KidsGuard Pro Review: Kids’ iOS and Android Device Monitoring Tool

KidsGuard Pro Review & Rating $29.95
KidsGuard Pro

Name: KidsGuard Pro

Offer price: 29.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS

Application Category: Utilities

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KidsGuard Pro is a spy application that can monitor your kid’s Android and iOS devices. It is ideal for parents who are concerned about their kids’ phone and tab activity.

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  • Monitor without Being Detected
  • Track Maximum type of Data
  • See Call History, Messages, Social Apps Activity Including Messages, Browsing History, etc.
  • Remotely View Media Contents, Take Photos, Location, Record Calls, etc.
  • No Root or Jailbreak Required


  • Pricey
  • Limited Functionalities for iOS

If you are concerned about your kid’s phone and tablet activity, have a look at this KidsGuard Pro Review for both Android and iOS.

It has no doubt that every parent loves their kids. To ensure they are growing up properly, they can do anything within their abilities. However, One thing may be a huge concern for them. It is unknown to the majority of the moms and dads that what their kids are doing on the phone and smartphone. Well, To know about your kid’s Android and iOS device activity, you must have a surveillance tool. In this case, KidsGuard Pro can be one of the best tools to spy on your kid.

However, If you don’t know about this software, don’t worry. This KidsGuard Pro review will help you to know about it well. It includes pros, cons, performance, and pricing information.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot 1

KidsGuard Pro Review:

KidsGuard Pro is a kids’ smartphone and tab monitoring tool available for all platforms especially Windows and Mac. To help parents, it comes with various functionalities and benefits. In this review, You will get in-depth details about its features, performances, usages, limitations, and pricing.

How Does KidsGuard Pro Work?

KidsGuard Pro collects phone and tabs data. Then, It uploads it to the online account. You can just log in to that account and see these data. You also can see real-time data and do so many things to monitor your kid’s activity on Android and iOS devices.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot 2

KidsGuard Pro Review: Features and Specs

To ensure various surveillance facilities, KidsGuard Pro has some cool features. Here is a list of major features.

  • Real-Time Data Syncing
  • 100% Undetectable
  • 100% Secure and Encrypted
  • View Photos and Other Media Files, Texts, Call Logs, Contacts, etc.
  • Social Apps Monitoring like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.
  • Call Recorder
  • Real-time Location
  • Monitor Browsing History, Phone Files, Calendar, etc.
  • Real-time Photo Taker
  • Other Activity Monitor and Keylogger

In fact, I haven’t mentioned all of the micro-features that you will find in KidGuard Features. You will find them when you start using it.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot 3

Monitor Your Kid’s Activity without Being Detected

Monitoring a smart device activity has been so much tough these days. In iOS, it is almost impossible. In Android, there is a chance of being detected. But, KidsGuard Pro comes with a different tactics that ensures maximum surveillance without being detected.

What You can Monitor on Your Kids iOS and Android Devices?

In android, you can monitor almost every possible things you need. In iOS, it is a bit limited. But, KidsGuard Pro has made it possible to monitor maximum types of data in iOS.

You can Monitor Maximum Type of Data Possible in Android and iOS.

Generally, You can monitor text messages, phone logs, contacts, browsing histories, calendar, social apps activity, Location, various app activities. However, Keylogger makes it possible to do more. So, You can get even more data from your kid’s phone and tab. Android has a photo-taking feature. It enables your ability to take a real-time photo remotely. However, You can’t do it in iOS due to Apple’s strict security.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot : Monitor Messaging
Monitor Your Kids Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, Messenger, etc.

When your kid has a smart device, your one of the big concerns is the social app activities. What they are taking with their friends, who are communicating, etc. KidsGuard Pro can help you to see these data. Right now, You can monitor, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, QQ, Line, etc. It means you can monitor the most popular social app activities. That can give you relief from many unusual concerns.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot 4
Monitor Phone Calls, Messages and Record Calls

You can easily monitor your Kid’s phone calls and messages from your dashboard. KidsGuard Pro also has made it possible to enable call record remotely. So, You also can hear what your kid is talking with others.

Capture Screenshot, Takes Photo and Get Real-Time Location Data

It is one of the most exciting things that you can take a screenshot of your kids’ phone anytime from your dashboard. Also, You can take a photo to understand better what they are doing. Real-Time location data is another thing that helps you in various situations.

View Photos, Videos and Other Supported Media Contents

Which photos, videos are there in your under 18 years old daughter or son’s mobile or tab, you will get to know using KidsGuard Pro. You also can view any supported media files as well as other files. There is no restriction.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot 6
Keylogger, WiFi Logger, Browsing History and Other Features

Keylogger is another handy feature. Though it’s not available for iOS. For android, it can be a lot more useful then you think. You can get what your kid is doing, what he is typing or about to type, etc. That will give you an idea about your kid’s mind. So, You can take care of him/her in a better way. WiFi logger is another feature that will let you know which WiFi your kid has used. Else, There are many other things like browsing history monitor, data export, etc.

