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Is your Windows screen showing an error code on the blue death screen associated with NETIO.SYS? This article has the solutions you can follow to fix this problem.

The NETIO.SYS is a system file in Windows that is related to network input/output—a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error associated with this file may indicate a problem with your network drivers or network-related software.

This BSOD pops up with various error codes. Here is a detailed description of each standard error code associated with the NETIO.SYS BSOD error indicates:

  1. Stop 0x000000D1 or DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error: This error code indicates that a driver has attempted to access an incorrect memory address, which can occur due to faulty or outdated network drivers.
  2. Stop 0x0000007E or “SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED” error: This error code indicates that a system thread generated an exception that the error handler did not catch, which can occur due to issues with network drivers or network-related software.
  3. Stop 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error: This error code indicates that a kernel-mode process or driver attempted to access a memory address is not authorized to access, which can occur due to faulty network drivers.
  4. Stop 0x0000003B or SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error: This error code indicates that an exception happened while executing a system service routine, which can occur due to conflicts with network-related software.

It is important to note that these error codes are only sometimes definitive and can have multiple potential causes. To accurately diagnose and fix NETIO.SYS BSOD, it is recommended to follow a troubleshooting method.

Why NETIO.SYS blue screen of death Occurs?

Here are some of the possible causes of the NETIO.SYS BSOD error:

  1. Outdated or corrupt network drivers: Network drivers are software components that allow the operating system to communicate with network devices such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapters. Outdated or corrupt network drivers can cause this type of blue screen error.
  2. Conflicts with third-party firewalls or antivirus software: Third-party firewalls or antivirus software can interfere with network drivers and cause conflicts that result in the NETIO.SYS BSOD error.
  3. Malware or virus infections: Malware or virus infections can damage system files, including network drivers, and may cause various BSODs, including this one.
  4. Issues with Windows updates or system files: Issues with Windows updates or system files can cause conflicts with network drivers and result in the NETIO.SYS BSOD error.
  5. Hardware issues: Hardware issues such as faulty network adapters, memory problems, or issues with other hardware components can cause conflicts with network drivers and trigger this BSOD error.

How can I fix NETIO.SYS BSOD?

Before going through the main troubleshooting steps, we suggest you do the following things:

  • Update Windows 11 to the latest version.
  • If you can access Windows, run a virus scan and make sure your PC is not infected.
  • If no virus is found, disable the antivirus and firewall to see if it helps.

After doing the above things, try these methods to fix NETIO.SYS stop code (BSOD) error on your Windows PC:

1. Update your network drivers:

Time needed: 2 minutes

To solve NETIO.SYS related blue screen of death errors, the best method is updating the network driver.

  1. Press the Win + X and select Device Manager.

  2. Expand the Network adapters category.

  3. Right-click your network adapter and select Update driver.

    updating network adapter windows device manager

  4. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” and follow the instructions to install any available updates.

It’s always better to use Driver Booster to update the network driver. Unlike the Device Manager, this third-party tool can scan and find the most recent version of the official driver and install it on your computer. It helps to get rid of various BSOD stop code errors.

If necessary, check out these best driver updating tools. Also, learn how to update drivers for more suggestions.

2. Check for software conflicts:

  1. Press Win + I on the keyboard to open Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Apps and then click on Installed apps.going installed apps windows 11 settings
  3. Sort the list by Date installed.
  4. Click on the three horizontal dots next to the suspicious recently installed app and then click on Uninstall.
  5. If you have antivirus or security software installed, try disabling it temporarily to see if it’s causing the issue.

3. Use the System File Checker:

You should repair the system files to see if it solves the netio.sys BSOD on Windows 11. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Win + X and select Terminal (Admin).
  2. Paste the following command and press Enter: sfc /scannowSFC Command
  3. Wait for the scan to complete and restart your computer.

4. Use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool:

  1. Open Terminal as an administrator like before.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealthDISM Error 0x800f081f: The Source File Couldn't be Downloaded
  3. Wait for the process to complete and restart your computer.

5. Perform a clean boot:

  1. Press the Windows key + R, type the following shortcut, and press Enter: msconfig
  2. In the System Configuration window, check Hide all Microsoft services and click Disable all.enabling clean boot system configuration window
  3. Click on Apply and OK.
  4. Restart your computer.

The clean boot should fix netio.sys BSOD. If it does, it means a third-party service is the source of the problem. So, we suggest you enable these services one by one until you reencounter the blue screen of death again. Then, uninstall the problematic software, as shown in method 2.

This method also helps to solve Win32kfull.sys blue screen issues.

6. Reset your PC:

If none works for you, try resetting your Windows 11 by following these steps:

  1. Open Windows Settings like before.
  2. Go to System and then Recovery.going recovery windows 11 settings
  3. Click on Reset PC.
    clicking reset PC windows 11 settings
  4. Choose Keep my files or Remove Everything, depending on your preference.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Be sure to create a system restore point or backup your important data before trying these methods, just in case something goes wrong and you’ll lose your important data.

Extra Steps:

In case you still encounter this NETIO.SYS blue screen of death, you also should follow these methods:

  • Run the memory diagnostic tool to find and solve memory-related issues. If needed, replace your RAM stick.
  • Also, determine whether this BSOD is occurring due to a hardware issue. If yes, repair or replace it.

This BSOD error can occur for various factors. Following the above methods will help you to fix the NETIO.SYS. If you still need help to fix it, you may need further professional assistance or contact Microsoft support.

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