Fix Sharing Name and Photo not Available on iMessage/FaceTime [iOS 14]


Have you just encountered one of a common iMessage/FaceTime errors on the iPhone? This article is about how to fix sharing name and photo not available on iPhone with iOS 14.

In iOS 14, Apple has brought so many cool features and re-designed some of their apps’ UI. However, Besides dark mode, one of the most anticipating features is sharing your name and photo on iMessage and FaceTime. It means if you want, you can share your profile picture with either your contacts or everyone whom you send a message or call.

How to Enable Name and Photo Sharing on iMessage

You can manually enable this feature from iMessage. To do it, you can follow these steps –

Enable Name and Photo Sharing on iMessage
  • At first, Go to Messages.
  • Then, Tap on three dots icon on the top left corner.
  • Now, Choose “Edit Name and Photo.”
  • Toggle the switch next to the “Name and Photo Sharing.”
  • After that, You can set your name and choose a photo or any of the animojis available there.

It should work well. But, Sometimes, You may see the following statement-

Sharing name and photo is not available because iCloud and iMessage accounts are different or aren’t signed in.

In fact, This problem usually appears on a newly purchased iPhone with iOS 13 or 14. For example, the iPhone 11, upcoming iPhone 12, or any iPhone upgraded to iOS 14 or 13. It also may appear after you reset your iPhone. More specifically, It appears when you try to enable this feature for the first time. It may tell you repeatedly that it is not available. Fortunately, You can easily get rid of this problem.

Screenshot Name and Photo Sharing is not Available on iPhone

How to Fix Sharing Name and Photo not Available on iOS 14

You can follow these effective methods to solve this problem. Personally, I have encountered and fixed this issue. So, Let’s hope any of the solutions will also fix sharing name and photo not available error for you too.

1. Enable iMessage and FaceTime

At this moment, this is one is the most effective method. If somehow, iMessage, hasn’t been activated on your device, you may encounter this problem. So, At first, Enable it on your iPhone/iPad. It should solve name and photo sharing unavailable error. If you don’t know how to do it, follow these steps.

  • First of all, Go to Settings > Messages.
  • Now, Toggle the Switch next to the iMessage. It will enable it.

However, If you see something like “waiting for activation,” read: How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

2. Configure Send & Recieve Address

This method has worked for me. So, It also may work for you. If in iMessage setting, there is only your phone number as send & receive address, this problem may appear. In this case, setting your iCloud mail address can help you. To do it, follow these steps.

Steps Configure Send & Recieve Address
  • At first, Go to Settings > Messages on your iPhone.
  • Then, You should see the Send & Recieve option. Just tap on it.
  • Now, check the appropriate iCloud email address under “You can receive iMessages to and Reply from” section.
  • If there is no iCloud email, tap on “Use your Apple ID for iMessage.”
  • Done.

Now, You can try to enable this feature. It should fix name and photo sharing not available error.

3. Remove All Apple ID and Re-Add One

In almost every case, Any of the first two methods will solve your problem. However, If you see the problem still exists, you can remove all the iCloud accounts from your iPhone. Then, Add the main account. Here are the details –

Sign Out Apple ID from iPhone
  • At first, Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > iCloud.
  • Now, Tap Sign Out to remove your accounts.

Now, Again add the main iCloud account on your iPhone. To do it, follow these things.

Sign In Apple ID iPhone
  • At first, Go to Settings.
  • Now, You will see the option “Sign in to your iPhone.” Just, Tap on it.
  • Then, Login with your Apple ID.

After that, Repeat method 1 and 2. It will surely fix name and photo sharing not available problems on iPhone.

These are basically the ways you can follow to get rid of this type of problem. However, You may have any unique idea to troubleshoot name and photo sharing not available problem. You can share it in the comment box.

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