Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review – Pros, Cons & Price

Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review & Rating
Stellar Data Recovery Professional Box Shoot

Name: Stellar Data Recovery Professional

Offer price: 67.99

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Application Category: Utility

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  • Interface
  • Performance
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The Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a very powerful Windows Data Recovery software. It can recover any type of file from any type of disks. It includes Hard Disk, SSD, CD, DVD, Pen Drive, Memory Cards, etc. This data recovery software works even the disk is corrupted. Overall, It can be an excellent choice.



  • Very Fast Scan Process
  • Deep and Accurate Scan to Find Files from Past
  • Recovers Data from Any types of Disks even It is Corrupted
  • Recovers from Encrypted Disks like BitLocker Encrypted
  • Bootable Media
  • Powerful Preview


  • Expensive
  • UI Could be a bit Better

Do you need a tool that can recover your lost/deleted files? This Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review is for you.

Data recovery software is very popular these days. In the future, its popularity will be increased more. I will tell you the reasons in a different article. But, Right now, You will learn about stellar data recovery software for Windows. In fact, It is one of the few trusted tools that can help you to get back your lost data. As there are other similar tools, you may want to know how is it? Well, this unbiased Stellar Data Recovery Professional review contains all pros, cons and performance details about it. So, Hopefully, You will get the answers to your desired questions.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional User Interface

Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review

Among the data recovery software users, Stellar is a well-known name. It is a data care corporation. They have several popular software. Stellar data recovery is one of them. In fact, It is one of the most popular software in its category. So, Many users have picked it for its usefulness. However, It has both pros and cons. This stellar data recovery professional review contains most of the information you need. So, Let’s go through this review.

Stellar Data Recovery System Requirements:

Each software has its own system requirements. The Stellar Data recovery is no different. However, It is not CPU intensive software. You can use it on any entry-level computers with the following requirements.

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
RAM2 GB Minimum, 4 GB Recommended
ProcessorIntel Pentium
Hard Disk250 MB Free Space

Features and Specifications:

If we talk about the features, stellar data recovery is a great choice. Especially for Windows, it is indeed a fantastic choice. However, Here are the technical specifications –

Latest Version9.0
Installer Size46.84 MB
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish
License TypeSingle User License

After looking at the following list of features, you will understand why it is such a popular choice

  • Recovers Any File Format
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Recovers from CD/DVD or Any Removable Drive
  • Preview
  • Encrypted Data Recovery (Recovery from BitLocker Encrypted Disks)
  • Bootable Media
  • Advanced RAID Recovery
  • Virtual Drive Support
  • Monitor Drives
  • Supports APFS – Apple File System

In the latest version, Stellar has added some of these features as new and also improved existing ones.

Quick and Deep Scan

The Stellar Data Recovery Professional can scan a disk drive very quickly. If you prefer, it also can run a deep scan to find long lost files. Generally, A quick scan automatically detects recently deleted files. This process is very fast. A deep scan takes time to detect files from the past which were lost or deleted.

Recovers Any File Formats

This Windows data recovery software can recover all file types including documents, emails, photos, videos and more. So, Whatever the file format is not a matter. You always can get it back from your disk.

However, Here is the list of commonly supported file formats-

DocumentsMDB, ACCDB, PDF, PS, CWK, FM3, FMT, WK1, WK3, WK4,
RAW, MOS, PSD, EPS, INDD, ERF, FH3, FH5 & more.
CLK, ANI, FLA, SWF, FLV, M4P & more.
OthersPST, Mbox, TXT, ZIP, 7Z, RAR, Ai, FP3, FP5, FP7, FLA, RTF, PHP,
ASPX, DBX, PMD, CHM, DBF & more.
Stellar WDR Select Disk

Lost Partition Recovery

Like other popular data recovery software for Windows 10, Stellar Data Recovery also can recover from lost partition. It is a very useful feature when you want to get back files from a partition you have deleted a long ago.

Recovers Files from BitLocker Encrypted Disks

This is one of the most fascinating features of Stellar Data Recovery. It doesn’t only recover from any disk but also from an encrypted hard drive. In Windows, you may have encrypted your hard disk using Bitlocker and lost the files. When other recovery software fails here, the Stellar can save you.

Recovering deleted data using Stellar WDR

Recovers from CD, DVD, BluRay, and Other Removable Disks

This data recovery software can recover files from any kind of disks. It includes CD, DVD, BluRay, Pen Drive, Memory cards, etc. So, You won’t have to worry about tons of things when you have lost files on different types of disks.

Bootable Recovery Media

Sometimes, You may need to recover files from a PC where OS hasn’t ben installed. In that case, You can create a bootable recovery media using Stellar Data Recovery software. Then, Boot from that media and start recovering.

