



  • Modern UI
  • Uninstall Programs Completely
  • Stubborn and Windows 10 Built-in apps remover
  • Remove Bundleware


  • Often recommend other IObit and partners’ products

You may be looking for an uninstaller program for your Windows 11 or 10 PC. So, This unbiased IObit Uninstaller Pro review may help you a lot to make the right choice.

In 2024, Why do you need a third-party uninstaller program? This is a question floating on PC users. Of course, there are decent reasons. That’s why you will find some popular uninstaller tools for Windows 11. People are purchasing and using them. That’s why I have decided to review IObit Uninstaller Pro.

These days, Smartphones and PCs are full of crapware, bloatware, etc. Often, Users can’t delete or uninstall them properly. To remove them, including any unnecessary apps, you need a program like IObit Uninstaller. IObit has developed this program for Windows PC users. But How is it, and why should you install it? Go through this IObit Uninstaller review; you will find the answers.

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IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Review

The IObit Uninstaller is one of the most popular software from IObit. This program can help you to uninstall any programs completely from your PC. Else, It can do many more things that can help you in other ways.

When we uninstall any programs from Windows, there are still some files that remain as leftover on your PC. Else, There are some stubborn apps. Especially in Windows 10, you will find some apps which can’t be removed.

But, IObit Uninstaller can remove these built-in stubborn Windows 10 apps. It also can remove other programs completely. It can even remove the leftovers from the already uninstalled programs.

After reading the introduction to this program, you may want to use it right now. Of course, you can. But I suggest you go through this IObit uninstaller review article. It will reveal its Pros, Cons, and other details, including price and discount information.

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System Requirements:

IObit Uninstaller is a very lightweight program that can be run on any computer. It is compatible with the modern Windows operating system. But You can also use it on the old Windows XP. Here are the system requirements:

Operating SystemWindows 11, 10, 8, 7 Vista, XP
Disk Space300 MB
Screen Resolution1024*768 or Higher

Don’t be confused about 300 MB of disk space. It will require under 100 MB. To use some features like a software updater smoothly, 300 MB is recommended. But, Not the requirement.

IObit Uninstaller Review: Features and Specs

The latest IObit Uninstaller 11 has come with so many new things. It is much more improved and polished. Here are the technical details of the latest version.

Latest VersionIObit Uninstaller
Installer Size24.8
Supported Languages 37
Installation Size74.4 MB

It has excellent features that have made it awesome. Here are the most significant features.

  1. Unwanted Programs Uninstaller
  2. Bundled programs remover
  3. Clean Leftovers of Already Uninstalled Programs
  4. Web Browser plugins, advertisement plugins, extensions, and add-ons remover
  5. Problematic Windows update remover
  6. Windows 10 built-in Universal apps remover
  7. Adware and malicious plugins remover
  8. Autoscan for leftover files
  9. Leftover remover
  10. Important Program Updater
  11. File Shredder
  12. Software Health
  13. System Restore
  14. Install Monitor
  15. Unused App Monitor

These are the main features of the latest version. It is better than the previous version. The above-mentioned features aren’t the only ones. But you will find more when you start using this program.

Uninstall Any Apps and Programs Easily

IObit Uninstaller Pro allows you to remove one or multiple software from your PC at once. It removes them completely and deletes any leftovers that remain on your PC. When you uninstall any app or program from your Windows computer, this program will automatically scan and show you the leftover files.

Then, You can choose to remove or keep them. You also can uninstall the non-removable and stubborn programs from your PC. It will not require any manual effort.

Delete Leftovers of Already Uninstalled Programs

You may have uninstalled many other apps or tools before installing the IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro. If yes, don’t worry.

The current version of this program has brought a new excellent feature. It allows you to remove any leftovers of programs that have already been removed on Windows. It is a very new and extremely useful feature.

In fact, I have not seen this feature on any other similar programs.

Remove Browser Add-ons and Universal Windows 10 Apps

Another great and helpful feature is the browser add-on remover. From this software, you can delete browser addons and extensions of all of your web browsers. Currently, Windows 10 comes with some crapware and bloatware. Typically, Users can’t remove them.

But, By using the IObit uninstaller, you can easily get rid of these unnecessary pre-installed Windows 10 apps.

Software Health

The latest IObit Uninstaller 11 has come with this excellent feature. It is actually a function that detects outdated software and add-on health as well as the leftovers of already uninstalled programs.

