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iOS device users can’t just rely on iTunes only. They also need third-party iPhone Managers that has useful features. This iTools review is for them who are looking for an iOS device manager tool for Windows or Mac.

There are many iTunes alternatives with decent features. But, A few of them is reliable. So, It is wise to go through some reviews to pick the appropriate iPhone manager for you. In this iTools review, you will know about its features, performance, weaknesses, etc. So, If you are planning to purchase this product, this review article can help you.

iTools My Device

iTools Review

The iTools is a desktop application available on both Mac and Windows which can help you to manage iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Like other similar applications, the ThinkSky Software has included many useful features on the latest iTools 4 to do better in the competition.


The iTools have some useful and a few unique features such as –

  • Transfer media contents between PC and iPhone/iPad/iPad
  • Faking GPS Location
  • File Explorer
  • App Manager
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Battery Master
  • Video Converter
  • iTunes Backup Manager
  • And Many More
Photo Manager iTools

Transfer Between PC/iOS Devices

It’s a basic and must have feature of any iPhone managers. iTools also have it and it works. You can transfer photos, videos, music between iPhone and PC. It even can transfer contents between two iOS devices.

Perfectly Fakes GPS Location – Virtual Location

GPS Spoofing iTools

Probably, It is a reason many users have picked iTools as their iPhone manager software. By using it, you can fake your location. You can make other software think that you are in a different location. Of course, You can choose whatever location you want.

Backup and Restore

Like other similar programs, you can use iTools to backup your iPhone contents and restore when you need. It also can manage iTunes backup files. It means You can manage iPhone backup made by iTunes directly from iTools 4.

WiFi Sync

It is a very good feature. But, It requires you to have iTunes. If you configure properly, iTools will automatically detect your iPhone/iPad over WiFI network without lightning cable.

Ringtone Manager

If you want to create a ringtone for your iPhone easily, iTools can be helpful for you. Because it has such a good feature. You can use it to make custom ringtone and transfer to your iPhone instantly.

App Manager

App Manager of iTools 4

It is a very simple but useful feature. You can manage your iOS apps from iTools easily. You uninstall or Update any apps easily.

Screen Mirroring

iPhone Screen Mirroring to Desktop

Ever wanted to use iPhone from desktop? If yes, iTools can do it. You can use this software to mirror the iPhone screen in your desktop.

Battery Master

Battery Master of iTools 4

The battery master is a simple but useful feature. It can show you about the battery health information in details.

Other Extra Features

File Explorer iPhone iTools

In addition, with the major features, it has some other cool functionalities that may help many users. For example, The battery master to check battery health, video converter, HEIC to JPG converter, etc. Else, File Explorer, iTunes backup manager, Screen mirror, erase the phone, etc. are some other features you will find while using it.

iTools Features

User Interface:

The user interface of iTools seems okay. It’s easy to use like other iPhone manager tools. The UI looks modern and simple. It has two tabs. One is my device and another one is Toolbox. In My device tab, you will find your phone information, browse iPhone contents, export them in your PC, etc. In the Toolbox tab, you will find all the extra necessary features. Personally, The UI should be okay for most users.

iTools In-Depth Review and Performance:

Personally, I have tested the iTools. The basic features like file transferring worked great and really fast. The GPS spoofing feature was also easy to use and it worked perfectly. The features you find on this program should work without showing any error. But, The problem exists somewhere else. When you first run the iTools, it may download the Apple driver to perfectly detect and work with iOS devices. But, That download and driver installation often fails with showing errors. At least, It happened with me. The second thing is pretty much annoying and probably it may encourage many users to avoid this software. Because when you try to install iTools on your PC and if you have bitdefender antivirus, that may detect it as suspicious software. It may be a false positive. But, It may create confusion in users find and the question may arise “Is iTools 4 safe to use?” So, The iTools team should take care of this thing and make their product more compatible with all major antivirus programs.


You already know about the cons. First one is, The Apple driver installation error and the second one is some incompatibility with antivirus programs. Else, The price is not cheap. Else, Some functionalities like WiFi sync requires iTunes installed on your PC.


The price starts at $30.95/PC for a lifetime. It has different other plans that you may find on their website. All plans include a lifetime free upgrading.

Final Thought:

No doubt, the iTools has many useful features especially the GPS spoofing, battery master, etc. The performance in basic functionalities are good enough. Except some cons I have mentioned above, it is a useful iPhone manager. You can use it if you want. But, At first, Install the trial version to know about it more. If GPS spoofing is not a thing you need, you also may have a look at AnyTrans, IOTransfer, MediaTrans, etc.

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  1. Don’t shop with these people. They scam you by selling you defective technology and then promise to fix it. However, once you send it back you will never hear from them again and they will then have your cash and the devices you paid for. Their customer service is very poor as they don’t answer you and when they do it’s generally a generic response asking for the same info that you’ve already provided to them. very disappointing.


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