PureVPN Review 2020 – Is it the Right VPN Service for You?

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Name: PureVPN

Offer price: 0.99

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Kodi, tvOS, FireOS

Application Category: VPN

  • Features
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Price


PureVPN is one of the popular VPN services that offer excellent services in competitive price while ensuring all security features.



  • A large number of Servers
  • Works with Various Netflix Regions
  • Supports Disney+, Apple TV+, Hulu US, and Many Other Streaming Channels
  • Multiple Security Layer
  • User-Friendly Apps in Different Platforms


  • Sometimes Speed may drop
  • No Free Trial

Looking for an unbiased PureVPN review in 2020? You are at the right place! Just, Go through this article.

Too many VPN options are good in many ways. But, It also may make us confused about which one to choose. All over the internet, you may see too many ads related to VPNs. Every service provider claims they are the best. It pushes the confusion at a high level. Before trying any VPN services, You should go through some reviews to understand clearly which one is perfect for you. Maybe, It is the reason you are here for the PureVPN review. If you want to purchase it, wait. At first, Go through this article and then decide.

PureVPN Mac App Homescreen

PureVPN Review

The PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers which still provides services at a competitive price. Also, It has some cool features and facilities that may attract a user to try it. Over the past years, I have been using it occasionally. So, I got some deep idea about this premium VPN service that I have included in this PureVPN review.


PureVPN has the following features to provide you a better service.

  1. 2000+ servers in 140+ countries
  2. Compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Many other Streaming Services
  3. DNS Leak Protection
  4. Split Tunneling
  5. Strong Encryption
  6. 10 Multi Logins
  7. P2P protection
  8. Dedicated IP
  9. Port Forwarding
  10. Secure WiFi
  11. Apps and Browser Extensions in Different Platforms
  12. Gift 12 Months Monthly Free Account to Anyone You want
  13. Extra Features

The PureVPN is definitely a rich VPN service featurewise.

A large Number of High-Speed Servers

PureVPN Server list in Windows Desktop App

PureVPN claims to have self-managed 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. That is a cool thing. In fact, It opens the opportunity of accessing more geo-restricted contents all over the world. You can browse the internet anonymously from any of these 140+ countries networks. It is ideal for users who want it.

Safety & Security

To ensure maximum security to your VPN experience, PureVPN has multiple modern security features. Let’s start from the DNS leak protection. To prevent DNS leak, It has some extra layer of security. For example, Let’s talk about the Internet Kill Switch. If the VPN disconnects suddenly and you are connected to the internet, it may expose your activity. To prevent this type of situations, PureVPN has the Internet Kill Switch feature. It automatically disconnects you from the internet if the VPN gets disconnected suddenly or even by yourself.

What is DNS Leak, How to Check and Fix It, Why It Matters

Else, It has AES-256 encryption which makes you completely anonymous while surfing web. PureVPN can use multiple protocols to connect you to the VPN network. Each one has each type of benefits while talking about security. It will choose according to your preferences. For example, If you choose Security & Privacy mode, It will pick the most secure protocol like OpenVPN or SSTP, for streaming & gaming, it will pick PPTP.

Else, It has many other security measures to protect DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks, etc.

Streaming & Torrenting

As it has multiple modes to choose. When you choose the streaming mode, PureVPN will connect you to the fastest available server to ensure better streaming experience. Also, If you want to do torrenting or file-sharing, it will choose the P2P protocol to give you a better experience.

PureVPN Chrome Extension

Works with Netflix, Dinsey+, Apple TV+, Hulu & Other Popular Streaming Services

This is the coolest thing for a group of VPN users. Netflix & some other companies decided to block VPN access to their streaming services. So, It is hard to find a Netflix compatible VPN. PureVPN is totally compatible with Netflix. Currently, It is unblocking 10 Netflix regions like US, UK, CA, DE, FR, JP, AU, PL, GR, and CZ, etc. You can easily pick from available Netflix regions from PureVPN apps or browser extensions. You also can choose Dinsey+, Amazon Prime US, Youtube TV US, BBC iPlayer UK/US, Netflix US/UK/AU, Hulu US, Spotify, ABC Go US, and many other popular streaming regions. In fact, If you want a VPN for accessing streaming services from different regions, PureVPN has plenty of useful options for you.