So, You can easily fix all of these problems. It actually updates any outdated software, removes malicious addons or plugins from browsers, and also removes the leftovers. All of these things are done with a single click.

Easy Uninstall

If you are familiar with the Revo uninstaller, you may know about a feature called Hunter Mode. In fact, Easy Uninstall is a similar feature. Some applications don’t have an uninstall button, or you may not find them in the apps list.

In this case, Easy mode can help. It simply detects all installation files and possibly can remove them completely from your PC.

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Windows Update Uninstaller

Many times, Windows 10 users have experienced problems right after installing an update. You may be having a similar problem. In this case, the IObit uninstaller can easily uninstall that problematic update.

Software Updater

The new IObit uninstaller also has a built-in software updater feature. Outdated software can cause many problems, including security risks for your PC. In this case, This feature may help you.

Other Things

The good thing is that the latest IObit uninstaller pro can do even more things. It has a feature called File Shredder. Software like Stellar Data Recovery or MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover any deleted files from your hard disk. It can be a good thing in many ways.

However, evil people can use this technology in harmful ways. File Shredder can delete any files permanently so that no recovery software can recover them.

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Else, it has some other features like Bandlware Remover, Force Uninstall, System Restore, etc. It has auto and manual install monitor features. That can automatically detect any software installation.

You can also manually add existing undetected ones. It will help you to uninstall any software very conveniently.

Else, IObit Uninstaller Pro has an Infrequently Used software feature. It detects less used software that you may not need. As a result, You can quickly get rid of them if necessary.

There are many other minor functions to customize your experience. You will be able to discover them once you start using it.

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IObit Uninstaller 11 Review: Interface

It is a program with excellent features and a decent user interface. The UI is much more user-friendly and also better than most of its competitors. When you launch this program, you will see a modern user interface.

You will find all the necessary options in the home window. In the left sidebar, you will see all the options like All Programs, Bundleware, Recently Installed, Large Programs, Infrequently Used, Software Updater, Toolbars & Plugins, Windows Apps, Action Center, etc.

However, To find the menu, you can click on the three vertical lines icon in the top right corner. There, You will also see a briefcase-like icon. If you click, it will reveal the extra features like easy uninstall, file shredder, etc.

It has dark mode by default. But, From settings, you can enable light mode. Overall, The UI of IObit Uninstaller gives you almost no opportunity to complain.

IObit Uninstaller Performance Review:

When I tested this program, I have not found any issues. The performance was very smooth and promising. Right after releasing version 9, there were some minor issues. But, in the latest version, v13.0, things have been fixed. It now performs really well.

I performed some uninstallation tasks using it and also used its different features. Surprisingly, Everything went very smoothly. The CPU usage of IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro is very thin.

It can work perfectly without impacting your CPU and memory usage much. I found the following stats-

CPU Usage1%
Memory Usage20.4 MB

These resource usage may vary in your case. But I assume it will be close to my CPU usage. There are not many things to tell about the performance. It’s just so good.


As I promised, In this IObit Uninstaller review, I am now telling you about its downsides. Though it is a very good program, it has some shortcomings. Right now, Performance or Feature-wise, I have not found any major problem.

The only thing is this software has a dedicated tab where it promotes other IOBit products. Even if you purchase the pro version, you will still see these recommendations. Sometimes, It recommends IObits partners’ products.

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It has a free version. The pro version is not expensive. IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro is cheaper than its biggest competitors. Normally, You can get 3 PC licenses for just $10.34 per year.

IObit Uninstaller Review: Final Verdict

Hopefully, After reading this IObit uninstaller pro review, You have got some idea about this product. I definitely recommend the pro version. But Before that, you can try its free version and decide if you want to pay or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About IObit Uninstaller:

Is IObit Uninstaller Safe?

Yes. It is absolutely safe. It ensures your safety by removing malicious plugins and addons from your browsers and updating outdated software.

Can it Uninstall Windows 10 Built-in Apps?

Yes. It can remove built-in UWP or any apps on Windows 10.

Does IObit Uninstaller have Hunter Mode like Revo Uninstaller?

Yes. It has a similar feature called easy uninstall.

Is IObit Uninstaller Free?

Yes. It is free. However, It has a pro version. To get full benefits from it, you must purchase the pro version.

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