Mobikin Assistant for iOS Review – Should You Use It?

Mobikin Assistant for iOS Short Review & Rating $29.95
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The Mobikin Assistant for iOS is an iPhone manager software available for Windows and Mac. It can transfer media contents, messages between computer and iOS devices. Also, It can take a backup of your phone and restore it when needed.



  • iTunes Backup & Restore
  • Transfer Messages Between PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPad
  • Transfer Media Contents


  • Not Good UI
  • Missing HEIC to JPG and some useful features

You may need an iOS transfer software that can do even more tasks. If yes, Read this Mobikin Assistant for iOS review.

Unlike other smartphones, iPhones are a way more restricted. It is really not convenient to transfer contents between computers and iPhones without any Software. As a result, Users rely on third-party tools. It is because iTunes itself also is not convenient in many cases especially for media file transfers. There are some popular iPhone Manager software. If you need one and perhaps this Mobikin Assistant for iOS review may help you to decide better. It is one of the popular choices. But, Let’s see if it is perfect for you or not.

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Mobikin Assistant for iOS Review

The Mobikin Assistant for iOS is an iPhone file transfer software which can transfer up to 10 types of files including media contents between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC/Mac. It includes any photos, videos, movies, shows, music, playlists, contacts, books, etc. However, It can do even more tasks that can benefit you. This Mobikin Assistant for iOS review includes all of its features, pros, cons and performance details. So, To learn more about it, let’s dig deeper.


Like other iOS manager software, it has the features that you will need most of the time. In includes the followings-

  • Transfer Media Contents Between Devices
  • iTunes Backup & Restore
  • App Manager
  • Contact Manager
  • Access Messages, Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendars, etc.

These are basically available in iPhone manager software.

Transfer Between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC/Mac

As I have mentioned earlier, the Mobikin Assistant for iOS can transfer media contents between your PC and Phone/Tab. If you need to transfer photos, videos or even music from your iPhone to PC or Mac, you can just connect your phone with PC/Mac using lightning cable and start transferring.

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Backup & Restore

It is basically a pretty good function. This software can take a complete backup of your iPhone. Later, You can restore it when needed. It is basically the iTunes backup. You also can manage your existing iTunes backup from it.

Other Functions:

The Mobikin Assistant has an App Manager. It allows you to manage apps directly from this software. Though there are only very basic functionalities. Else, It allows you to access your messages, contacts, bookmarks, and calendars from the software interface.

There might be other minor features that you will discover once you start using it.

User Interface:

It is a very important thing for any software. The UI of Mobikin Assistant is pretty basic. But, It’s neat and clean. In fact, It is very easy to use. There should be a problem for any user to use this software. However, the interface doesn’t look modern like some of its competitors. Else, The photo manager interface could be better.

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Mobikin Assistant for iOS Performance and In-Depth Analysis:

Personally, I have used this software to get some idea about its performance. While reviewing this Mobikin assistant, I have noticed some of its strengths and also downsides. The performance is good for most cases. The Transfer process is smooth and speedy. Taking backup is easier. Overall, the software was very easy to use.

However, there are some things that affect my experience. While taking the backup, there is no way to stop it. So, If you accidentally start the process, you will need to wait for a few minutes to complete it. The photo manager is not good enough to get my praise. While it was easier to transfer between devices, It found a serious issue. It just previews all of the jpg photos. But, I have found the .HEIC photos which it can’t preview. It is also confusing whether it has HEIC to JPG converter or not. But, I assume there is no such feature. I have seen some weird titled .HEIC files on the photos. I have tried exporting them to my PC. But, It has not been able to do it.

However, Apart from these negative sites, All other functions have worked perfectly.


In this Mobikin Assistant for iOS review, you already have been able to know about its features and performance. So, you already can guess which are the downsides of this software. In fact, I have found multiple things that are not up to the mark. There is no HEIC to JPG converter. The photo manager is ugly. UI is doesn’t look modern and eye-catching. These are the major downsides that can affect your experience.

Price & Discount:

The discounted price of Mobikin iOS Assistant starts from 29.95 USD/Year. While the original price is $49.95. However, If you want a lifetime license, the discounted rate is $39.95 while the original price is $59.95. It also offers a free trial.

Final Verdict:

I believe, After reading this Mobikin Assistant for iOS review, You already have found your answer. Should you use it or not? I personally don’t see any reason to use it right now. Because there are some amazing iPhone manager software like iMazing, AnyTrans, and even a very cheap option the IOTransfer. These are very good in performance. So, I definitely recommend them over this software. However, there is a free giveaway going on this Mobikin Assistant. You can get a 1-year license for free. So, Participate in this giveaway program. It will help you to test this software by yourself.

However, you can put your thoughts about this software in the comment box.

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