StrongVPN Review – Is it Faster, Reliable and Privacy Focused?

StrongVPN Summer, Rating, Pros & Cons $4.95
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Name: StrongVPN

Offer price: 4.95

Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Chrome, Linux

Application Category: VPN

  • Features
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Price

StrongVPN Short Review and Verdict

The StrongVPN stands for Invisible Browsing VPN. It offers pretty solid service to its users. There are great advantages and even some downsides of using StrongVPN. Finally, It’s your decision to use this service. But, my experience with this StrongVPN is good enough for recommending it to others.



  • Good Speed and Stability
  • SmartDNS
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, and 300+ Channels
  • Decent Windows App
  • Has Dedicated Plan for Torrenting
  • Privacy Focused
  • Not Based on 14 Eyed Countries


  • Smaller Number of Servers and Locations
  • Only Ultimate VPN plan allows multiple connections at once

You probably need an authentic StrongVPN review that you can trust. Fortunately, You are at the right place. This review explains its performance, security, and reliability in details including Pros and Cons.

Having a good VPN service at a good price is so much tricky these days. Because there are so many options. You may become confused about which one to choose. Some users rely on low cost or free ad-supported VPNs. These are risky for your privacy. Also, some well-known VPN providers are not being able to provide quality services. It is due to their overcrowded network. There may be other factors. But, In this case, StrongVPN can be an option you want. However, Before your choice, you should go through this StrongVPN review to know some important things about it. That will help you to make a comfortable choice.

ibVPN Desktop App

StrongVPN Review

The StrongVPN is a relatively smaller VPN provider. The term ib stands for “Invisible Browsing.” This name clarifies many things about them. It’s a Romania based company that is a Privacy-focused VPN provider. As it is smaller and not a big player in the VPN market until now, many of you may not know about it well. But, It is becoming popular nowadays. I have tested it in the last few days to make a trustworthy and reliable StrongVPN review for you. So, Go through the next section of this article to know details about it.


StrongVPN has plenty of useful and important features. Some of them are extremely reliable. The best features are –

  1. Quick Connect
  2. Faster Speed
  3. No-Log Policy
  4. Smart DNS
  5. Supports Multiple Protocols
  6. Military Grade Encryption
  7. Available in Multiple Platforms
  8. DNS Leak Protection
  9. WebRTC Leak Protection
  10. Many Other Security and Privacy Features

These are the finest features of Invisible Browsing VPN. However, there are even more you will find once you start using it.

Quick Connect & Faster Speed

The quick connect is a very good feature. In other VPN services, we notice these take a bit of time to connect to a server. Especially, If the server location is far away from you, it may take even more time. But, StrongVPN takes less than a second in most of the time. It is definitely the best thing a user will notice. Else, They claim to provide super fast speed in their VPN network. That even takes the experience at the next level.

StrongVPN has hundreds of servers in 50+ countries. It is smaller in number comparing to some other top VPN providers. But, The servers are optimized for speed.

Smart DNS, Netflix, Hulu and Many More

Another cool thing is StrongVPN supports multiple Netflix regions. You can unblock geo-restricted content not only on Netflix but also on many other streaming platforms like Hulu. It has been possible due to their smart DNS which is integrated with this VPN.

Their SmartVPN is to unblock media contents from Netflix, Hulu like 300+ channels from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Egypt, Brazil, India, Latin America & Worldwide.

Torrent VPN

StrongVPN doesn’t restrict the users in torrenting. It has a dedicated plan for torrenting. The torrent VPN gives you access to the P2P servers optimized for faster experience.

ibVPN iOS App

Availability on Almost All Platforms

StrongVPN has apps on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. All of them are rich in features. They also have browser addons for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. So, If you are on Linux, you still can get the benefit from their VPN features from the browsers. However, You can manually configure their VPN network on almost every modern platform.

Their native Windows PC app is decent with cool features. However, I will explain how it performed for me in the performance section of this StrongVPN review article.

ibVPN Screenshot 3

Security Features

StrongVPN has multiple high-level security features. That can ensure your anonymous existence on the internet. As the full form of the StrongVPN is Invisible Browsing VPN, they have focused on the privacy pretty well.

