OutByte Driver Updater Review – Is it Worth it?

OutByte Driver Updater Review & Rating $29.95
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Name: OutByte Driver Updater

Offer price: 29.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

Application Category: Utility

  • Features
  • Performance
  • Interface
  • Price


OutByte Driver Updater is a PC driver updating utility we no longer recommend. It works on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It can install missing drivers and also update all outdated drivers to the latest version.

Comments Rating 2.33 (6 reviews)


  • Better performance
  • Auto-scan and update
  • Backup and Restore


  • Expensive

You can have a look at this OutByte Driver Updater review to learn about it and make your decision smoothly.

To update PC drivers, We see a significant number of tools available. However, Many of them are not up to the mark. In this review, you will learn if you should use Outbyte Driver Updater or not.

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OutByte Driver Updater Review

OutByte Driver Updater is a simple but useful software for Windows. It can scan and install missing drivers, update them regularly, and take driver backups as well as restore when needed. Like OutByte PC Repair, it is another quality product from OutByte. However, How is it compared to other similar PC utilities? This OutByte Driver Updater review will help you to get your answer.

Features and Specs:

Latest VersionOutByte Driver Updater
Installer Size12.64 MB
Installation Size40.9 MB
Supported OSWindows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7

The OutByte driver updater has very basic but must needed features. Here is the list of these features.

  • Scan and Update Drivers
  • Install Missing Drivers
  • Driver Backup and Restore
  • Schedule Scan and Update
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Auto Scan and Update without Manual Effort

Without any manual method to update drivers, everything happens in OutByte without your interference. It automatically scans for outdated and missing drivers and shows the list before you. Then, You can update them all with a single click. You also can ignore any driver update if you want.

You also can schedule an automatic scan by yourself. However, You only can choose between daily, weekly, and monthly. There is no custom schedule option.

Outbyte Driver Updater Screenshot 3

Installs Most Compatible Drivers

When users use a third-party driver updater, there is always a question that appears in mind are these drivers compatible? In fact, most driver-updating software installs the software from the official source. However, Some have a terrible reputation for breaking your PC. In this case, the OutByte driver updater has an excellent option. By default, It will always install the official and signed driver for Windows. However, You also can choose the option “Download most stable driver versions, even if they are older.” It will ensure the best compatibility. As a result, there will be less chance of breaking up the Windows system due to the new driver’s fault.

Backup and Restore

It is widespread that your PC may not work well with the latest driver version. So, You may need to roll back to the previous one. The OutByte Driver Updater’s backup and restore function can help, especially in this type of situation.

OutByte Driver Updater User Interface:

Now, Let’s talk about the UI. The interface of OutByte Driver Updater is good. It looks modern, simple, and clean. It is very easy to find the necessary options. You also can scale up the UI and its elements if you want. However, there is no option to maximize the view.

Outbyte Driver Updater Screenshot 4

OutByte Driver Updater Review: Performance

In this part of this review, You will learn about its performance in detail.

In my eyes, the overall performance of OutByte Driver Updater is good. The scan process is a bit longer, and it may seem slow. But, The driver download and the installation process is pretty first. It is probably the fastest among other driver updaters I have used.

The driver detection rate is also pretty well. Overall, It gives you a better experience than much other similar software.

When I used it, it felt very light, and there was no impact on system performance when It was active. So, Overall performance should very pleasing for any type of user.

Outbyte Driver Updater Screenshot 5


This is the most exciting part of this OutByte Driver Updater review. The main downside of this software is it’s not free and also costly. Else, It has no extra features. The scanning process is a bit slower. However, there are some features coming soon in upcoming versions.

Price & Discount:

It is not free software. But, You can try it for free. In fact, OutByte Driver Updater will work for just a single time without any license fee. If you want to get the full experience, you must purchase a license. The license pricing starts at $29.95 (regular 56.65 USD). It includes three months subscription. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, To me, it seems very expensive.

In a year, it may cost you over 100 dollars. That’s insane.

OutByte Driver Updater Review: Final Verdict

After reviewing the OutByte Driver Updater, I want to give you my straightforward opinion. This product may not be free. But, You can try it free, and it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The performance is excellent. If you don’t have any problem with the budget, this driver updating tool can be one of the most effective tools you can use.

Are you already using this tool? You can put your own feedback in the comment box.

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  1. I can’t even give this 1 star. I put ot on my computer yesterday, and today I can’t even get my computer to start. This is a nightmare as I run a business off my computer, and probably have lost all my files. I am open to any suggestions for at least getting it to turn on.

  2. Do Not Use!!!!

    Do not use this software. Knackered my PC so it wouldn’t boot up properly. Currently trying to fix which is painstaking. AVOID AVOID AVOID

  3. Got a very good impression after using the program a couple of times, not that I had a particular problem.
    Love the dark interface, scans are fast and can be scheduled to run automatically when you want.
    So far, so good :-)

  4. Helped me

    Their technicians have been excellent. I’ve tried all tips available on the Internet struggling to fix my laptop, until I finally used Outbyte. They fixed ALL the problems and gave a lot of useful information about my laptop to avoid future crashes.



  6. RE: Outbyte, I purchased the program for use on 5 PC’s. Said it included support 24/7. Luckily I only installed it on 1 PC. I run my HP Hardware Diag Tools at every startup. I installed Drivers yesterday and when I started my PC today I had several items that failed in my Hardware test. Plus last night streaming was terrible. I tried to use the contact button for Outbyte but now it wants to only connect if I buy another program, even though I am logged in to my acct. I tried to call and I always get different numbers to get an operator. Odd! When someone answers, the background noise is unreal and I have to hang up. Of course the person I can hardly hear sounds like it is coming from across the world. Very disappointed. Will have to call my bank and file a complaint for the refund while resetting my PC in hopes Outbyte has not destroyed something. Too bad the support sucks. I might be a simple fix if I had support.

  7. I to fell for this product after installing the old out dated drivers with this product my PC will not boot up, so I had to reinstall windows also

  8. Failed Miserably

    I purchased the driver updater in hopes of fixing our Windows 10 laptop which was excruciatingly slow. Knowing that updating drivers can be risky, I waited until my schedule opened a bit. After running the update, Windows would no longer boot at all. When I used the Recovery Programs, I discovered that all the prior restore points had been obliterated. And none of the recovery tools were successful. I was forced to re-install Windows 10 and start over. When I contacted OutByte, they refused to refund the price because it took me more than 30 days to discover how awful this product can be.