How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Computer


If you want to transfer photos, videos from iPhone/iPad to Windows PC or Mac, there are several techniques you can follow. This article will explain it in details.

Generally, Windows users require third-party software to transfer contents between their iOS devices and PC. Most of them are premium software. So, There are free and paid ways to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC. Now, I will explain the most effective methods that help you a lot.

Free Ways to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to PC (With or Without Software/iTunes)

There are some good free methods. Unfortunately, These are not as reliable as you may expect. But, You can follow them in time of emergency.

1. Import Photos and Videos to Windows 10 from iPhone for Free

Unlike other PC users, Windows 10 users don’t need third-party software to import iPhone photos. Because Windows 10 has this feature built-in. But, It is not as much stable as you think. By the way, Here are the instructions to do it.

  • At first, Connect your iPhone/iPad or iPod with your PC using the lightning cable.
  • Now, Your phone will ask for permission to give access to this PC, just tap on allow.
  • After that, Windows 10 should automatically prompt the option to import iPhone photos to PC. If not, you can go the Windows Photo app, click on the import and choose “From a USB device.”
  • Anyway, You also can go to This PC, then go to Apple iPhone.
  • Now, Browse and copy your preferred photos and videos into your PC.
  • By this way, You also can transfer media files to your iPhone.

Unfortunately, This feature seems very unstable. Because It fails frequently and sometimes you may encounter an error. So, You should use a good lightning cable to reduce the chance of facing problems.

2.  Anytrans Web

AnyTrans IO

It is a good way to import photos, videos from your iPhone to your PC. It doesn’t cost you any money. To do it, follow these instructions.

  • At first, Install the AnyTrans app on your iPhone and open it.
  • Now, Tap on three vertical lines icon and choose connect to web.
  • Make sure your iOS device and PC/Laptop is connected to the same WiFi/Network.
  • Then, Go to AnyTrans.IO and Scan the QR code showed in the web using the AnyTrans app.
  • It will automatically give you access to your iPhone media contents. Now, Just download them to your PC whatever you want.

3. iCloud

With each Apple ID, iCloud comes with free 5 GB storage. If you already have enabled iCloud photo library on your iPhone, it will store all photos and videos to iCloud. So, You can visit: and access to your iCloud contents and download whatever you want. You also can use iCloud app for Windows 10.

Best Methods to Transfer Photos, Videos and Media Contents between iPhone and Windows 10 PC

As there are no convenient and reliable freeways to transfer media contents between iOS devices and Windows 10 PCs or Mac, You may find some paid software that can help you a lot. In fact, I also prefer using third-party software to transfer contents from My iPhone/iPad to PCs as these are reliable. Here are a few of them.

1. IOTransfer

IOTransfer Home Interface

IOTransfer is a premium but very cheap third-party tool that can help you to manage your iPhone from PC. The main purpose of this program is to take backup of media contents of your iPhone and restore when needed. It also can transfer all media contents from iOS devices to PC using lighting cable or WiFi. To get more details, Read: IOTransfer Review

2. iMazing

iMazing is my personal favorite to manage iOS devices from PC and Mac. It has some advanced feature that will surely satisfy you. The best thing is you can transfer your photos, videos, music and other media contents between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC/Mac in real fast speed using it. Unlike IOTransfer or other tools, It doesn’t require you to have an iOS app for wireless transfer. It means, Once you have iMazing on your computer, You can transfer your contents using the same WiFi without worrying much. To learn more about this software, Read: iMazing Review

3. iMobie AnyTrans

AnyTrans Home

It is a very good alternative to iTunes but even better. Because It makes it easier to take backup of your iPhone and manage is very easy. It can transfer your photos, videos or any contents to your PC from iPhone using lightning cable or WiFi. It is a decent software that I prefer over anything. Read: AnyTrans Review

There are some other similar programs like TunesGo, dr. fone Transfer etc. which also can do similar job smoothly. Using these software is quite easy. You have to do the following things.

  • Connect your iPhone with PC.
  • Then, Open iMazing, AnyTrans, IOTransfer or whatever software you have. For iMazing, You can transfer wirelessly after first time configuration.
  • Now, Allow access from your phone.
  • Transfer photos, videos, music, etc. to your PC or import in your Phone.

By the way, These are the best ways to sync media contents between your iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC. If you have any question or suggestion, comment below.

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