KidsGuard Pro Review: Interface

There is nothing special to talk about UI. Because the UI is web-based. It looks very clean and familiar. So, You won’t face trouble to use this software. However, If you want to monitor an iOS device, it will require additional software on your Mac or PC. The UI of that software also looks modern, clean, and user-friendly. You already see the screenshots on this KidsGuard Pro review. So, You can understand the UI better whether it suits you or not.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot Desktop App

KidsGuard Pro Review: Performance Test and Other Details

Let’s talk about the performance of KidsGuard Pro. I have personally got a free subscription to review this program. I will share the performance details based on my own experience.

I have tried KidsGuard Pro for both Android and iOS device. After configuring it on my Android Phone, I verified and started seeing data on the KidsGaurd web portal. All data was available almost instantly. Location tracking, call history, messages, social apps monitoring, media contents viewing and photo taking, everything worked perfectly. In fact, I have not found a problem when I reviewed KidsGuard Pro for Android.

However, For iOS, It was different. I had to download the required software and install it on my PC. There is also a Mac software available. Then, I had to connect the device physically to get the data from it. Due to Apple’s strict security, you can’t track an iOS device directly like Android. The KidsGuard Pro takes a backup of your kid’s iPhone or iPod or iPad. Then, It analyzes and shows the data to you. It requires you to have physical access to your kid’s iOS device. However, As KidsGuard Pro scans the iTunes backup and shows you data from it, you can take a different approach. You can Backup iPhone wirelessly. It helps to avoid unwanted hassles to connect the iOS device using a lightning cable to PC or Mac.

However, Whatever KidsGuard Pro has promised, I found in my test that it is delivering it’s promised service.

There was no performance issue, no bug and no difficulties I have faced. So, I am happy with the performance test.

KidsGuard Pro Screenshot 7

KidsGuard Pro Review: Limitations

Anyway, At this point in the KidsGuard Pro review, It’s time to reveal some limitations. For android devices, If you disable Google Play protect feature, you can easily spy on your kid’s phone without being detected. In fact, You will be happy with the result. But, For iOS, it’s not possible. KidsGuard Pro acts as other iPhone manager software. At first, It takes backup and then It shows you data based on the iTunes Backup. Also, You need to view all of these things in the desktop software you have installed on your PC or Mac.

Another thing has caught my eyes that when you are going to download the required APK for android, you will have to go to a website where https is not enabled. Something happens for the desktop software too. Another thing is, you can’t monitor multiple devices similtinously.

Also, due to the limitations on iOS monitoring, the pricing seems a bit expensive to me.

KidsGuard Pro Review: Pricing

KidsGuard Pro pricing starts at $29.95/Mo for Android and $39.95/Mo for iOS. However, If you go for yearly plan, you can find a lot of cheaper deal. For 1 year, the price for Android is $99.95 and iOS is  $109.95.


For the concerned parents, KidsGuard pro can be a good option to monitor kid’s activity in phone and tab. This KidsGuard Pro review has explained a lot of things about it. However, If you want to try it, I suggest you go to their website and purchase If you think it is a right choice for you.

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    Tried Kids Guard Pro because it looked like it was a fairly comprehensive monitoring program. It said it offered a free trial period, money back guarantee and simple set up.
    It was a pain to set up for the iOS device. Literally took hours! Most features you want monitored for your kiddos these days are not available for iOS devices.
    I contacted customer support. They said they do not offer free trials. ???? They said they do not offer refunds for customers who simply mis-read available features. ????
    Kids Guard Pro is a money sucker and their customer support is rude.

  2. Tried it for iOS, a new and updated phone, and could not get it to bind I worked with support for several days and eventually they offered me a 30% refund and said I could “Keep using the product” for the 3 months I purchased it for. Use what? Its not usable at all…

    Their refund policies are all over the place. In their regular FAQ it states a refund can be requested within 30 days as long as it meets some criteria. Their refund FAQ actually states 48 hours and 7 days in different locations. In my case I reported problems within 24 hours of purchase, it takes them 24-48 hours to respond to your request, and then you go on this back and forth every day or two email thread, until 7+ days have passed.

    Then, apparently, if you are lucky they offer you a tiny refund even though it never works once.

    Don’t waste your money.

    • Same situation

      Same problem.
      viber tracking will not work without wifi connection. Recorded calls are empty. They offered me a 30% refund without a solution.
      very disappointed. don’t waste money

  3. I request a quote kidsGuard Pro for android, i need to install on tablet.

    I intend to track searched sites (browser history), monitor the location of devices, and call history.

    please give answer