StrongVPN provides Military great encryption in its network using AES 256-bit encryption technology. To avoid DNS Leak, it has an internet kill switch. Else, It has webRTC to prevent WebRTC IP leaking, and socks5 to give protection while torrenting.

They also have some other features which can enhance your security. The StrongVPN servers are optimized for double VPN and TOR over VPN. These two are extremely powerful security technology. DoubleVPN is like it provides encrypted VPN in another encrypted VPN tunnel. It means double encryption. Tor Over VPN is for ensuring the maximum privacy of your internet activity and data.

Multiple Protocols Available for ibVPN

StrongVPN uses multiple VPN protocols that have different levels of security benefits. When you need speed, it will use a faster protocol. When you need security, it will use the maximum secured protocol. In fact, In the security section, It has the features to do great.

Privacy & No-Log Policy:

For being Romania based VPN provider, StrongVPN can catch your trust easily with the strict privacy policy. It has a no-log policy. In their Privacy Policy section, you can find the following line.

We do NOT collect or log any traffic or use of the VPN, SmartDNS, or proxy services.

Romania is not one of the 14 eyed countries. So, It may give you some relief if you are pretty much privacy concerned.

StrongVPN Performance and In-Depth Review

Last few days, I have been using this StrongVPN. Now, I have got some idea about its features and performance.

Featurewise, It is a good VPN. It has a pretty cool set of features. The VPN apps are good enough. The desktop app is pretty decent with some unique features. You can see the ping, server load, and availability information from the desktop app. Also, It has security features like internet kill switch and other stuff. Smart DNS also can be tweaked from it. The only thing it is missing is split tunneling. The smartphone app is also pretty cool. It has a VPN on-demand feature that ensures VPN will only be activated while using specific websites and apps.

Performance-wise, StrongVPN is pretty good. Its browser extensions are very useful. You can connect to the VPN network within a second. However, desktop and mobile apps may take more than a second to connect sometimes. But, That is still faster.

ibVPN Chrome Extension

I have tested StrongVPN speed. My home connection is 35 Mbps. When I connect to their network, I got more than 30 Mbps speed while connected to the closest VPN location. Which is pretty cool.

StrongVPN works with multiple Netflix regions. Especially, Netflix US, UK and Japan. It gave me mixed feelings about the performance. I am from Bangladesh which is far away from these three countries. I sometimes get pretty good streaming experience. Sometimes, It was not that good but was usable.

In overall performance, StrongVPN is in a very good position at least in my experience.


In the StrongVPN review, I must disclose its downsides. The main downside is its smaller number of servers. Else, despite having a decent desktop and mobile apps as well as browser extensions, I feel there could be more features. For example, the Split Tunneling is missing in the native Windows app. Else, It only allows multiple connections (up to 5) in the Ultimate VPN plan. Other plans only allow a single connection at once.


The pricing is pretty straight forward. Rather than having various confusing plans, StrongVPN offers four price plans. The pricing starts from $4.95/Mo. But, If yearly, It starts at just $36.95. StrongVPN also offers 24 hours free trial. So, You can try it at no cost before purchasing. However, here are the price plans for StrongVPN.

$36.95/Year or $4.95/Mo$58.06/Year or $10.95/Mo $36.95/Year or $4.95/Mo
1 Connection5 Simultaneous Connections1 Connection
TorOverVPN, DoubleVPN, Socks5Socks5
BrowsingFor All PurposeOnly for Torrenting

StrongVPN also has a smart DNS plan which costs similar to the standard VPN plan.

Final Verdict:

This StrongVPN review explains pretty much everything about it. Overall, It is a pretty great option. I don’t have any problem recommending it to you. However, Different users have different purposes. So, I suggest you try the trial version first. Then decide. If you plan to purchase, I suggest you choose the Ultimate VPN plan. Because It includes all the features I have explained including torrenting. Whatever, If you want to compare it with other VPNs, you can read PureVPN, iVacyVPN, or even FastestVPN Review.

If you have an opinion on this StrongVPN review or want to share your experience, you can put it in the comment box.

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