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System Mechanic is a complete PC optimization, privacy, and security tool with a lot of features. It has three different editions; basic, professional, and ultimate defense. Beside boosting PC performance, it also can secure privacy, provide protection from malware and viruses, online threats, can recover deleted data, and also can secure your password with its dedicated password manager tool.

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  • Very Stable
  • Boost PC Performance and Clean Junks
  • Anti-malware capability
  • Excellent Password Manager
  • Data Recovery


  • Not Free

PC optimization tools have been quite common these days. But This System Mechanic review will help you to make your choice.

PC slowdown, errors, privacy issues, and malware problems have been common these days. So, relying on some PC optimization tools with additional security and privacy features is a desirable choice. But there are many software that can do this job. So, it is hard to choose. System Mechanic is such a software. It also has basic, pro, and ultimate defense addition. So, it has been harder to know should you use it? If yes, which version is perfect? To answer these questions, this System Mechanic review for basic, pro and ultimate defense is here.

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It is a complete review. So, you will know everything including pros, cons, pricing, and discount information.

System Mechanic Review: Basic, Pro and Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic is a premium PC optimizer and performance booster. It is also a security and privacy tool that can work standalone or alongside other traditional antivirus programs. But Not all the facilities are available in all editions. System Mechanic has three different editions based on features. Basic, Pro, and Ultimate Defense. However, if you want to know more, you should go through this unbiased in-depth System Mechanic review.

System Requirements:

It is a very lightweight software. You can run it on any modern computer. Here are the system requirements for System Mechanic.

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Disk Space270 MB+
RAM512 MB Minimum, 2 GB Recommended
ProcessorIntel or AMD
Internet ConnectionRequired for Activation

System Mechanic Review: Features & Specs

Before knowing about the features, have a look at this technical information table.

VendorIolo Technologies
Software NameSystem Mechanic
Reviewed Version20.5.2.153
Installer Size4.64 MB
Installation Size130 MB (Approximately)

You already know it has three different versions. These are basic, pro, and ultimate defense. When basic comes with just PC optimization capabilities, pro has some extra features for security and privacy, some other useful things. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense has all the Pro and Basic features. In addition, it has antivirus, antimalware features, and also a password manager. Here is the major feature list:

  • PC Optimizer
  • Clean and Speed Up PC
  • Repair and Fix Errors and Performance Issues
  • Protect Online Privacy (UD)
  • Block Malware (Pro & UD)
  • Remove Malware (UD)
  • Securely Erase Hard Drive (Pro & UD)
  • Recover Deleted Files (Pro and UD)
  • Password Manager (UD)
  • Antivirus Feature (UD)
  • Uninstaller

These are the key features of System Mechanic. However, not all features are available in all versions. In that list, UD means Ultimate Defense. Features tagged with UD and Pro are only available on Pro and Ultimate Defense edition. However, Now, Let’s know about these features in detail.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Screenshot 2

Boost PC Performance

The primary job of System Mechanic is a PC performance boost. It does this job by cleaning junk and temporary files, fixing the registry, restricting unnecessary background tasks, and by implementing some other tweaks. You have the option to disable/enable things that you don’t want. So, it gives you the complete flexibility to boost Windows 10 performance effectively.

To improve performance, it has several tools available. Here is a list of the most powerful features with a little description.

  • All in One PC Cleanup: Cleans Junks, Registry, Internet Data, and More.
    • Internet Cleanup
    • Windows Cleanup
    • Registry Cleanup
    • Advanced Uninstaller
  • Disk Defragmenter: Optimizes Disk Performance
  • Program Accelerator: Re-Aligns Program Data and Boosts Program Performance
  • Startup Optimizer: Improves Windows Startup Time by Optimizing Several Things
  • Memory Mechanic: It is a RAM Booster that Maximizes Available Memory for Operating System and Your Tasks

These features are really useful to speed up your PC. However, it has many more features you will find while using it.

LiveBoost feature can accelerate your Desktop or Laptop performance in real-time.

Traditional performance boosters can’t help in some situations. But System Mechanic’s real-time performance booster is different. This feature is called LiveBoost in this software. It constantly monitors your PC performance status and accelerates it when needed. It also acts as an on-demand booster. When System Mechanic senses you are launching a resource-hungry app, it automatically maximizes CPU power and cores availability. Also, it turns it off when there is no need. Else, OptiCore, RAMjet, and AccelWrite are a few more micro-features that are powerful. OptiCore prevents background apps to use abnormally high CPU power. RAMjet does the same thing for RAM.

AccelWrite is a very unique feature. Some apps’ performance depends on your Disk Performance. AcceWrite can improve the write speed of your Hard Disk or SSD. It helps to quickly lunch software and do some other things that require excellent write speed.

Repair PC Problems using System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Repair and Fix Common Performance Issues and Errors

Another useful and effective feature is its repair capability. System Mechanic can analyze and find the common performance-related errors on your PC. If it finds any problems according to its standard, you will get an option to repair it. With just a single click, you can easily get rid of these problems. In this way, Your Windows PC gets an additional performance boost.

