MalwareFox Review 2021 – Can It Protect You from Malware?

MalwareFox Review & Rating
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Name: MalwareFox

Offer price: 19.96

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Application Category: Security

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


MalwareFox is an antimalware tool for Windows. It offers pretty solid service on a very particular site. That is protection against malware. So, You can use it with your existing Antivirus software. However, It also has pros and cons. So, Look at them to understand better.



  • Very Fast Scanning
  • Simple and Lightweight Tool
  • Doesn’t Affect PC Performance
  • Overall Good Detection Rate


  • Poor Ability to Scan from the ZIP archive
  • Realtime Protection could be Better

Looking for an in-depth MalwareFox review? This review article explains all about it including Pros, Cons and other important information.

In 2021, cybersecurity has become the most essential thing. If you look at the recent news and statistics, you will realize how important to have proper security against cyber threats. So, Antimalware tools have been so much demanding nowadays. This MalwareFox review article will explain about this antimalware tool in detail. So, You will understand easily if you need it or not.

Malwarefox Interface Screenshot

MalwareFox Review

MalwareFox is an antimalware software for Microsoft Windows. The main purpose of this product is to protect the users from various malware, virus and online threats. But, how well it does these jobs? This MalwareFox review will reveal all the answers.

Features and Technical Specs:

The Malwarefox is a very lightweight antimalware tool that works on any Windows computer. Here is the technical specification.

Latest VersionMalwareFox
Supported OSWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Installer Size6.31 MB
Installation Size16.6 MB

This AntiMalware software has some features to protect you from the latest and old threats. Here is the list of most mentionable features.

  • Fast Scan
  • Zero-day Malware Detection
  • Detect and Clean Deeply Embedded Rootkit and Bootkit
  • File Reputation Service
  • Pandora Realtime Sandbox Service
  • Protection Against Trojans, Malware, Browser Hijackers, etc.

You will discover these features once you start using it.

Malwarefox Screenshot3

Fast Scan and Detection

MalwareFox is a very lightweight program that can scan your PC without impacting much on the performance. Also, The scan speed is quite impressive. It also can detect many threats that a traditional antivirus can’t.

Realtime Protection

The MalwareFox antimalware has a realtime protection feature. It can continuously monitor and give you protection against various threats like Trojan, Malware, Ransomware, etc.


Pandora Real Time Sandbox Technology

It is a great feature for any antimalware tool like MalwareFox. Basically, This feature is used to detect unknown files/tools and analyze them in the cloud before they become active in your system. As a result, if an unknown threat act as a normal file in your PC, it will be detected before being executed. This gives you great protection.

Works with Other AV Program

The Malwarefox actively monitors and provides you defense against various threats like malicious addons, PUA, trojans, malware, etc. It can work with any other antivirus programs installed on your system. So, That’s a great thing.

User Interface:

The user interface of MalwareFox is very simple and clean. It looks modern. That makes it very easy to use. The developers have made it very easy to find settings and navigate to any options you want. As it is not a feature riched program, it doesn’t look clunky and complex. I don’t have any major complaints about its UI.

Malwarefox Hamrful Object Detected

MalwarFox Performance and In-Depth Analysis:

In the last few days, I have been playing with Malwarefox. It helped to understand this antimalware tool better. The overall performance of this software is good. However, there are both pros and cons.

I used some fake malware and viruses to test its capability and also scanned my system with it. While testing this software, I found it very lightweight. It doesn’t affect your normal computing experience like most other AV programs. In my test, I found the following resource usage stats.

CPU Usage0.3-50%
RAM Usage150-450 MB
Disk Usage1-50 MBPS

When it becomes active in the background and provides you realtime protection, the CPU usage remains under 3%. It mostly stays between 0.3-3%. RAM usage remains under 250 MB. However, when you scan your PC with it, the CPU usage may reach up to 50%, RAM usage may reach 450 MB. Disk usage may reach to 50 MBPS. These stats may vary on your system. Because I have used it on a 7th Gen core i7 PC with M.2 EVO 970 Pro SSD.

malwarefox blocked threat

If you consider the detection rate of this software, it is quite good. It detected the fake virus I have used. Also, It found three potentially unwanted applications in my PC. However, In my test, I was unable to detect virus from a zip archive. But, when I was extracting that archive, It immediately blocked and removed the infected file. Else, All other things seem normal. It worked well with my antivirus program.

The MalwareFox uses Zemana antimalware engine. It is a quite powerful engine to detect malware on your system. I have not found any independent AV test report of MalwareFox. But, I found the result of the Zemana engine. It had a good score.

However, the overall performance of MalwareFox is good with some mixed feelings.


In this MalwareFox review, you may already have an idea of what is the downside of this antimalware software. As this is a dedicated antimalware tool, you can’t expect exact same features of the traditional antivirus program here. The main downside, I found is its poor ability to detect threats from a zip archive. Else, realtime protection could be improved.


MalwareFox pricing starts from $24.95/Year for a single PC. But, TechClassy audience can have it at 19.96 USD. However, It also has a family plan that supports up to three PCs. That will cost you 34.95 USD/year. Another information you should know that it will cost only $5 for each additional PC. So, It is a great deal If you want to purchase it for many computers. The MalwareFox also offers 15 days free trial. So, You also have the chance to test it before making the final decision.


After reading this MalwareFox review, You may already have your own verdict. This is not your AV program. It is a dedicated anti-malware tool that has been designed to give protection against malware. In fact, You can use it along with your primary antivirus program. It can detect some threats that the traditional AV programs can’t. However, I have found both Pros and Cons. It offers 15 days free trial. So, I suggest you try the free trial. If it can satisfy your needs, you definitely can purchase the premium version.

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