Advanced RAID Recovery

Stellar can recover files from a damaged hard disk. According to its official website, it can recover data from damaged or corrupt RAID 0, RAID 5 and RAID 6 arrays even when critical RAID parameters are unknown.

Showing Smart Status Stellar Drive Monitor

Stellar Drive Monitor

This is an extra feature that comes with Stellar Data Recovery Professional and upper versions. Anyway, This tool is extremely helpful. It can monitor and check your hard disk, SSD and even any removable disk status. It also can show SMART status of HDD, SSD, etc. Else, Stellar Drive Monitor also can warn you when there is something wrong.

Preview and Other Features

Besides the major features, this software has many other cool functionalities which are amazing. It can preview video, images, audio, and even documents before recovering. This is definitely fantastic. Else it has some other features which can help you to customize your experience with it.


The user interface of Stella Data Recovery Professional is very simple. It looks modern. All options are easily accessible. However, the UI could be improved. Sometimes, Things may seem harder to find. Because Texts and icons in settings are a bit smaller. Except for these things, the UI looks great.

Stellar Data Recovery Performance and In-Depth Review:

Over the past few days, I have been using this product. In my case, the Stellar Data Recovery professional has performed really well. In terms of performance and stability, it is pretty much solid.

User Experience:

After installing this product, when you open it, you will see a modern good looking interface. As all options are near in your hand, using it is very easy. You can recover a file by going through just three steps. These are Scan, Preview, and Recover. You can either recover specific files/folders or the entire disk. Before recovering, you can preview all major types of files. including photos, videos, documents, etc. In fact, I was amazed by how it handled the video preview. It was really fast and smooth. However, If the file is larger, you may see a few seconds delay.

Scanning Stellar Data Recovery

Performance Analysis:

The scan process is very fast. As I pointed it earlier, it has a quick and deep scan feature. The quick scan is really fast. It scanned my 1 TB hard disk within just a few minutes. However, a Quick scan won’t find the most deleted files. If you need to find a long lost file, you should choose the deep scan. The deep scan process is also very fast. However, The scan speed depends on the nature of the disk and some other factors. In case, You have a long old disk which health status is not good enough, it may take much time. For example, For one of my very old 16 GB USB 3 Pendrive, Stellar Data Recovery Professional took 14 minutes to scan. But, It also can scan a 200 GB drive within 50/60 minutes.

Sometimes, the scan process may take even less time. That is significantly faster. Comparing to its previous version or many other data recovery tools, the deep scan process can be up to 70% faster and more accurate.

In my test, I found so many old photos, videos that I never even expected to see again. It found some files that some other recovery software couldn’t detect.

The recovery process is pretty straight forward and fast. I had recovered 15 GB data including lots of few kilobytes files and some older jpeg images. It took just a few minutes to finish the entire process.

System Resource Usage:

The resource usage is also amazing. After seeing the CPU and memory usage, I was surprised. While scanning and recovering from removable storage, it used 3% CPU and a few MB of RAM. However, When I scanned an entire 1 TB hard drive, the CPU usage reached 35%. But, the RAM usage was limited under 50 MB. While recovering, It was also below 50 MB. I don’t know what’s the reason. Since the system requirement is 2 GB RAM, I believe, In some cases, users may experience more RAM usage.

Previewing Files in Stellar Data Recovery

In terms of performance, it was overall very fascinating. At least, I have not found any significant problems.


In this Stellar Data Recovery review, I must reveal the cons I have found. When it is UI, I felt they could improve it a bit. They could increase some icon and text size. In performance, there are no major downsides. But, The price of this software is a bit high. This is actually the main downside for many users.


Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a bit expensive. The price is $79.99 for a single PC per year. However, TechClassy.COM audience can grab it at just 67.99 USD. The lifetime license costs 99.99 USD. But, the special discounted price is 89.99 USD. There are some other versions of this data recovery software. You can find them on their website.


After reviewing the Stellar Data Recovery Professional, I must say it is a very good choice as a Windows data recovery software. It also has versions for Mac. However, after considering all these pros, I don’t have any problem recommending this tool to my audience.

Common Questions (FAQ) About Stellar Data Recovery:

Is Stellar Data Recovery Professional Free?

No. It is not free. However, You can try it free. If it satisfies your needs, you can purchase it after that.

What is the Price for Professional Edition?

The price starts at 79.99 USD. However, TechClassy.COM audience can get it at just 67.99 USD per year.

Is Stellar Data Recovery Safe?

Yes. It is safe and virus free.

Does Stellar Data Recovery Slows Down Computer?

No. It is a lightweight software that even works on an Intel Pentium processor.

Can it Recover Data from a Corrupted Hard Drive?

Yes. It can recover data from a very old and corrupted hard disk, SSDs, Pendrive, CD, DVD, etc. However, If the disk is entirely damaged, there may not be any luck.

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