Advanced Uninstaller Tool

System Mechanic Pro has an uninstaller tool. It helps to remove installed applications from your PC easily. It is indeed a helpful tool. But It’s not like other dedicated uninstallers like IObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, or Ashampoo Uninstaller, etc. It can’t replace these tools. But, in situations, it can be immensely helpful.

Real-time boosting System Mechanic

Erase Whole Hard Drive

I will have to write another article to explain why and when It is important to erase the whole hard drive. System Mechanic Pro comes with this excellent feature along with other optimization abilities. So, When you need to remove sensitive data from your hard disk or SSD and make it unrecoverable by data recovery tools, this feature can help you a lot.

Recover Deleted Files

System Mechanic basic doesn’t have this feature. But, Pro and Ultimate defense have it unlocked. Like other traditional data recovery tools, it can undelete or recover a lost file from your hard disk. It can be handy when you need to recover something quickly. Though, It doesn’t come with tons of features like other dedicated data recovery tools. For example, Stellar Data Recovery or MiniTool Power Data Recovery software.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Protects Online privacy

Protect Online Privacy

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense has this feature “Privacy Guardian” exclusively. It means the pro and basic versions don’t have it. It can protect you from various threats online. To do it, Privacy Guardian hides your browser data from ISP, Block various trackers, etc. It also comes with schedule cleanup and whitelist monitoring features.

Block and Remove Malware

System Mechanic Pro can only block malware. But System Mechanic Ultimate Defense can remove malware from Windows 10. It acts like an anti-malware tool like IObit Malware Fighter or MalwareFox.

When a malware tries to enter your PC or tries to be active, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense will block it immediately. You also can scan your PC for malware and remove it if it finds any.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense System Shield

System Shield Antivirus Feature

Besides blocking and cleaning malware, System Mechanic UD also comes with additional antivirus features. It can detect, block, and remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious things. To do this, It has a real-time monitoring feature. That constantly monitors and gives you protection in real-time.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a VB100-certified anti-malware solution.

To detect malware and other threats, System Mechanic uses two different techniques. Firstly, It detects viruses that are already known and whose information exists in the database. Secondly, It monitors programs’ behavior. If it detects anything unusual and malicious, it immediately blocks and gives you a warning. As System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, provide cloud-based scanning, it always can detect the latest viruses and malware quickly. Because Cloud data is being updated regularly. As System Mechanic is a VB100-certified anti-malware solution, it is much reliable than many other dedicated tools. In fact, It is better than most other PC optimization tool’s antimalware features.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense gives you the flexibility to enable or disable its real-time threat monitoring feature. It also can work with or without traditional antivirus programs or Windows Security Defender.

ByePass System Mechanic UD

Password Manager and Security

It is one of the most attractive features of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. It comes with a password manager feature called ByePass. This additional tool helps to store, generate, encrypt, and protect your passwords and other secure information. It works like any other password managers like LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, etc. So, It is a very unique addition indeed.

Besides these excellent features, System Mechanic has other micro features. You will find them useful time to time.

System Mechanic Review: User Interface

After knowing about the most noticeable features, it’s time to look at the UI. At this point in the System Mechanic review, You will get an idea about its user interface.

The UI of this software is very user-friendly. It’s all dark with some red elements. So, there is less chance of eye strain. I am a big fan of dark mode. But, I am not being biased. System Mechanic’s interface looks both neat and clean. But, In some parts, it looks a bit messy due to its color, additional texts, and feature lists. The UI pattern is similar to other PC antivirus and system optimization tools. It looks flat. In general, You won’t have to struggle to use this software. But, Sometimes, You may feel its UI could be better.

However, Overall quality of the user interface is very good but not the best.

Privacy Shield: System Mechanic UD

System Mechanic Review: Performance and Experience

Before writing this review, I was using System Mechanic Ultimate Defense for several days. I wanted to get enough idea about the features and its performance. Based on my own experience, I am about to describe the details.

After using System Mechanic for more than two weeks, the first thing that caught my attention is its stability. It feels very stable on your PC. It is because developers have coded it well. Unlike many other PC optimization tools, System Mechanic suggests any performance fixes only if there is really a problem. It means It won’t recommend you to do a ton of things to get your money. This is why it is different.

PC Optimization and Performance Improvement

After opening this software, the first thing it will suggest or do is scanning your PC. There is an option for both quick and deep scan. A quick scan will find the most important issues which are slowing down PC performance. But, a Deep scan finds the advance and most technical problems. After finding the problems, you can fix it by just a single click.

The scan process doesn’t take a long time to complete. In fact, It is much faster than your expectation.

Real-time and on-demand boost worked great for me. Each of the PC optimization features works great. However, It was a bit complex to find all options sometimes.

