New Microsoft Edge Review – Is it Time to Detach Google Chrome?

Chromium Based New Microsoft Edge Review and Rating
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The new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium is a combination of old Edge and Google Chrome. If you want to use chrome but don’t want to give control to Google, it is a nice option.



  • Great Speed
  • Excellent Privacy and Security Features
  • Can run Chrome Extensions


  • History Sync is not enabled yet
  • Missing Some Old Edge Features

The stable version of the new chromium-based Edge browser has been released on 15th January 2020. How is it? To know, Go through this new Microsoft Edge Review.

In 2018, Microsoft had announced a New edge browser based on Google’s open-source project Chromium. We were waiting for a beta. That wait was over in 2019. Users were testing the developer builds of Edge Chromium. Everyone was waiting for the full stable version. The release date was set. At last, On 15th January 2020, Microsoft has released it. Many of us have been too much excited for the brand new browser. But, This MS Edge Review will reveal some answers. You will get to know should you use it or not!

Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Screenshot

Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Review

Microsoft had just announced the release date on a small post. Their statement was-

We’re also excited to announce that version 79 is the final Beta before general availability of the new Microsoft Edge. Over the coming weeks, we will carefully monitor your feedback and make a final set of fixes in preparation to launch the stable channel, which is expected on January 15, 2020.

The wait has been over. We now see people are starting using the new edge browser. Let’s go through this review to learn about it more.

Key Features:

Over the past few months, I was using the beta and canary version. Now, I am using a full stable release. Here are some of the key features I have found on this browser.

  • Sync Across Devices
  • Supports Chrome Extensions
  • Supports PWA
  • Read aloud
  • Excellent Privacy Features
  • Dev Tools
  • Site Settings like Chrome

In fact, If you have used Google Chrome and the Legacy Edge Browser, you know about these features. The new edge is like a combination of Google Chrome and the old Edge browser. So, there is nothing much to tell about the features.

Supports Chrome Extensions

One of the major reasons the older Edge failed because of Extension availability. As the new Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium open source project, you are able to use Chrome extensions on it. In fact, Microsoft has also put the option to use an extension from any third-party source. So, Almost all Chrome extensions will work on this browser. Some extensions which require specific google’s APIs may not work.

Privacy and Security

Microsoft has a promise to protect user privacy. In their new browser, they have brought an excellent privacy feature. There are three options which are Basic, Balanced and Strict. By default, Balanced is enabled. You can change it to basic or strict at any time. Basic protects you from the most trackers and also some online threats. Balanced adds some more restrictions over it to protect your data. However, Strict is for the people who want extreme security. It blocks almost all trackers, ads and threats. As it tends to block many scripts, you will not be able to see some ads and also some websites may not perform well with this setting.

It uses Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to provide you various threats in real-time. The SmartScreen basically protects you from malicious websites and downloads.

Supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

It is basically a new addition in the industry. Now, You can make any website into an app for a better experience. If the website is optimized for PWA, then you will get a great experience. It can help you in many ways. For example, there is no official youtube apps on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 mobile. But, By the Microsoft Edge, you can go to and save it as an app. So, When you will click on the PWA Youtube, it will launch but in an app-like interface.

Legacy Edge Features

In the new edge, you will find some features which are available in the old MS Edge browser. MS will be bringing many of them slowly. But, Right now, there are features like reading Aloud, PDF viewer available.

Dev Console and other Chrome Features

The new Microsoft Edge based on chromium has chrome-like developer tools. These will give you the same experience as Google Chrome. In the new edge, you will also be able to manage site permissions like Chrome. In older Edge, it was not possible to block notifications entirely for all websites. Now, It is possible from the site settings.

Extensions on New Edge

User Interface:

The new UI of the Edgium is stunning. It feels like old Edge and also Chrome. It means the UI is a combination of Edge and Chrome. It has dark mode, all the options are easy to navigate. Its UI is even better than Chrome. However, Unlike old Edge, it has no transparency effect. Maybe, Microsoft will bring it in the future.

New MS Edge Browser Performance and Details:

The overall performance is great. All web pages render immediately like chrome. As it is chromium based, there are less incompatibility issues. In my usage experience over the past few months, browser performance seems great and promising. However, the New Microsoft Edge feels incomplete. Because It has not introduced some features yet. So, the performance will be better in the upcoming days.


Maybe the Edge is not a newcomer. But, The chromium-based Microsoft edge is a newcomer. So, It is still missing features and also immatured in some cases. As it is a browser made by Microsoft, the user expects more from it. However, While reviewing this browser, I have found these downsides.

Sync Capability

The stable version of MS Edge may be out. But, this new browser is still in development state for some features. These features are not yet finished for even a public beta. Right now, users can sync settings, favorites, passwords, and addresses. But, History sync is not yet available. Else, Extensions, Open Tabs, Collection sync is not enabled yet. So, You will have to wait a few more weeks to get all of these features available.

Under the sync setting on this browser, MS included this notice

Coming soon! We’ll turn it on as soon as it’s ready.

So, You should wait for a few more months to see a complete chromium-based Edge Browser you are dreaming.

Missing Some Old Edge Features

The New Microsoft Edge is great indeed. But, It is still lacking features like Timeline support, Share this page, Add Notes, Reading View, etc.

How to Download the Latest Edge Chromium Now

You can now download it directly from Microsoft. To do it, follow the link below.

Currently, Dev and Canary builds are also available to download. But, You will need to join Edge Insider to get these builds.

Join Edge Insider

To get the upcoming features before release, you can use the Edge Chromium public beta version. For this, join the Edge Insider Program from this link:

Microsoft Edge Chromium Extensions:

Now, You can add your favorite extensions/add-ons to this new edge browser. Microsoft has already made the addon store live.

How to Install Extension from Google Chrome Store

As the store of Microsoft has a few collections, you may want to install extensions from the Google Chrome store. But, How to do it? Well, You can follow these procedures.

  • First of all, In your new edge browser address bar, type edge://extensions/ and hit enter. It will lead you to the extension page.
Allow Third-Party Extension Store Edge
  • Now, Look at the bottom left corner. Tweak the switch “Allow Extensions from other stores.”
  • You will see a new popup. Just click on “Allow.”
  • Now, Go to the Chrome Extension Store by following this link:
Adding Grammarly in Edge
  • Then, Find your favorite extensions and install them in your new Edge browser.

Final Thought:

There are many Chrome users who were looking for an alternative to Google Chrome. Unfortunately, There were alternatives but not like Chrome. Firefox uses a completely different rendering engine that is not compatible with many sites like the skype web. So, Many people are looking for a browser that can give better compatibility, speed without losing privacy. In this case, Microsoft Edge can be the perfect option.

If you already have been using this Edge chromium, let me know how is it your overall experience.

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