Split Tunneling

It is probably the most expecting feature nowadays. You may not want all of your traffic go through the VPN tunnel. You just want to use a VPN for specific websites and apps. For example, you want to use your regular internet connection for everything expect youtube and Netflix. In this case, The split tunneling will help. From PureVPN, You can easily choose specific apps and websites where VPN will be used while all other traffic will go through normal network. This feature is available on all platforms where PureVPN app is available.

Supported Platforms

The PureVPN is available in almost every major platforms. For Windows & Mac, It has a cool desktop app with great security features. On iOS & Android, It has decent VPN app available. Else, For Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, It has a great browser extension. However, As it supports multiple protocols, You can configure it manually on any platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Router, Android TV, Apple TV, Kodi or any other devices.

PureVPN iOS App

To guide you on how to do it, the PureVPN official website has better how-to articles that contain the proper instructions.

10 Multi Logins

PureVPN now allows users to use its VPN from 10 different devices/platforms simultaneously instead of 5. They have brought this change recently. It is a very good option for users. So, They won’t have to logout from one device to login into PureVPN on another one.

Gift Free VPN Account to Friends/Family/Others

It is another excellent thing that PureVPN has brought for its users. Now, If you purchase any VPN plan, you can easily gift monthly free VPN access to anyone for up to 12 months. It won’t affect your service. In this way, You can help your friends, family members or anyone who needs VPN.

Privacy & Log Policy

While judging a VPN service, talking about its log & privacy policy is a must. So, In this PureVPN review, there is no difference. As you already know that it has some strong security features to protect your privacy. It also has very good privacy & no-log policy. In its privacy policy, PureVPN clearly mentioned about some important things. In the beginning, they have clearly mentioned the following things:

We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.

However, To provide better services to its customers, It may store some non-sensetive information. But, You can request them to delete it from their end anytime.

PureVPN Speed, Performance & In-Depth Analysis:

I have been using PureVPN in past years for different purposes. While using this service, I have not found any major flaws. I occasionally accessed different Netflix regions, Hulu and other geo-restricted services. In most cases, the experience was quite well. But, Sometimes, The speed dropped that affect my experience. But, while browsing the web, the experience was pretty much better.

PureVPN Mac App Settings

The android and iOS app is decent and performs great. The desktop app contains multiple features that can help you in different situations. I found some reviewers claimed about some security flaws like DNS leak. But, From my end, I have never found such problems. Except for some terribly slow down issues that happened rarely, my overall experience was pretty good.

The best thing a user can like is server availability from different countries and cities. It helps you to access any country-specific contents very easily. But, Sometimes, Some you may be unable to connect to some servers. That is another flaw that I found.

The split tunneling feature works great. Especially, If you are an android user, you can choose which app will be used in VPN. For example, You can choose Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu which will use your VPN traffic while rest other apps will use normal internet. It worked perfectly when I used it. However, On the iOS app, you will find a similar feature called VPN on Demand. That only allows VPN traffic to be enabled for specific domains and websites. But, there is no option for specific app.


In the previous section, you already know about the cons. The main issue I found was the speed. Sometimes, It performs really fast. But, In some rare cases, It can be very slow that may ruin your experience. Else, It has some minor downsides that won’t be a big issue for most users.

Price & Discount:

PureVPN pricing is pretty much attractive. It offers services at a bit lower price compared to other premium VPN services. If you go monthly, It will be costly. But, If you purchase this feature for one year or more, you will get attractive discounts. For example, the 2-year plan will cost $69 that is less than 3 USD per month.

However, Look at below for regular pricing –

PlanPrice Per MonthTotal Price
1 Month$10.95$10.95
1 Year$10.95 $4.08$131.4 $48.96
2 Years$10.95 $2.88$262.8 $69.12
3 Years (Limited)$1.92$69.12
5 Years (Limited)$0.99$59.4

Note: You can use the coupon code “TechClassy” to get extra 10% discount while purchasing PureVPN.

PureVPN accepts multiple payment methods. So, you won’t have to face much trouble while purchasing.


In this PureVPN review, I have mentioned about all major pros and cons of it. Considering the price, feature, security, and performance, this VPN service definitely worth your try. In fact, I personally use it. So, I don’t have any problem recommending this service to you.

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