System Mechanic Startup Optimizer

The startup optimizer feature was great. It shows every program and service that runs during startup. But, The best thing was the Community Choice option. You will find what others are doing about specific startup items. Do they keep these enabled or disabled? You will easily know it. As a result, It will be easier for you to understand if you should disable a confusing startup item or not.

A great and even better alternative to CCleaner!

It’s true that there are so many alternatives to CCleaner. But, Some of them do better in performance but are behind in terms of features. Some have better features, but performance is not up to the mark. But, This one is different. Those who miss the old days CCleaner can consider System Mechanic. Because It is a great and better alternative to CCleaner in terms of performance, feature, and stability.

Anyway, In my eyes, System Mechanic’s all performance features like cleaners, registry fixers, net booster, disk optimizer, memory mechanic, etc. work great.

Advanced Uninstaller Performance

It was one of the features that I have focused more. Advanced Uninstaller is better than your built-in Windows uninstaller system. You can uninstall any software installed on your PC using this one. Some of the programs can be uninstalled without any of your efforts. That’s great. Its overall performance is great. But, there is nothing to be too much excited. A dedicated uninstaller tool can do much better. Also, In a moment, I didn’t even understand that System Mechanic’s uninstaller actually uninstalled a tool I have wanted until I clicked on the refresh button. It means, after uninstalling software It sometimes still shows that software name on the list. When you click on the refresh button, you will then see the updated stat. This only happened once with me.

System Mechanic Data Recovery

Data Recovery and Drive Eraser Performance Review

I have used the complete package of System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. So, I got the chance to test every feature. Anyway, I tried to scan a drive and find lost data from it using the data recovery feature. After scanning for a couple of minutes, It found data that was deleted a long ago. However, It was a very basic data recovery feature. It is indeed a very good option when you need to recover something quickly. But, a dedicated data recovery software is still a better option.

Driver Scrubber is another feature. When you delete or format a partition, an advanced data recovery software can still recover data from it. But, Driver Scrubber can erase the drive and make it almost impossible to recover.

System Mechanic Disinfection History

Privacy, Security, Anti-Malware and Antivirus Performance

For your online privacy, System Mechanic has several features. For example, the privacy shield works great. It blocks various online threats, protects your data from third-party, block and monitor location, mic and web cam access, etc. All these work as expected.

As you know, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense also acts like an anti-malware and antivirus software. It has anti-malware features that block and clean dangerous malware. It also has antivirus features that block and clean spyware, viruses, and other threats. To provide these protections, It comes with a real-time monitoring feature. In fact, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense works in the same way as other anti-malware tools. In my test, I found it quite effective. I am personally using BitDefender Total Security. I used the ultimate defense besides that antivirus software. All were compatible and worked great. Even, System Mechanic found and clean 7 potential threats. You can’t get this thing on traditional antivirus.

It also has a built-in firewall. You can disable or enable it anytime. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provides customized scan facility. So, You can run a quick scan, deep scan, full scan, etc. Scan speed is also good. So, In my sense, its anti-malware feature works very well.

Password Manager Review

The password manager has become common these days. I personally used LastPass. Now, I am using Dashlane. I also got the chance to test the System Mechanic’s password manager ByePass. In my test, I didn’t find any problem with basic functionalities. It actually worked nicely as other password managers. However, To give you a complete idea about this tool, I will need to come up with another review article. But, My overview is positive. It is indeed a nice option.

Data Scrubber: System Mechanic Pro and Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Review: Downsides

The first downside is probably the price. It is not a free tool and even a basic version costs your money. But, After reviewing System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, I have not found any other major downsides. But, There were some minor things that could make it better. For example, when you try to clean the malware or move them to quarantine, you may feel the software is stuck. But, In fact, It is working in the background well. By optimizing the UI and some other things, the developer can fix this. Probably, A loading animation would be better. You may face this issue in some other features too. Some extra features like data recovery, uninstaller, etc. come with the basic or intermediate facilities. These can’t replace a dedicated uninstaller or a data recovery software.

Except for these things, System Mechanic seems a great software for Windows 10.


System Mechanic is not free or even a cheap product. It has high premium pricing. It offers a free trial. The regular price seems expensive. But, You will often get it at a significant discount. The price for System Mechanic starts from $49.95/Year. However, TechClassy audience can get it at just $24.97. It is for the basic version. The discounted pro edition price is $34.97 and the ultimate defense costs $31.98 per year. That’s a big discount.

For your convenient, I have included this pricing table:

System Mechanic1 Year$49.95 $24.97
System Mechanic Professional1 Year$69.95 $34.97
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense1 Year$79.95 $39.98

System Mechanic Review: Final Verdict

After reading this System Mechanic review, You got so many answers to your questions about this product. You probably have your own verdict. My opinion is positive. System Mechanic is an excellent and reliable software for your PC. However, I recommend System Mechanic Ultimate Defense over the professional and basic version. Because You are getting it a significant discount. Besides that thing, It saves your cost of a password manager, an anti-malware tool. That’s a game-changing thing.

If you are already using this product, you can put your own opinion/review in the comment box.

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